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Powerful story about the brutal life of the teenager that would grow up to become a fearless archeologist - inheriting her father's obsession for the past despite herself always remaining a distance second in importance to that obsession. A very effective look at the early experiences which molded Janice Covington. [Note: this story revolves around some very intense adult themes - do take the disclaimer seriously]. - 5 pgs.

MIND OF LOVE (THE) by FreeBard
Chapter five of this story is now available. There's a sense of quiet melancholy throughout this tale that has Xena suffering from nightmares and Gabrielle reflecting on her contributions to those nightmares. In this fifth chapter, Xena begins to suspect something is terribly wrong with her partner. A moving piece, nicely written and suspenseful. - 3 pgs.


After reading over 2,000 pieces of XWP fanfic it is honestly rare these days for a story to so thoroughly captivate me that I spend the day at work trying to sneak in chapters. C.L.'s latest is such a story. Enchanting, delightful, clever, HILARIOUS...I could just go on and on about this tale. It is the type of story that will have you settling back with a HUGE grin when you finish it and just thinking..."Damn that was good!!". The tale begins in a tavern with the Warrior Princess and her trusty bard having a couple (well...more like a whole bunch) of drinks with their Amazon buddies Ephiny and Solari when they learn of a lucrative staff competition scheduled to take place nearby. Hoping to make some quick dinars, Xena decides to enter only she proceeds to stick one booted foot DEEP down her throat when she also goes on to prohibit her partner from entering. Hoping to avoid a physical confrontation with the bard, she enters into a verbal one and of course, promptly looses. Accompanied by their two Amazon friends, our two heroines then head for the competition where it is not the Destroyer of Nations that steps up to the challenge - but the Bilious Green Wonder from Potato!! (told yah this is fun :) Amidst staff battles, HUGE Bulgarian opponents, jealous old lovers and these strange fans who go around following the Gabster's every movement (imagine that!), the two find themselves increasingly overwhelmed by the pull of their hearts - enveloped in the very special magic of a feeling called love. This is a long story but trust me folks - read EVERY sentence because just about every other line is either hysterical or sweetly meaningful - quite reminiscent of episodes like A DAY IN THE LIFE. There's one scene in particular that I warn you is likely to elicit a cheer of delight from you even if you're in public (personal experience on that one <:) C.L. characterizations from Xena to the bard to the Amazons and the guest stars are outstanding but without question - my FAVORITE character in this entire tale - HAS to be the narrator! Beyond astute, that little narrative voice will keep you in stiches through most of this. A STORY OF MAGIC captures quite well indeed the magic of fanfic guys - it takes characters we love, combines them with the imagination of a very gifted bard and creates a final product that is every bit as entertaining and fun as the series that long ago captured our hearts. What a treat! It easily gets my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION!! - 46 pgs.


"Charlotte Browning" by Jeri Peterson
Inspired by the story SURFACING by Paul Seely and Jennifer Garza.

"Jamie" by Barbara Maclay
Inspired by the story ALL I'VE EVER NEEDED by K.P. West.

"THE QUEEN, THE REGENT, THE WARRIOR Story Cover" by Xena Art Maker
Inspired by the story THE QUEEN, THE REGENT, THE WARRIOR by CN Winters.

For those of you reading this post who are not familiar with the term alternative (alt.), it refers to ADULT stories that add a romantic element to the relationship between Xena and Gabrielle, depicting them as more than just friends.

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