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Also, several of the uber stories deal with the characters of Mel Pappas and Janice Covington featured in the episode THE XENA SCROLLS. Mel/Janice stories are designated as such with a [M/J] at the end of the title line. You can also find them listed separately in the Mel/Janice Fan Fiction Reviews

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This newest addition to Verrath's TELL ME SERIES will be a particular treat for C.S. Lewis fans as Sina and Little Gabrielle discover the magical world of the CHRONICLES OF NARNIA - Little Gabrielle through her first reading of Lewis' classic tale, and Sina through a wild encounter with an old wardrobe and one VERY vivid imagination. It's impossible to keep a grin off one's face while reading this. Verrath's little uber darlings perfectly capture the essence of their ancient ancestors while displaying as well that sense of wonder and magic the CHRONICLES OF NARNIA have been inspiring in children for decades. DO NOT MISS! - 10 pgs., 2/9/01

WARLORD METAL by Redhawk - [Alt]
Redhawk continues a tradition of original, well-written uber fanfic with a new tale set in the world of Heavy Metal music where teenager Sonny Middlestead soon finds herself drawn to the new singer for her brother's band - a troubled young woman with striking green eyes who comes from the streets and is carrying more emotional baggage than Sonny could ever suspect. Blurring the lines between the Xena/Gab uber archetypes, this is a fascinating read. - 294 pgs., 1/5/99
FANFIC ART: "Jordan" by Miguel Cura
[Palm Pilot version available at XENA FAN FICTION FOR THE PALM PILOT]

**WAYS TO BE WICKED by Vivian Darkbloom - [Alt]
Vivan returns with an uber sequel to her memorable at LOVE AND DEATH IN THE TRAILER PARK which is even MORE warped than that first offering - and just as delightful! This time around Gabrielle is happily settled down with her sexy firefighter Zina, enjoying that junk food and even going to college but theirs is a lifestyle not everyone approves off and which makes them targets for the homophobes at Ares Ministries, Inc. Put that tongue FIRMLY in your cheek as you begin to read this and then prepare for some serious attacks on your funny bone in what has developed into the best tribute to popular culture since Nene's now classic MYTH SERIES. Wonderfully original and VERY cleverly written, WAYS TO BE WICKED is a truly FUN read folks. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! [See also the sequel MAYONNAISE AND ITS DISCONTENTS ] - 5/27/98

"Gabrielle" by Barbara Maclay
"Zina" by Barbara Maclay
"Zina and Gab" by Barbara Maclay
[Palm Pilot version available at XENA FAN FICTION FOR THE PALM PILOT]

Verrath's adorable TELL ME SERIES continues as those two mischiveous trouble makers, Sina and Gabby, sneak into the study to watch a gruesome horror movie and then must combine forces to defeat the horrible creature in their room. TOO cute for words :) DO NOT MISS! - 6 pgs., 5/26/99

WE NEVER SAY GOODBYE by T. Novan - [Alt]
Very much in keeping with the spirit of ancient Greek myths, this clever new uber tale is set in the modern world where an immortal warrior continues to struggle against the curse that has kept her from an eternity with her beloved even as it has brought them together again countless times through the ages. T. Novan imbues the story with a combined sense of urgency, desperation and passion that is appropriate for the meeting of two souls always fighting to be together. Original and nicely written. [See the sequel WARRIOR SPIRIT] - 22 pgs., 3/30/99

**WESTERN CHRONICLES (THE) by B L Miller and Vada Foster - [Alt]
Xena fanfic aficionados have come to associate the names B L Miller and Vada Foster with quality fanfic that does not disappoint. It therefore should come as no surprise that having decided to collaborate, these two talents would produce one of the year's finest uber stories - an epic western saga with all the elements familiar to that genre, rousing adventure, heinous villains, heart-stoping action, outlaws-turned-heroes and of course - a romance that will just warm the heart. Actually, with Miller and Foster at work on this - that romance will warm all sorts of places ;-) At the center of this story are two women - one, a deadly gunslinger, bitter from the injustices in her past - the other a gentle dreamer trying to escape the horrors of the present. Their destinies come together one fateful afternoon when the feared outlaw makes the choice to rescue a young woman in trouble. For her part Josie Hunter considers the brief encounter at an end once the girl is safe, but Rebecca Cameron has other ideas. Enthralled by the enigmatic figure of the legendary bandit, and desperate to escape a life that is quickly crushing her spirit, Rebecca decides to follow her rescuer - much to the older woman's chagrin. It is at first a difficult relationship but one which slowly begins to grow and change and deepen as the two unlikely friends share adventures, share their joys and pains and hopes and dreams, only to in time discover...they also desperately want to share their hearts. This is an outstanding uber interpretation not only of the characters of Xena and Gab but also of the XWP series as a whole. It is a beautiful, passionate love story that develops slowly, pulling the reader into this drama as the leads themselves discover the growing intensity between them. The authors spent considerable time researching the Old West which shows in the tale's air of authenticity. Set aside some time for this one because it is a long, thoroughly satisfying read you WONT want to put down. An impressive accomplishment that gets my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION! - 222 pgs., 9/21/98, re-released 7/15/99
AWARDS: "All Nighter" Swollen Bud Award (May 1, 2000)

"The Dance" by Angelique
"Josie" by Angelique
"Josie and Rebecca" by Barbara Maclay
"Revolvers" by Angelique
"Sitting Rebecca" by Angelique
"Splinters" by Angelique

**WHAT CHILD IS THIS? by Brigid Doyle
A very nice "feel-good" sequel to Brigid's excellent uber HALFWAY TO MY HEART, this story picks up the story of the McAllister sisters as they get ready to celebrate their first Holiday season together. Each will have challenges to face as Reagan has to deal with the memories of Christmases with her parents and Payton has to adjust to once again celebrating a time she had once grown to despise. Together and with the help of friends, both old and new, the two sisters will rediscover the warmth of family and the magic of a season that celebrates love. Brigid does a good job here of reducing some of the angst from the first story while building the relationship between Regan and Payton and shedding a bit more light on the past of both characters. Another satisfying offering from a fine storyteller. DO NOT MISS! - 44 pgs., 8/10/01

Sort off the LITTLE RASCALS meets XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS, this third entry in the TELL ME SERIES, has Sina, Gabby and their friends joining forces to try to determine what's happened to the sun when it looks like something...is eating it! Another fun addition to an adorable uber series. - 5 pgs., 4/15/99
[German version: WAS IST DENN MIT DER SONNE LOS? translated by Verrath at http://verrath.de/tellme/thesund.htm]

**WHERE YOU GO, I GO by Yellowjacket - [Alt, M/J]
With her first foray into alternative fiction, this gifted author brings us what is without a doubt one of the BEST Mel/Janice novels I have ever read. Having already contributed several outstanding works of general fiction, including the unforgettable CHALLENGE OF SUCCESSION and her first-ever Mel/Janice adventure THE LION OF AMPHIPOLIS, Yellowjacket now adds a new level of intimacy to the relationship between the archeologist and her beautiful partner in a fast-paced, action-adventure romance that will have you riveted to your monitor 'til the very end! Set two years after Mel and Janice's initial meeting, the story begins with Janice getting an intriguing offer to head a new expedition. Financed by an anonymous source, the expedition's goal is to locate a legendary Mayan temple lost for over four hundred years - a temple believed to house untold riches...and supposedly guarded by some of the Mayan's most blood-thirsty gods. Reluctant to take Mel along on such a dangerous mission, Janice eventually gives in to her partner's gentle persuasion. It is a decision she will live to regret as the two soon find themselves and their love tested like never before. A whirlwind ride that will take them from their peaceful life in South Carolina, to the wilds of the Honduran jungles, and the exotic allure of war-time Morocco, this story revolves around a romance that is both tender and fierce, well-developed, solid characterizations, and a storyline nicely crafted to accommodate both the action and the more emotional issues being explored. Yellowjacket even does a great job of incorporating some surprise guest stars in this. A thoroughly entertaining new story that needs to immediately go on your MUST READ list, this one comes VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! -7/14/98
FANFIC ART: "Melinda Pappas" and "Janice Covington" by Barbara Maclay

**WHITE NIGHTS by Minerva - [Alt]
Riveting from the very first sentence, Minerva's latest promises to be one of the most memorable ubers of the year. A compelling, contemporary tale about one woman's struggle against a lifetime of abuse, the story chronicles as well the cycle of violence that has entrapped those around her and the power of compassion and love to break that cycle. Emotionally crippled, Michelle St. Jean nevertheless manages to find a spark deep within her after the latest beating from her husband - a spark that drives her to run with the only two souls who mean anything to her in the world, her baby son and the loyal Huskie who's tried to protect her at the risk of his own life. Going from one storm into another, Michelle plunges into the midst of a blizzard starting down a road that will eventually bless her with a lifeline she had never hoped to find. Dr. Bobbi Waszinski is a talented doctor haunted by the events in an emergency room five years before until the desperation in a pair of terrified green eyes gives her a new sense of purpose. Reluctant at first to get involved, Bobbi is inevitably moved by the young mother she finds in the middle of a storm - amazed that one with a spirit so broken can still have the will to not only survive, but aspire to something more. Inspired to challenge her own demons, the doctor will in turn offer Michelle the one thing she's never had - a friend. From this friendship, a deeper bond will grow even as the violence that has gripped Michelle her whole life threatens to close in around her once again. Passing from one generation to the next, intent on destroying a third, that violence will run rampant unless the love of two women and the unlikely courage of another can combine to finally put an end to it. Minerva's story is beautifully written, incorporating flashbacks and very effectively interweaving the characters' thoughts throughout the narrative. Her villains have been victims themselves - shaped into what they are by the circumstances of their own pasts. Her leads are human beings with fears, failings, insecurities. Most fascinating of all is the young woman at the heart of this story - a representative of the human spirit at its most indomitable, fighting to endure and overcome and find fulfillment against all the odds. A gripping novel you're not likely to forget any time soon, this is one of those that elevates the quality of Internet fiction yet another notch up. A MUST READ - it gets my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION! [note: review is based on a reading of the story through chapter 33 though only the first two chapters are now publicly available on the web] [unfinished] - 13 pgs., 3/11/01

**WHITE TRASH SERIES by Vivian Darkbloom - One of the most original and clever series in fanfic, these stories as a collective effort get my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION! [read the stories in the following order]
AWARDS: "Fooling Around" Swollen Bud Award (June 15, 2000)
FANFIC ART: "Zina And Gab Dolls" by Barbara Maclay


WHO'S WHO? by PatR - [Alt, M/J]  Save Alert
A new, LONG story that at times will leave you a bit confused but then it's supposed to...I think ;-) If you like Xena/Gab lookalikes this is *THE* story for you. They're coming out of the woodworks in this - Mel and Janice, a new pair named Carmen and Katie and of course, the originals - all banding together to try to rid the world of a dangerous evil once and for all. Very different fare. - 9/28/97

This story is part of a new movement in Xena fan fic which places the descendants of the heroines in different timelines. The tale features Mel and Janice which are the original reflections of this movement but we are also introduced to Sarah and Katie, unlikely best friends in the Old West who like their ancestors battle for truth and justice. The story has Janice discovering that her ancestor, Katie Parson, was an inseparable friend of Mel's great aunt Sarah. Mel goes on to tell a tale of one of the adventures of Sarah and Katie as the two searched for a potentially dangerous killer, joining for a while with their trusted Indian friends Strongbear and Little Arrow and even having to deal with the town idiot - Jasper. - 7/14/97

**WITH FALTERING STEPS by Tonya Muir - [Alt]
Certain to add to the growing popularity of the uber genre, Tonya's latest offering is a gripping, fast-paced, poignant and passionate story that you are very likely going to want to get through in one sitting so reserve a couple of hours for this one. With the world of horse breeding as a background, the tale begins with Mafia henchwoman Lacey Montgomery visiting a horsetrack to look into the reason why her boss's horses are not performing well as of late. She finds much more than she bargained for in the form of a spirited little rider named Rachel Wilson who suspects foul play herself and who immediately volunteers to help. As the investigation proceeds, Lacey finds herself not only learning a lot about horse breeding and racing, but growing increasingly close to the kind-hearted young woman whose troubled past rivals her own and who soon has her yearning for a different life - a life away from the violence of the Mafia, a life with a soulmate she'd never thought she'd find. Tonya paints a thoroughly fascinating picture here of two women, each fighting demons of their own, who find in one another the strength to fight those demons and reach out for their dreams. The characterizations are beautifully done - believable and engaging while the plot itself weaves a number of different story threads into a fascinating literary tapestry. Featuring equal parts passion and tenderness, the romance completes a story guaranteed to jump into many a reader's list of favorite ubers. This first-class effort comes VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! [Do not miss the sequel MAKING STRIDES] - 132 pgs., 12/12/98

Ciegra Story Cover - Not currently available on the Web
"Lacey" by Barbara Maclay
"Lacey" by Barbara Maclay (2nd copy)
[Palm Pilot version available at XENA FAN FICTION FOR THE PALM PILOT]

WYOMING by Redhawk - [Alt]
Another of those very original uber stories we've been seeing lately - this one a contemporary one set at Lincoln Junior High School were Sorka Brickman, the proud head coach of a now winning girls basketball team is finding it more and more difficult to keep a level head around Principal Jennifer Walters - a tall, blue-eyed beauty with a few surprises up her sleeves ;-) Nicely written little tale with some funny moments and charming characterizations. DO NOT MISS!! -- 7 pgs., 9/6/98
FANFIC ART: "Sorka and Jennifer" by Barbara Maclay

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