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I've added a new listing to the Lunacy site called LOST STORIES. It features the reviews of fanfic stories no longer available on the Web. I'm keeping these reviews available as a historical record and as a source of information about the stories. If anyone finds any of the stories listed somewhere on the Web please notify me at The LOST STORIES page is at:

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Chapters 20-23 of this story are now available. This thought- provoking, poignant tale has Xena and Gabrielle spending time with Hercules and Iolus when Athenian soldiers arrive to at last bring the Warrior Princess to justice. It is a development that will test Xena's commitment to justice even as it tests her friends' desperate need to protect her. In these latest chapters the trial comes to an end as a wounded bard fears for her partner's life. A gripping story with a very moving depiction of the Xena/Gab relationship and a well-developed supporting cast. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! [unfinished] -- 14 pgs.

SLEEPING WITH THE ENEMY by Becky Lutzke and Christine Toups
Chapter 24 is now available. Riveting story which begins with Xena and Gabrielle parting company for a short while so each can visit their respective families. It is a decision the warrior will live to regret as unbeknownst to her Gabrielle is quickly plunged into the worst nightmare of her life - a nightmare which soon enough will become Xena's own. This is a well-written, suspenseful drama poised to test the Xena/Gab friendship. [unfinished] -- 4 pgs.


WYOMING by Redhawk
Another of those very original uber stories we've been seeing lately - this one a contemporary one set at Lincoln Junior High School were Sorka Brickman, the proud head coach of a now winning girls basketball team is finding it more and more difficult to keep a level head around Principal Jennifer Walters - a tall, blue-eyed beauty with a few surprises up her sleeves ;-) Nicely written little tale with some funny moments and charming characterizations. DO NOT MISS!! -- 7 pgs.

Part 9 of this story is now available. This is hurt/comfort tale firmly rooted in the devotion warrior and bard have for one another. It begins with a desperate Gabrielle making an insane pact with the God of War so he'll cure a gravely ill Xena. Soon after the bard realizes that she may not be able to fulfill her part of the bargain but keeping Xena alive is one thing she is determined to do - even if she has to change the terms of that bargain... An engrossing love story that will keep you hitting that page-down key. DO NOT MISS!! [unfinished] -- 9 pgs.


"SLEEPING WITH THE ENEMY Story Cover" by Becky Lutzke and Christine Toups
Inspired by the story SLEEPING WITH THE ENEMY (reviewed above) by Becky Lutzke and Christine Toups

For those of you reading this post who are not familiar with the term alternative (alt.), it refers to ADULT stories that add a romantic element to the relationship between Xena and Gabrielle, depicting them as more than just friends.

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