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The ever-talented G.L. Dartt begins her new STAR TREK: MILLENNIUM SERIES with some familiar faces and some new additions to the cast as the Millennium visits Deep Space Nine on a final stop before embarking on its new tour of duty. As Janeway and Seven get used to life on board the new ship, first officer Commander Zar has to deal with more of the prejudice he's experienced his whole life and one potentially explosive misunderstanding, Lieutenant Nog has to overcome the nerves of a new assignment where he'll likely have to prove himself constantly, and scientist Lenara Kahn has to try to put the past behind her to embrace a new future. It's a time of new beginnings for all of them as they start laying the foundation of relationships they'll have to rely on as the Federation enters a new era of exploration with the Millennium leading the way. Few writers can capture the Trek world and the characters therein as G.L. can. Feeling very much like the start of a new Trek series, this is well-written and promising. - 46 pgs., 6/30/01

The Millennium's maiden voyage gets under way as Janeway and her crew return to the Delta quadrant in search of Kes' people - only a mystery awaits them as they find nothing of what they expected and soon wander into the middle of an escalating conflict. Meanwhile, Commander Zar and B'Elanna experience some conflicts of their own and Janeway has to try to deal with the debilitating effects the new propulsion drive has on selected humans. G.L. does a good job here of establishing and furthering some new challenges for Janeway and company as well as developing a number of the relationships. The story establishes an ominous mystery that should transition us smoothly into the next installment. DO NOT MISS! [Second entry in the MILLENNIUM SERIES] - 43 pgs., 7/8/01

Those of you who enjoyed Lisa Countryman's wonderful B'Elanna/Seven pairing in SHE WHO HESITATES, should love this contribution from DiNovia which again explores the feisty relationship between Klingon and Borg. Poignant in parts, the tale jumps right into one highly emotional situation as the two frequent adversaries find themselves trapped in a cave-in. To make matters worse, just before the disaster the Borg jumped over B'Elanna and is now the only thing between the physically more fragile Klingon and tons of rock. Confused as to why the Borg would risk her own life to try to save hers, B'Elanna can only look on helplessly as the woman she's so often thought of as cold, impertinent and standoffish, struggles against agonizing injuries to try to keep those rocks from crushing her. Suddenly she finds herself gaining a whole new perspective on Seven of Nine and wanting desperately for the Borg to survive - but those injuries are severe and the Voyager crew working to free them seem so far away... A wonderful hurt/comfort story that pushes all those angst buttons, the plot here makes excellent use also of the inherent differences between these two women and their cultures creating challenges for them only a very raw honesty stands any chance of overcoming. Very nice. DO NOT MISS! - 10 pgs., 6/18/00

Short but VERY cute tale that has the Borg using some reverse psychology on the captain during their game of Velocity and extracting a victory that has little to do with the actual game ;-) - 3 pgs., 7/27/00

Set after the episode SOMEONE TO WATCH OVER ME, this is a sweet little story about new beginnings that has the Captain deciding to help Seven gain a better understanding of romance. [See the sequel A NATURAL COURSE] - 8 pgs., 4/8/00

Cute tale about a Borg who doesn't understand Halloween and the VERY determined Starfleet captain who sets out to teach her just how fun being a little scared can be ;-) Delightful! - 16 pgs., 11/30/99

**SEVEN WONDERS by Lisa Countryman
Lisa unveils yet another BRILLIANT contribution to B'Elanna/Seven fanfic in this fabulously entertaining and often HILARIOUS new novel chronicling the developments of a romantic relationship between Voyager's Chief Engineer and resident Borg. While doing some routine maintenance on the ship B'Elanna inadvertently witnesses Seven's tender caretaking of the Borg children and realizes perhaps for the first time that beneath the cool, Borg exterior there's a very vulnerable, human soul. Inexplicably drawn to Seven, the Klingon finds herself wanting to be friends with the young Borg who though surprised at first soon embraces that friendship. In the weeks ahead, as B'Elanna ends her relationship with Tom Paris, the two women find themselves growing closer, experiencing feelings for one another they've never had before and struggling through the many challenges in their way. Meanwhile, when Voyager makes first contact with a friendly species, Captain Janeway jumps at the opportunity of securing some shore leave time for herself and her crew. Little does the captain suspect just how complicated shore leave can get when you have on your hands one Klingon and a Borg in the initial stages of a romance, one horny helmsman, one lascivious security officer an alien host playing matchmaker and some other aliens intent on eating your hosts. Reading like a comedy of errors in parts, this novel is gonna have you spitting fluids over your keyboard one moment and requesting some of that Amazon ice the next but mostly it's gonna keep you enthralled with very clever writing, charming characterizations and a fun, romantic, well-paced storyline. Another first-class effort from one of our premier Voyager writers, this gets my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION! [unfinished] - 117 pgs., 7/26/00

**SHE WHO HESITATES by Lisa Countryman
A long-time, fervent fan of the Janeway/Seven pairing in fanfic - I didn't think I was gonna enjoy this story when I realized it involved a B'Elanna/Seven pairing. Those of you who know me from Xena fandom know that when I fixate on one particular couple I tend to be very monogamous - interested in that pairing and only that pairing. Well - this novel by Lisa broke that streak for me in Voyager fandom. Set sometime after the episode FAIR HEAVEN, this story should be particularly SATISFYING to those who've been a bit upset with the TV Janeway since that episode ;-) The novel opens with B'Elanna and Seven both getting into trouble when their emotions get the better of them. The Klingon warrior ends up instigating quite a brawl after discovering that Tom Paris has been playing...without her - while a frustrated Borg is motivated to dispose of one hated hologram. As punishment, Captain Janeway decides to saddle the two women with one another for an extended away mission - never suspecting just how extended that away mission will become...or that she has just made the biggest mistake of her life. On their way to mine some of the dilithium ore Voyager uses, the usually antagonistic B'Elanna and Seven try to maintain a civil working relationship which is soon tested when the Klingon engineer postpones the immediate mission to investigate the possibility of a wormhole in a nearby nebula. It's a fateful decision that will change their lives forever, landing both women on a prison planet where they'll be forced to rely on one another for survival and where they'll begin to see each other in a new light. A spark of interest will grow into a flame of desire as a relationship once tense at best will develop into the most important and most precious thing the Klingon and Borg have ever known turning Hell into a paradise of sorts and blending two souls into one. The B'Elanna and Seven who will eventually be reunited with Voyager will be two very different women from the ones that left - with a new focus, a new life together and a strength they'll need to face the challenges both emotional and physical of returning to those they thought left them behind long ago. Lisa does a BEAUTIFUL job here developing the B'Elanna/Seven relationship and transforming it into something that is just as appealing and interesting and fun and passionate as the best Janeway/Seven treatments I've read. Her characterizations all around are on the money - from the regular Voyager characters to several original ones. The plot itself is very well-conceived, particularly in how it incorporates elements from the TV episodes. If you've never read a B'Elanna/Seven story - TRUST ME - this one will hook you even if you're a Janeway/Seven fan like me. Lisa's latest can easily be counted among the best I've read in either Xena or Voyager fanfic. An impressive writing achievement that delivers in every way. It gets my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION! - 406 pgs., 4/27/00

"Lana and Seven just after Kayla's birth" by Maggie
"Lana brushes Seven's hair in thier quarters" by Maggie
"Seven and B'Elanna, a wedding photo" by Maggie
"Seven and B'Elanna each thinking about the other..." by Maggie
"Seven and B'Elanna enjoy a moonlight walk" by Maggie
"Seven checks on B'Elanna just after their capture by the Dengari" by Maggie
"Seven kisses B'Elanna to seal their vow" by Maggie
"Seven surprises B'Elanna" by Maggie

In a break from her JUST BETWEEN SERIES G.L. brings us a sweetly romantic first-time tale set after the recent episode SOMEONE TO WATCH OVER ME (reviewed by G.L.). Not having had much success with her first attempts at dating, Seven is pleased to discover that she may have more options available to her than what the doctor has led her to believe. One option in particular starts to become really interesting when a concerned Janeway decides to try to help the young Borg and soon finds herself participating in Seven's research more closely than either had ever dreamed she would. Pairing the Captain's seriousness and protectiveness with Seven's disarming innocence and straightforwardness, this is a charming take on the relationship between Voyager's most intriguing two characters. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 39 pgs.

Episode five in the VOYAGES OF THE SOUL SERIES finds Seven recuperating from her recent injury but still struggling with her feelings for a certain Starfleet Captain and terrified now that she's missed any chance she ever had of winning Janeway's heart. A poignant look at the Borg's insecurities. DO NOT MISS! - 14 pgs., 4/25/99

Episode three in the VOYAGES OF THE SOUL SERIES finds the crew of Voyager enjoying some leisure time on a beautiful M-class planet where a memory from her childhood spurns Seven to try her hand at swimming and ends up with the Captain catching herself a Borg ;-) Shay continues to nicely develop the romance here as the friendship and trust deepens. DO NOT MISS! - 9 pgs., 4/25/99

Episode two in the VOYAGES OF THE SOUL SERIES has Captain Janeway trying to make her resident Borg feel a little better after the loss of One. In the process the two continue to grow closer. Shay makes good progress with the relationship and the characterizations here. - 4 pgs., 4/25/99

Episode four in the VOYAGES OF THE SOUL SERIES is a riveting, suspenseful entry that has Seven and the Captain getting trapped in a malfunctioning holodeck after Voyager encounters a powerful nuclear explosion. With the holodeck's safety protocols offline and Seven badly injured, it's a race against time as the crew struggles to get them out and Janeway struggles to help the young woman whose come to mean so much to her. Fast-paced and emotional. DO NOT MISS! - 14 pgs., 4/25/99

**SUSTENANCE by Tenderware
One of the most unusual and beautiful hurt/comfort stories I've ever read, this is also an enthralling first-time tale that begins with a rescue and a mystery as Voyager returns to an abandoned planet for the Captain and Astronemics Officer they were forced to abandon there weeks before. The Janeway and Seven which come back to Voyager are somehow different though - thinner and secretive, unwilling to share the exact details of their survival and struggling with a newfound need to stay close after an ordeal which bared raw their vulnerabilities and forced one very proud starship captain to make a choice that may have forever altered her self-perception. Tenderware skillfully structures this story into an unfolding tapestry that will have you anticipating each new revelation with captive interest. The characterizations add a wonderful depth to the Janeway/Seven dynamics making for a deeply emotional, WONDERFULLY satisfying fanfic gem. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! [Part of the TENDER TALES SERIES, See the sequel ADAPTIONS] - 37 pgs., 10/17/99



TOTEM (THE) by Nova
A mysterious alien creature affects the crew of Voyager in very different ways, making some turn to violence, and making others face their innermost feelings and desires. This is a well-written story with solid characterizations and a sensitive, mature depiction of the Janeway/Seven relationship. DO NOT MISS! - 51 pgs., 3/5/00

TRANSPORTED by Tenderware
Taking clever advantage of the many possibilities offered by the advanced technologies of the Star Trek world, Tenderware gives a fascinating twist to the traditional first time tale in this latest offering which finds Janeway and Seven gaining an unexpected new perspective on what life is like for the other when a transporter glitch switches their bodies. For Seven it's an often HYSTERICAL lesson on the more practical realities of being human - for Janeway it's an eye-opening look at the difficulties confronted by a young Borg who remains very much an outsider - and for them both it's a disturbing, exciting, emotional time of discovery as they give in to feelings too long suppressed embarking on a very personal new journey...together. A fun, sexy read. DO NOT MISS! [Part of the TENDER TALES SERIES] - 66 pgs., 10/17/99

In G.L.'s second fanfic response to the episode FAIR HAVEN, Janeway finds herself doing a bit of soul searching when she realizes how much she's been ignoring one "friend" lately and is helped by another to face facts. An ideal story for subtexters after this particular episode. - 12 pgs., 1/24/00

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