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The file includes reviews of both uber-Xena and/or original fiction. It is a combined file of general and alternative stories. The alternative titles are designated as such with an [Alt] at the end of the title line.

Also, several of the uber stories deal with the characters of Mel Pappas and Janice Covington featured in the episode THE XENA SCROLLS. Mel/Janice stories are designated as such with a [M/J] at the end of the title line. You can also find them listed separately in the Mel/Janice Fan Fiction Reviews

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Uber-Xena Fan Fiction Contents Guide

**HALFWAY TO MY HEART by Brigid Doyle
An engrossing new contemporary uber set in New York and the surrounding areas, Brigid's latest opens at a girl's boarding school where Reagan McAllister's life has become a living hell. Recently orphaned after an accident claimed the lives of both her parents, the twelve-year old's only family is an older sister - now in charge of the company business - who wants nothing to do with her but whose own stint at the boarding school made her quite a reputation...and lots of enemies. Forced now to pay for her older sister's wild days in school, Reagan finds herself unable to escape the scrutiny of the school's headmistress - a very cruel, very disturbed woman intent on making the young McAllister pay for her older sister's sins. Meanwhile, Payton McAllister, rich, wealthy, powerful and exceedingly bitter toward her dead father and the "second family" he seemed to prefer, refuses to have anything to do with the half-sister she sent away to boarding school until the situation grows critical, forcing the two sisters back into each others' lives. In the days and weeks to come, a very innocent, gentle heart will lay siege to the walls around Payton's own even as the McAllister enemies are circling ever nearer. It will take one sister's strength and the other's love to stand against them, rediscovering the power of a timeless bond in their greatest hour of need. Brigid delivers here an original take on the uber concept with characterizations that are vividly drawn and quite effective. The story moves along at a good pace, shifting the action at key points to create very compelling emotional cliffhangers. An absorbing read, this one should keep us entertained in the days ahead. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! [See the sequel WHAT CHILD IS THIS?] - 107 pgs., 5/30/01

Sina and Little Gabrielle learn about the power of flying circular objects in taming dangerous canine beasts in this delightful 12th entry in the TELL ME SERIES. As usual Verrath outdoes herself in presenting these dire situations through a child's view. Very cute. - 3 pgs., 1/15/01

Short little vignette that has Xena teaching a hard lesson across the eons to her descendant Mel Pappas who like the Warrior Princess before her finds herself fearful of admitting how she feels to the person who means most of all. - 4 pgs., 7/2/97

With the growing popularity of uber fanfic, Xenite bards have increasingly been trying to incorporate the Xena myth into stories set in other places and times. The best uber tales manage to give an original spin to that familiar story of the warrior while staying true to the realities of the different uber worlds they're set in. Verrath latest is a TERRIFIC example of how a fresh approach can completely captivate the imagination by taking elements of that more familiar story and cleverly blending them into a VERY different world. HEART OF A LEOPARD is the story of an unlikely friendship set amidst the harsh beauty and unforgiving cruelty of the wild jungle. Men have come there intent on hunting for leopards. Raised among those men since she was a cub, Ginelle is innocent in the ways of the jungle but she senses that they plan on using her as bait to draw in the male leopards nearby and it's a plan she does not want to be a part of. Unbeknownst to the hunters, they are themselves being hunted by a dark, prowling, living nightmare whose hatred of man is perhaps second only to her hatred for the pampered slave cats they keep. Blood will soon coat the jungle floor as two lives are inexplicably changed and to ancient souls stir in recognition. Verrath does a fantastic job here of imbuing the uber characters with familiar characteristics while VERY cleverly drawing them as believable components of the uber world they live in. Sweet, suspenseful, colorful, funny and emotional this one is gonna have us anxiously waiting for those updates in the weeks ahead. Great work. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 97 pgs., 4/27/99

"Callicia and Cannabis" by Verrath
"Ginelle" by Verrath
"Mayla, The Snow Leopard" by Verrath
Verrath Story Cover

**HESED by Mayt - [Alt]
A contemporary uber tackling some of our most controversial modern-day issues, Mayt's latest is the story of two very different women drawn together against all odds, at times against their better judgement, and finding in one another the purest truth they've ever known. On a cool Autumn night, Reverend Elizabeth Kelly is on her way back to her church after visiting one of the local Chicago community centers, when a dark stranger turns the evening into a memorable one, stealing the young priest's treasured crucifix but curiously leaving her unharmed. To her continuing surprise, Beth meets the stranger the next day only to learn that Nicole Thera, far from a simple street hood, is a respected business woman and the owner of a popular local nightclub catering to the gay/lesbian community. Drawn to the troubled and apologetic club owner, Beth sparks an unorthodox friendship that will have her helping Nicki through some personal demons and will eventually challenge the young priest to rethink all she's ever believed about her religion and about herself. Mayt delivers an intriguing story here with two well-developed, layered characters that question but never disrespect each other or their beliefs. A good supporting cast, a very distinctive, original writing style and a story that makes you think marks this one as a MUST READ. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 97 pgs., 2/3/02

The dollies return from their adventure in KTL's FURTHER ADVENTURES OF THE DOLLIES AT SEA none the worse for wear but sporting a few...reminders...of their port leave :) BEYOND hysterical guys. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 1 pg., 3/27/00

HOME FIRES by LZClotho - [Alt, M/J]
In this sequel to HOME FRONT things have settled down a bit for Mel and Janice as the Southerner deals with social responsibilities and Janice establishes herself at the university but the road they've chosen in order to be together will not mean for an easy life in a town known for its old traditions. With hostile relatives to think about, appearances to maintain, and old demons to struggle with, the two will be tested as their relationship continues to grow and deepen. LZClotho continues to do a nice job in this series of integrating the uber-archetypes into the world that was the American South in the 1940s. Her Mel and Janice are both strong, passionate, compelling women - well-matched despite their surface differences. A good continuation to a fine series. One to watch in the weeks ahead. [unfinished] - 14 pgs., 4/26/00

HOME FIRES by Roo - [Alt, M/J]
Original new Mel/Janice story set in Australia where Mel has begun a new life without a certain archeologist - a life much closer to what family and social expectations demands from her. Only that archeologist isn't about to give up quite so easily... Roo gives us a refreshing sense of realism in this story addressing the fears, social and family pressures that sometimes keep people from being true to themselves. The characterizations are strong with a particularly dignified portrayal of Janice that makes her very appealing. Solid read. - 70 pgs., 11/30/99

Calli Story Cover
"Illustration - Home Fires" by Lori Puster
"Illustration - Janice" by Lori Puster
[Palm Pilot version available at XENA FAN FICTION FOR THE PALM PILOT]
[French version: LE REPOS DE LA GUERRIÈRE translated by Katell at http://www.geocities.com/Hollywood/Land/8379/reposguer.html]

HOME FROM THE SEA by Melissa Good - [Alt]
The Merwolf gets in the "spirit" of the season with this little Halloween entry in the DAR AND KERRY SERIES that begins with our heroines shopping for costumes. Later in the day the two exchange some ghost stories including one Dar knows about the empty Vanderbilt mansion located within site of their condo. Intrigued despite herself, Kerry is drawn to the mansion when she spots movement in the supposedly abandoned upper rooms. Curiosity getting the best of her - she decides to investigate only to soon be desperately regretting doing so when it starts to look like something does indeed seem to still be inhabiting the lonely mansion... A fun if scary ride for one of our favorite uber twosomes. - 5 pgs., 10/26/99
FANFIC ART: "Home From The Sea" montage by Carla
[French version: LA MAISON PRÈS DE L'OCÉAN translated by Fryda at http://www.geocities.com/Hollywood/Land/8379/sea.html]
[Palm Pilot version available at XENA FAN FICTION FOR THE PALM PILOT]

**HOME FRONT by LZClotho - [Alt, M/J]
This sequel to LZClotho's GOING HOME finds Mel and Janice stateside at last but faced with a rather tense situation as an unemployed Janice looks for a job and the two try to adjust to the presence of Mel's mother at the Pappas' North Carolina plantation. LZClotho continues to deliver in this sequel a very solid, appealing depiction of her heroines, revealing their vulnerabilities and insecurities without undermining the strength of the characters. The romance has a very tender, protective quality that recalls that of Mel and Janice's ancient ancestors. DO NOT MISS! [See the sequel HOME FIRES] - 111 pgs., 11/18/99
[Palm Pilot version available at XENA FAN FICTION FOR THE PALM PILOT]

HOMECOMING by Katrina - [Alt]
A sweet, unusual little uber-Xena tale about two hearts connecting across the miles in a time of war. - 5/26/98

**HOTARU - FIREFLIES by Nene Adams - [Alt]
Offering us a return trip to the mystical Island of Wa we first visited in AZUMAYA - THE EASTERN HOUSE, this FANTASTIC new story from the magical keyboard of Nene Adams finds the lady Fujiwara no Kimiko and her devoted samurai retainer Ayumi once again fending off bodily fluids from the gods as they're caught up in another deadly tale of murder, palace intrigue and supernatural doings. None to pleased at the prospect of her impending marriage to a pompous lord she hardly knows and still very much enamored with her samurai, Kimiko decides to investigate when her future husband's children turn up missing, his first wife is injured and all clues point to violence. Sensing that perhaps her lady's arranged marriage might not be in Kimiko's best interest and secretly harboring emotions for the girl she knows she should not have, Ayumi is soon doing some investigating of her own. What she uncovers will have the samurai racing against time not only to try to keep Kimiko safe from mortal dangers but from some unearthly ones as well. This second entry in Nene's KWAIDAN: SUPERNATURAL TALES OF THE FLOATING WORLD series is yet another rich, delicious, and thoroughly satisfying course for those of us craving exceptionally well-written fanfic. Nene always gives us a beautiful graphical presentation to go along with these stories but even without that, HOTARU is a feast for the senses. Every scene is meticulously laid out, every article of clothing, every character, in short, anything that can be used to involve us more in the tale - to draw us into the scene and let us smell, touch, see and feel - is described with exacting detail. Nene also gets into the hearts and minds of her characters as few other writers can - making them human by making us see how they see themselves. Particularly well done is the depiction of Ayumi who is a charming mixture of the simple and the extraordinary - a reluctant hero in a world where courage and determination must carefully be weighed against the demands of duty and protocol. With one HECK of a surprising ending, this one is a MUST READ that will leave us ANXIOUSLY anticipating additions to the series. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 210 pgs., 2/27/00

**HOUR OF THE JACKAL (THE) by Nene Adams - [Alt]
This is the latest installment in Nene's extraordinary uber-Xena GASLIGHT SERIES. The series just keeps getting better and better folks with this latest story being arguably her best one to date. In THE HOUR OF THE JACKAL Nene combines a 19th century mystery tale involving that intrepid private investigator Lina and her beloved partner Rhiannon with an ancient tale of murder, mystery and intrigue involving another pair of lovers and the part they played in one of the most dramatic events in history. The story starts simply enough as a vacation for Lina and Rhiannon. They travel to Cairo where Lina hopes to show her beloved the time of her life but surprises await both women as they soon find themselves getting involved in a situation growing more dangerous by the day. Emotional challenges await them also as they confront some long-standing issues between them and Rhiannon learns more about her partner's past. All the while a terrible evil is growing closer - an evil determined to destroy their love and their very lives. Nene is doing an INCREDIBLE job of developing these characters and the relationship they share. Lina and Rhiannon are not simple uber-representations of Xena and Gabrielle - they are individuals in their own right with very specific personalities who EACH share traits of BOTH the warrior and bard. Featured once again as the devoted friend of our 19th century heroines is Sherlock Holmes himself and we are introduced to a villain that is as terrifying and as capable as any we've seen in either fan fiction OR the TV series. This story is a rare treat guys. It receives my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION! [Note: The story contains graphic violence so please read the author's disclaimer.] - 12/14/97

**HOUSE ON REDMEN'S HILL by Rachel2 - [Alt, M/J]
This is the third installment in Rachel2's outstanding Mel/Janice series which began with THE AEGIS and then continued in TERROR IN THE AMAZON. In this new offering the spunky archeologist and her partner are headed for a well-deserved vacation in New England but as usual, with the penchant these two have for finding trouble, it isn't long before the vacation has turned just a taaaaaad more exiting than they were counting on. The warning bells first go off when instead of a quaint New England cottage - the two find themselves lodging in a mansion - a somewhat spooky abode which soon has Janice wondering if she hasn't gotten hit on the head just one too many times ;-) With dangers both real and imagined surrounding them, the two women nevertheless have more immediate concerns as their relationship continues to grow and deepen revealing possibilities neither had dreamed off before. Rachel2 gives a marvelous treatment to this relationship in the series, taking it from the point of platonic friends to the discovery of something more and culminating in an acceptance of just what they mean to one another in this latest story. The story is intriguing, funny at times, sweet, romantic and TIMELY considering that this week IS Halloween and parts of this are definitely SPOOKY! A wonderful read, this is VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 10/27/97
AWARDS: "Getting Serious" Swollen Bud Award (July 15, 2000)
FANFIC ART: "Mel And Janice Dolls" by Barbara Maclay

**HURRICANE WATCH by Melissa Good - [Alt]
Missy gives us all a VERY nice way to end the year and begin a new one with the promise of more TERRIFIC fiction to come as she unveils the sequel to her megahit TROPICAL STORM and A PRESENT UNDER THE TREE. Returning to work after the Christmas holiday, Dar and Kerry find themselves back in their usual hectic routines with one slight change - there's a new face on the block - an old one from Dar's past hired specifically to challenge the brilliant executive and with a grudge to settle as even more incentive. Continuing the characterizations from her first contemporary uber novel, Missy immediately starts to weave here an intriguing plot certain to reveal more about her heroines' past and to test them both emotionally and professionally. Lots of atmosphere, exceptional storytelling, charming humor and a profoundly appealing vision of the love between two soulmates always ensure the quality of a Melissa Good story. Her latest gets my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION! [part of the DAR AND KERRY SERIES] - 419 pgs., 12/31/98

"Forever" by Carla
Ciegra Story Cover - Not currently available on the Web
"Crutches" by Barbara Maclay
"Wish You Were Here" by Carla
"Hot Tub" by Barbara Maclay
"Kerry's Deja-Vu" montage by Carla
"Kerry Proposes" by Barbara Maclay
"Lifebound" montage by Carla
Linda C Story Cover
"Miami Herald" by Carla
"Off With His Head" by Carla
"Tatoos" montage by Carla
"Be My Valentine" montage by Carla
"The Simple Lack Of Her Is More To Me Than Other's Presence" montage by Carla
"Strawberry Kisses" montage by Carla
"Yours Forever" by Barbara Maclay
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[French version: AVIS DE TEMPÊTE translated by Fryda at http://www.geocities.com/Hollywood/Studio/4243/missy.html]

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