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This is a combined title/creator/music/artist/site index to music videos and video parodies inspired by the XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS TV series. NONE of these videos are hosted here. Links are provided to the Web sites where they are available so you can locate and download them from there. The videos are organized in columns by title, creator, music used, artist and site. The information in each column can be sorted by clicking on the column headings.

*IMPORTANT NOTE* - the listings will be different depending on what column you choose to sort by. Some videos use music performed by more than one artist. When that is the case if you sort by artist the entry for that video will appear TWICE - first under the name of one of the artists, then under the name of the second in the appropriate alphabetical order. Similarly, some videos are available at more than one site. In cases like those if you sort by site the video entry again will be repeated for each site the video is at.

The index includes links to pages at,, and some other sites where you can find information about the music albums containing the music used in each video, where you can purchase these albums, and in some instances where you can download the specific song along with other music by the artist. Be advised that often the same songs are contained in different albums. In each listing I've linked to only one album containing the corresponding song so if you want to see what other albums may contain the song make sure to do a search for the song or artist at these other web sites. If I could not find any albums containing the songs I tried to link to any web page I could find containing information about the song - in some instances the songs are from commercial videos or games which never had accompanying soundtracks released so I linked to the information concerning those videos/games.

The index is initially presented in page format because the information loads quicker that way. However, the full file of all the listings is available by clicking on the link reading "Full Table". Be aware that this file will be larger than the individual pages and may take longer to load. As the index grows, this file will get bigger as well.

INDEXING NOTE: The intent with this index is to link to all XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS music videos, parodies and slideshows that are currently available over the web or have been available at some point. However, I will not be linking to any videos that feature doctored nude shots of the actors or that are primarily about the actors and not the XWP characters The characters are fictional and as such I feel fair game for our imaginations but the cast and crew are real people - people who've been INCREDIBLY lenient and accepting of the fanfic community and the many ways in which we all use their images and their copyrighted characters. Doctored nude photos of these real individuals crosses a line that I do not think this fandom should ever cross so I will not be indexing or promoting any such material through the index.

TECHNICAL NOTE: Videos are made available on the Web in different formats, usually as compressed files which you will have to uncompress after downloading in order to view. When you locate a video you want to download make sure to read whatever instructions are available at the site so you know what programs you'll need in order to uncompress and view the files. For Windows users the MULTIMEDIA and UTILITIES sections at the STROUD'S CWSAPPS Web site make available most of these programs. MAC users can find many multimedia programs at THE MAC ORCHARD.

STRONG SUGGESTION: Videos are made available in very large files that take up a lot of space on servers and can be quite taxing to these servers so the webmasters at these sites sometimes only make the videos available for a limited time, removing old videos to make room for new ones. If you find a video you like MAKE SURE TO SAVE IT ON YOUR HARD DRIVE because the video may disappear from the Web site at any time. Videos, unlike fanfic stories and images, cannot be easily sent via e-mail or even shared through disks because of their size so once a video is removed from the web it's unlikely you'll be able to enjoy it even if you know someone who has it on their PC.

AVAILABILITY NOTE: In order to not go over the bandwidth limit at their respective sites a lot of video hosts have started to rotate the videos available at their sites meaning that they will have a video available for a couple of weeks - then take it down to make another one available. Eventually the first one will become available again but it may not be for a few months. If you're trying to download a video and it no longer seems to be available check to see if the site has a note regarding a rotating policy. If they do you'll then need to periodically check the site to try to catch the video you're interested in when it becomes available again. Some of these sites offer mailing lists you can subscribe to so that you're alerted when videos are rotated.



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