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The file includes reviews of both uber-Xena and/or original fiction. It is a combined file of general and alternative stories. The alternative titles are designated as such with an [Alt] at the end of the title line.

Also, several of the uber stories deal with the characters of Mel Pappas and Janice Covington featured in the episode THE XENA SCROLLS. Mel/Janice stories are designated as such with a [M/J] at the end of the title line. You can also find them listed separately in the Mel/Janice Fan Fiction Reviews

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One of the most prolific and brightest talents in XWP fanfic, Wishes never fails to deliver fiction which challenges the mind and the soul. Set sometime in the nineteenth century, this new uber story chronicles the experience of a group of women and their children after a storm separates them from their husbands, leaving them stranded on an island somewhere in the Pacific. As told by one of these women, the story follows the group as they finally make their way back to civilization to await the reunion with their husbands - but much has changed in three years and for some of those women there is no going back... Based on a very deliberate economy of words, Wishes' writing style here is one that has always served her well - turning deceptively simple stories into fiction with tremendous impact. This is one more gem in a portfolio that should be required reading for anyone who likes quality fanfic. DO NOT MISS!! [Note: story contains some very subtle subtext] - 3 pgs., 10/5/98

An uber story for all you pool players out there which has an inquisitive young writer named Siona getting an unexpected lesson in the game when a stranger with startling blue eyes comes to her rescue in a bar. - 6/5/98

**ENEMY WITHIN (THE) by Verda - [Alt]
The sequel to Verda's debut story THESE DREAMS finds artist Samantha McBride and her partner executive Tess Richmond happy and very much in love as they start to make a life together but that happiness is soon put on hold when Tess receives an unexpected appeal from an unlikely source forcing her to revisit a painful past in order to try to give an innocent child the promise of a future. Verda does a really nice job with the Tess/Samantha relationship here, making it realistic, loving and playful. The supporting players are well-defined and interesting in their own right contributing to an emotional, well-paced storyline. Improving on the original, this sequel is a very entertaining offering that comes HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 37 pgs., 4/18/99

**ENGRAVINGS OF WRAITH by Kiera Dellacroix - [Alt]
Joining the ranks of such epic romantic spy thrillers as Sharon Bower's LUCIFER RISING and SURFACING by Paul Seely and Jennifer Garza, comes one of the finest uber tales to hit the Net this year by a new writer who with this incredible novel explodes on the fiction scene with the force of a locomotive! In an absolutely RIVETING, lengthy read you will NOT be able to put down, Kiera brings us the harrowing story of a woman determined to crawl out of hell. To the world at large she is Bailey Cameron - the mysterious, wealthy owner of an Atlanta corporation. In more sinister circles around the globe, however, amidst people whose business it is to kill, she is known by a single name - The Wraith. It is a name that strikes terror in the hearts of the coldest assassins, the deadliest criminals and the most ruthless government powers on the planet for they know that where the Wraith appears, death follows - quickly if one is lucky - agonizingly slow if not. Fifteen years ago, in a fit of rage, a 16 year-old murdered the British officer responsible for the deaths of her father and brother. Declared dead herself by the authorities, the teenager would instead embark on the darkest period in her life, indoctrinated into a shadowy organization that would in fact "kill" the young girl she once was producing a killer with supernatural abilities - a killer, years later that organization, would find itself hard-press to control. Having severed her ties with her former employers three years before, Bailey had hoped to regain some semblance of a normal life but that hope is quickly dashed when she realizes that those employers have no intention of simply letting go of the Wraith. A personal relationship is not something she had wanted now - not something she had actively looked for - not something she had ever even dreamed about...but it's exactly what she finds herself in when she meets Piper Tate. The beautiful little red-head assistant charms her way into Bailey's life with a precision to rival Bailey's own in other, deadlier areas. Immediately attracted to her beautiful boss, Piper also finds herself intrigued by the enigma that is the woman. Stronger than just about anyone Piper has ever met...yet amazingly fragile in other ways - brilliant with an air of cool sophistication...yet at the same time painfully shy with an innocence about affairs of the heart no one would suspect. An unlikely duo - the two discover in one another a connection unlike anything they've ever known - a passion that leaves them breathless and a love that soon becomes their very reason for living. In the weeks ahead, the possibility of loosing that will terrify Bailey as she prepares for the inevitable - the final fight with the forces that decimated her life and are intent on doing so again. More than anything in the world, she wants a normal life, wants to regain the family she once had, and wants the promise of a future with the woman who's now given her more of a reason for living than ever before but to do that she knows the Wraith will need to surface one last time in a final battle that will either win her the happiness she craves...or bring her the oblivion she was denied for so many years. To say that this novel is an EXCELLENT read is to put it mildly. It's more like an experience that will have you feeling the gamut of emotions right along with these wonderful characters. In Bailey Cameron Kiera has created a modern uber that is a poignant study in contradictions. A woman with an outer shell of steel and a soul in pieces. One of the deadliest creatures on the planet...and one of the most innocent as well. Piper Tate is the perfect antithesis - a friendly, sweet, gentle soul who nevertheless lays siege to the walls around Bailey's heart with the determination of a battering ram...but a much more patient and effective approach. Kiera surrounds these two with a terrific supporting cast including three very loyal and surprisingly insightful allies of Bailey's and a number of Piper's delightfully down-to-earth and supportive family members. Even the villains in this come across as very human - at times even amusing. Fine writing, great dialogue, incredible characters and a stunningly gripping story all combine to make this mammoth novel into one of the best you'll likely come across on the Net or anywhere else for that matter. If you're one of those who hasn't read an uber before - give this one a try - and prepare to get HEAVILY addicted. An OUTSTANDING work, this gets my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION! - 437 pgs., 7/12/01

ENTHRALLED by S. Derkins - [Alt]
Yet another of those unconventional uber stories, this one a historical one following the struggles of a beautiful captive from the lands of the North as she's forced into a life of slavery, eventually becoming part of an Indian lord's household. Purchased by a sadistic owner, Skye struggles to maintain her dignity with little hope for the future until another heart, also longing for freedom, reaches out to her, awakening the proud Northerner to feelings she's never known before and bringing two soulmates together again. Original premise and original characterizations in a poignant storyline. - 24 pgs., 12/30/98
FANFIC ART: Felioness Story Cover

**ENTIRE by L.N. James - [Alt]
LN returns with the much anticipated sequel to her popular uber crime-drama CHICAGO 5AM. Forensic FBI scientist Mariel Potidean has been busy for the past few months - busy with a new job, busy with undercover assignments, busy spending time on anything that will help her forget the tall, beautiful private eye that walked into her life a while back - and then walked out of it just like that - without a word, a message, a letter - nothing. Then on a snowy morning the phone rings and Mariel finds her heart going into over-drive at the sound of a very familiar voice - a voice laced with pain - a voice asking for help... LN does a terrific job with the opening part of this story, including a disturbing little scene that helps set the tone of what promises to be another riveting, suspenseful and emotional tale from one of the best in the business. A MUST READ for anyone who likes crime-drama, enjoys uber tales, or just likes quality XWP fanfic - anyone else I didn't cover? - if so YOU go read this series too! ;-) HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! [unfinished] - 5 pgs., 12/9/98
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**ETERNAL MOURNING by J Falconer - [Alt]
An immortal creature of the night thinks back on the centuries she's lived and on how empty that existence was until the day an innocent entered her life...and changed it forever. Initially marked as her prey, the young woman would offer one life in exchange for another inadvertently bringing two unlikely soulmates together and tearing the walls around a cold, ancient heart. Fitting very well into the uber mold, this is a decidedly poignant tale which should carry a multi-hankie alert. DO NOT MISS! - 4 pgs., 11/15/00

This sequel to Candy's first story DESPERATE MEASURES finds mystery writer Dru Warlord and her beautiful proofreader Kasey Lovett just getting comfortable in their new intimacy when Dru receives an invitation to a writers' retreat from a publisher with more on her mind than just publishing. It's a weekend certain to test their relationship and possibly even lead to some unexpected revelations of the heart. Candy is doing a nice job developing Dru and Kasey into a very appealing uber couple. With Dru already thinking of a new mystery to write, this one should prove quite entertaining. [unfinished] - 17 pgs., 5/11/99

**EYE OF THE STORM by Melissa Good - [Alt]
Missy's ground breaking DAR AND KERRY SERIES continues with our two heroines busy at work as they prepare to face challenges both professional and personal. On the last legs of a two-week work trip, Kerry is laying the ground work for the latest company merger but what should be a routine procedure begins to get complicated when the young executive starts to smell some skeletons behind those unfriendly offices. Meanwhile, Dar travels to Houston to help her boss deal with a very serious and very determined new enemy - an enemy that wants a change at the top and is not past getting personal to get what he wants. Amidst this world of corporate intrigue and back stabbing, Dar and Kerry hold on to the very special magic they've found with one another, recognizing their connection as a treasured oasis in the eye of a coming storm...This story has a master storyteller doing what she does best - delivering a tale with vivid characterizations, rich descriptions and a plot which hooks you from that first paragraph. Missy continues to beautifully develop both the characters of Dar and Kerry and their relationship - presenting us in this story with two women more comfortable than ever with one another, more in love than ever, gaining strength and confidence in who they are together and apart. Strap those seat belts and prepare for a WONDERFUL new ride courtesy of one amazing writer. Missy's latest gets my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION! - 494 pgs., 7/18/99

"Dar Are You Sure About These Boots" by Carla
"Don't Mess With Me...I'm Just Startin'" montage by Carla
"Hands Of Our Dardar" montage by Carla
"Harley Davidson" by Carla
"High School Reunion" by Carla
Linda C Story Cover
"Manual For Lifebounds" by Carla
"The National Enquirer: I Blew The Whistle On Dad!" by Carla
"Our Champ" by Carla
"People Profiles Dar Roberts" by Carla
"Sharks" by Carla
"Sharks Over Miami" montage by Carla
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