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Continuing the growing trend among Xenites to take advantage of the multimedia potential of the Web, Ella Quince combines text and images in a terrific new essay on how to write "Descriptive Passages" now available at her resource site for bards, THE BLUE QUILL. Make sure to check this one out at:

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I'm including a short SPECIAL section tonight for my fellow STRANGERS IN PARADISE fans.


LIFE by BitrSuite1
A very short little vignette about what life can be like traveling with an inspired bard ;-) This one left a grin on my face. Cute. -- 1 pg.


Offering a possible resolution to the end of season three, this story has Xena forcing Ares to take her back in time in hopes that she can alter the chain of events leading to her partner's sacrifice. It is a difficult journey for the warrior as she finds herself having to hear some unpleasant truths - and having to hurt the very person she wants to save most of all. Good story with a well-conceived plot and some poignant moments. - 15 pgs.

Part 6 of this story is now available. D. Joan's latest is an intriguing tale that finds the warrior and bard enjoying the countryside on a seemingly normal day when a terrifying vision brings them to a standstill. Determined to learn more about what may have sparked that vision the two decide to spend time at a nearby village where preparations for an annual ritual have come to a halt after an important part of that ritual turns up missing. In this latest part Gabrielle remains troubled by the visions she continues to have. Joan does a skillful job of building the sense of mystery in this. Solid writing in a tale developing nicely. [unfinished] -- 5 pgs.

DARK PROMISE by Katrina and Sharon Bowers
Chapters 11-12 are now available. This latest entry in Katrina's BLOOD AND ROSES SERIES promises to be one wild, fun ride. A crossover tale featuring the characters from BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER, this story has Buffy getting quite a surprise when she meets Willow's aunts who aside from having the same names as a couple of popular TV characters, also keep setting off the slayer's hypersensitive senses. In this latest chapter Xena makes an impression while Gabrielle intimidates ;-) Katrina and Sharon's characterizations are on the money and will delight fans of both series although this is entertaining even if you only watch one of them. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! [unfinished] -- 9 pgs.

Parts 4-5 are now available. A delightfully entertaining new offering that finds the Bard of Poteidaia in a difficult predicament after Apollo kidnaps her and she unknowingly eats a little too much ambrosia. The new goddess then embarks on a quest to find someone willing to take her godhood away so she can return to the mortal who owns her heart. Some hysterical moments in this as the bard turned goddess leaves her mark all over Olympus :) In these latest parts a stressed Xena exhausts some old friends while the Olympians fight over the lovely new deity. Very well written and very cute! Terrific characterizations. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! [unfinished] - 18 pgs.

FESTIVAL by Melissa Good
Part eight is now available. This is the sequel to PROMISES KEPT which finds the warrior and bard on their way to the Amazons to celebrate the Festival of Dyonisus, participate in games, enjoy some delightfully tasty nutbread, and generally just get into a lot of trouble ;-) Missy maintains the general sense of playfulness and happiness the warrior and bard achieved in PROMISES KEPT after learning that their little family will be growing. The opening of this latest offering embodies what makes this bard's fiction so very special - a magical sense of connection and trust and love between two soulmates reveling in the simple pleasure of being together. In this latest part, the Queen of the Amazons is faced with a very difficult decision. Don't even bother with reviews of a Melissa Good story - just go read. The flashbacks alone in Missy's stories will leave you totally enraptured with her characters. FESTIVAL gets my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION! :) [unfinished] -- 24 pgs.

DON'T LOOK BACK by Kieron Grey
Part 6 is now available. A suspenseful new uber tale that is also a contemporary mystery as the authorities find themselves baffled by a series of gruesome murders. Particularly affected by the killings is Detective Catherine Jackson who bears an eerie resemblance to all the victims - a resemblance which seems coincidental until the killer lets her know otherwise. Concerned, Catherine's superior brings in a new player to help in the case - a profiler named Morgan Grayson with a ready confidence and an intoxicating allure that soon has the young detective preoccupied with more than just the serial murders. In this latest part Morgan recalls her tortured past. Solid writing in a story that is effectively combining suspense with a sexy romance. [unfinished] -- 13 pgs.


"Militis...Poeta...Vates" by Barbara Maclay
Inspired by the story SEVEN DAYS IN POMPEII by DJWP.


Just a quick announcement to let you guys know that issue #17 is now shipping. I will include a more complete report soon as I receive it. Word is the story is set ten years after earlier issues and looks at what has happened to Katchoo and Francine's friendship.

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For those of you reading this post who are not familiar with the term alternative (alt.), it refers to ADULT stories that add a romantic element to the relationship between Xena and Gabrielle, depicting them as more than just friends.

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