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Please make sure to read the EXPLANATORY NOTES before reading these reviews.

The file includes reviews of both uber-Xena and/or original fiction. It is a combined file of general and alternative stories. The alternative titles are designated as such with an [Alt] at the end of the title line.

Also, several of the uber stories deal with the characters of Mel Pappas and Janice Covington featured in the episode THE XENA SCROLLS. Mel/Janice stories are designated as such with a [M/J] at the end of the title line. You can also find them listed separately in the Mel/Janice Fan Fiction Reviews

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Uber-Xena Fan Fiction Contents Guide

**AEGIS (THE) by Rachel2 - [Alt, M/J]
After a hiatus of several months, Rachel2 is back on the Web and she returns with a FANTASTIC new Mel/Janice story. Rachel2 has been among my favorite bards since she began writing - showing incredible originality in her stories and the ability to weave tales that truly captivate. In the THE AEGIS she displays these skills quite handily, bringing us a new and wonderfully clever treatment of the Mel and Janice characters and of their relationship in a story that also features Xena and Gabrielle, tons of action, humor, suspense, a touching romance and the beginnings of an undying friendship. In the first two chapters which are now available the legend of The Aegis is revealed - Zeus' great shield, strong enough to stop even a thunderbolt from the King of the Gods himself and as such coveted by those seeking power...and revenge. In Ancient Greece, Xena and Gabrielle become reluctant pawns in a deadly game between immortals for the right to wield the shield. It is a game that will bring them face to face with an old enemy while forcing them also to confront unresolved issues still between them. Eons later, in a time beset by a terrible war and ripe with danger, Mel and Janice will continue the struggle their ancestors began as they search for the mythical shield and also have to confront unresolved issues between them. Exceedingly well-written, this tale offers a really unique approach to the combined portrayals of Mel/Janice and Xena/Gabrielle. This is a tale that holds a lesson for us all and which I VERY HIGHLY RECOMMEND!! [Do not miss the sequel TERROR IN THE AMAZON] - 7/29/97

AFTER MIDNIGHT by Firefly  Save Alert
A peek into the thoughts of a certain archeologist as she looks after her sleeping partner on a cold Greek winter night, marveling at the stars and the unlikely friendship she's found much like a Warrior Princess of old once did. Nice sense of deja-vu in this one. - 4 pgs., 2/9/00

**AGENT (THE) by C Paradee - [Alt]
An impressive debut for a new bard on the scene, this story is poised to contribute to the growing popularity of contemporary uber dramas. Burned out from years of service in dangerous, covert operations and wanting to at last put down roots, Tony Viglioni asks her bosses at the FBI for a transfer to a less stressful job. Days later she is heading for Cleveland where the local law enforcement desperately needs help trying to capture the serial killer responsible for a number of gruesome murders. One of the locals working on the same case, junior coroner Megan Donnovan finds herself increasingly frustrated as politics muddle her efforts to advance the investigation. Amidst the mystery and danger of a city with a killer on the loose, these two women join efforts - forming a working partnership between them only to soon find themselves seeking a partnership of the heart as well. C does a nice job here of developing the relationship between her uber characters slowly, making it into a believable one that draws the reader in. As a mystery the story also works well, keeping you guessing 'til the end. This is a fine first effort that comes HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! [See the sequel DANCING WITH SHADOWS] - 89 pgs., 10/2/98

**ALABASTER HAND (THE) by Nene Adams - [Alt]
A wonderful Halloween treat, this new entry in Nene's much-loved GASLIGHT SERIES finds Lina and Rhiannon attending a friend's Halloween dinner party when the hostesses horrifying story of ancient Egyptian curses and murder starts to become all too true. Faced with an increasing body count, Lina and Rhiannon must try to get as much information as they can from some very nervous dinner guests aware that their culprit might not be an ancient evil but one made of flesh and bone. Nene as usual gives us here a fictional feast - a story with all the right ingredients - a good mystery, lavish descriptions, wonderfully developed characterizations, a fabulously entertaining combination of uber characters with literary ones and even some real-life personalities. A terrific read for some spooky, rainy night or anytime you're in the mood for some quality storytelling. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 27 pgs., 11/10/01

ALL I EVER NEEDED by K.P. West -- [Alt]
Returning to the Web, this first story by K.P West is a rather original uber piece set in the present day which finds loner Jaime Bennet unemployed and in need of physical therapy after she's diagnosed with a mysterious illness. Her existence becomes a predictable routine until the day a new physical therapist comes into her life sporting the most beautiful green eyes Jamie has ever seen...Nicely emotional storyline with a contemporary feel and a good treatment of a very serious issue. DO NOT MISS!! - 24 pgs., originally released 8/16/98, re-released 12/28/98 and 8/21/01
FANFIC ART: "Jamie" by Barbara Maclay

ALL THE COLORS OF THE WORLD by Vivian Darkbloom - [Alt, M/J]
Original and well-written, this new Mel/Janice story has the Southerner and archeologist seeing each other for the first time after their initial meeting in Macedonia. Joining forces again to work on translating a newly discovered scroll, the two women begin uncovering also their feelings for one another but it is the warrior and bard from an Ancient time that will show them how to take a chance on love. With only part one now available, this story is already quite promising! - 1/28/98
[Palm Pilot version available at XENA FAN FICTION FOR THE PALM PILOT]

This poignant addition to the TELL ME SERIES serves as a companion piece for the 4th entry in the series REMEMBER WHEN, GABRIELLE. Set in the girls' adult years, the story finds author Lana Bachman worried about her friend Sina who's been gone for days from the home they now share. Determined to find her friend, Lana will uncover other surprises in the form of a very familiar little girl whose very presence will give her a greater understanding of what happened to her friend during those lost years they were separated. This is a solid addition to the series which helps develop the adult incarnations of our mischievous twosome. - 17 pgs., 6/25/01

AMAZON ENCOUNTER by Anne Azel - [Alt]
Yet another very entertaining and different contribution to the uber-Xena genre, this story follows research doctor Morgan Andrews on the adventure of a lifetime as she travels into the Amazon jungles in search of an elusive plant and the hope it may offer millions. Crippled on a terrifying night long ago, Morgan finds herself having to rely on both the experience and strength of her enigmatic guide, a dark beauty by the name of Kristinia Thanasis fighting demons of her own. In the determined young doctor, Kris discovers something she hasn't had in a long time - a friend - and a gentle heart full of love the guide finds herself very much wanting to win...and terrified of doing so. Anne delivers here a riveting tale with an exotic flavor, a couple of fascinating heroines, some terrific action and a compelling premise. A very worthwhile read. [See the follow-up story TURKISH ENCOUNTER] - 65 pgs., 12/20/98

"Kris" by Barbara Maclay
"Kris And Morgan" by Barbara Maclay
"Morgan" by Barbara Maclay
[Palm Pilot version available at XENA FAN FICTION FOR THE PALM PILOT]

A fascinating new futuristic uber story set in the final years of a dying Earth which has a young doctor named Brie O'Conner landing one of the coveted spots aboard an expedition to colonize a distant planet and hopefully ensure the survival of the human race. It is a bittersweet moment for most of the colonists as they prepare to leave everyone and everything they've known to embark on a journey that will take decades but they do so with faith in the tall, beautiful commander Xandra Lawless whose determination and strength inspires them all and soon begins to intrigue a certain doctor as well. This story is suspenseful and romantic and hopeful all at once as it chronicles the colonization of a new planet and brings two very old souls full circle back to one another and to the very simple beginnings they shared a long time ago. Featuring solid characterizations and a compelling storyline full of hope this one is not to be missed. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - [See the sequel FOR THE LOVE OF GAIA] - 7/4/98

"Brie" by Barbara Maclay
"Commander Xandra Lawless" by Barbara Maclay
"Tender Moments: The Amphipolis Expedition" by Miguel Cura

...AND BEYOND by Silk - [Alt]
Chapter one of Silk's first ever uber-Xena story, set in 5th century Ireland, has a bittersweet, poignant flavor to it as it chronicles the haunted memories of Kerry inion Fionnbharr, a beautiful chieftain with flowing dark hair and crisp blue eyes whose thoughts will forever return to the tragic day in her youth when her life was forever changed. Silk does a wonderful job using description and dialogue to give her story a true Celtic atmosphere. This is one with great potential folks. DO NOT MISS! [unfinished] - 4/8/98

Ever wonder what happened to Mel when Xena took over her body in the XENA SCROLLS? Verda answers that one for us in this entertaining little story that finds Mel in a rather compromising position in more ways than one as she gets up close and personal with a certain ancient bard and has to deal with the infamous reputation of her deadly ancestor. This is well-written and clever, beautifully complementing the TV episode. DO NOT MISS! - 11 pgs., 3/23/00

Tim newest story is a very sweet, funny, nicely written tale that divides its time between Xena and Gabrielle in Ancient Greece and their spunky descendants, Mel and Janice in the 1940's. Hired by a certain well-known archeologist to retrieve more of Gabrielle's scrolls, Mel and Janice soon find themselves battling Nazis who desperately want the secret of the scrolls - a secret known to the Warrior Princess and her bard and which through the ages they'll find a way to share with two other kindred spirits. Note: this story is not explicit. - 8/6/97

**AZUMAYA - THE EASTERN HOUSE by Nene Adams - [Alt]
One of the most extraordinary aspects of Xena fandom has been seeing the number of incredibly talented writers this fandom has inspired and helped to nurture. In terms of originality, raw talent and absolutely gripping stories, one name that has long stood out is that of Nene Adams. Her newest story makes the reason for that abundantly clear. Nene sets her tale in the mythical Island of Wa - a place resembling feudal Japan with its rigid social structure and obsession with honor, duty, and power. Ichijo Ayumi is a member of the warrior class in this world - one of the many samurai whose sole purpose is to serve the masters who employ them. As a female from humble origins, however, she's a rarity who's had to struggle harder than others to prove herself deserving of the rank she's achieved so when her miserly lord decides he can no longer afford her Ayumi is devastated. Masterless samurai are spurned by the society she lives in - doomed to poverty unless they become bandits. Unbeknownst to the proud warrior, her fate is about to take yet another interesting turn. The lady Fujiwara no Kimiko is one of the most beautiful and intelligent aristocrats at the imperial court but at nineteen she's also impressionable, naive, and filled with very romantic notions of love. The object of her affections at the moment just happens to be a certain female samurai desperately in need of a master so upon learning of Ayumi-san's predicament, Kimiko hires her as a personal retainer. It's a decision that will have repercussions for them both, for others in positions of great power and for the empire itself as Kimiko and Ayumi soon find themselves trapped in a web of intrigue, fighting for their lives and coming face to face with an avenging force determined to extract a terrible justice on those who once wronged it. Nene's historical novels have always been exacting in their detail and that's again the case here resulting in a narrative that enlists all the readers' senses with rich descriptions intended to make her characters and the world they live in come alive. Tied as they are into the social norms of their ritualistic, feudal society, Kimiko and Ayumi are wonderfully original characters in their own right, but they have uber traits that should appeal to Xenite readers hungry for ubers. Particularly entertaining is the contrast between Kimiko's youthful exuberance and the warrior's HILARIOUS resignation to a less than ideal standing with the gods. They are joined by an impressive supporting cast consisting of very colorful, well-defined, consistent characters . The verbal and internal dialogues in this story are in a word - PRECIOUS. Nene expertly captures the flowery terminology often associated with the feudal Japanese culture, combining it with slightly more practical observations guaranteed to leave you in stitches. In addition to the humor, the story also touches upon serious themes of class differences, injustice and human cruelty adding surprising depth to sometimes deceptively simple situations. Finally, any review of a Nene Adam's story on the Web needs to make mention of the presentation through which this author makes expert use of graphics to create a true visual treat. The first in a series called KWAIDAN: SUPERNATURAL TALES OF THE FLOATING WORLD, this new offering from one of our master storytellers is a MUST READ folks! It gets my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION! [See the sequel HOTARU - FIREFLIES] - 199 pgs., 10/26/99

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