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Definition of Warlord/Slave fiction

Nene continues her wonderful XENAVERSE FAERY TALES with a poignant story about a love so strong it can transcend time and accept the greatest of sacrifices. It is the story of how a desperate Gabrielle, intent on rescuing her beloved warrior from the clutches of Ares, travels into an alternate reality to try to return Xena to the world she knows. Only in that alternate world the Xena she meets is an all-powerful, very dangerous Empress whose icy heart the bard-turned-slave may never be able to reach. Emotional story, nicely written which also brings to mind images of the Xena we saw in the recent Hercules episode ARMAGEDDON NOW. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 4/14/98

**SIMPLE TWIST OF FATE (A) by Rosemary -- [Alt]
After nearly three years of writing Xena fanfic and influencing many a bard exposed to her fiction through small private mailing lists, Rosemary comes at last to the Web bringing with her some classic Xena yarns, among them this early warlord/slave tale which helped to establish the genre and created a CLEAR need for that Amazon Ice Company so many of us rely on these days >:) Written in the Fall of 1996, this story is set in alternate reality where Xena and Gabrielle meet under very different circumstances. A long-time slave already, the young woman from Poteidaia doesn't expect her life to be any different as she waits to be purchased by the next warlord but different indeed it starts to be as soon as she becomes property of the Destroyer of Nations. Gentle despite her toughness and caring despite her cruelty, the warlord starts to win over the slave, enveloping Gabrielle in a passion so fierce that soon nothing else matters and as one heart surrenders, another is finally conquered. A delivery of PLENTY of Amazon ice is definitely in order before tackling this one folks. A SIMPLE TWIST OF FATE inspired many of the best alt. bards working today providing ALL sorts of interesting motivation ;-) It's a fun read and historically fascinating for anyone interested in the development of Xena fanfic through the years. A MUST READ! VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 20 pgs., 1/9/99

**STORMS OF WAR by JLynn - [Alt]
Set in the second season this GEM of a story should thrill the heart of all classic XWP fanfic aficionados. With a grand, epic feel to it, the tale begins in familiar territory with the warrior and bard fighting a band of thugs. Injured after the encounter, Gabrielle finds herself dealing with a moody Xena and her own long-standing fears about being little more than a hindrance for the Warrior Princess. For her part, the warrior is worried about the life of danger and hardship she's brought to Gabrielle, worried about the increasing number of skirmishes they seem to be getting into, worried about her intensifying feelings for the young bard. Unable to voice their personal fears, the two must put these aside when word reaches them of a siege against the town of Neapolis. Having once experienced the brunt of the Warrior Princess' brutality, Neapolis is now once again on the verge of falling to another warlord. Determined to keep that from happening, Xena must enter the lion's den as it were - approach the besieging army in a desperate plan to try to reach Neapolis, but to do so she and her bard will have to play a dangerous game of warlord and slave. In the days to come, their friendship will be tested as never before, sometimes nearing the breaking point...and at other times threatening to evolve into something much more. All the while, they will be fighting for the freedom of a people Xena once deeply wronged - and fighting against an enemy far more dangerous than appearances might suggest. JLynn is crafting a riveting story here - a magnificent adventure with an emotional foundation that will keep you anxiously turning those pages. Her second season characterizations of Xena and Gab should delight fans of classic XWP. Her Xena is the tough, seasoned warrior with a very insecure emotional inner core - a woman with a steely outer shell whose heart remains full of regrets and guilt. Her Gabrielle is the talented storyteller devoted to her warrior, a young woman awakening to her passions who, though still struggling with her own insecurities, is determined to make her own destiny. Sparks fly between these two and all around them in a splendid mixture of war, adventure, romance, a little hurt and much comfort! One of the best I've read in a while, it gets my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION! [unfinished] - 105 pgs., 2/4/02

**STORYTELLER (THE) by Katrina -- [Alt]
Set in the alternate world of the Hercules episode ARMAGEDDON, this fantastic new warlord/slave story is a powerful, intense, emotional piece that has the young agitator Gabrielle surviving the ordeal Empress Xena condemned her to on a cross. It is while suffering the pain of that torture that Gabrielle gains a sudden insight into how she may be able to change the ruthless empress - not by inciting the people against her, but by inciting a revolution in the woman's own heart. Determined to try even if it leads to her death, Gabrielle returns to the castle where the now crippled agitator turns storyteller and is soon telling her one-time enemy tales of heroes, of fighting for the greater good, and of a love that would change the world. Katrina's characterizations in this are beautifully multi-layered, presenting a Xena with all the power in the world and an aching emptiness within while her Gabrielle, despite a poignant outer frailty, is a storyteller of gentle heroism and steely determination. A very original, beautifully written story which touches all the right emotional buttons, this receives my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION! - 2/22/98
[Palm Pilot version available at XENA FAN FICTION FOR THE PALM PILOT]

**TAVERN (THE) by Cousin Liz - [Alt]
This new offering from the bard who brought us one of my favorite new stories this year, ILLUMINATIONS OF THE SOUL is a warlord/slave tale that firmly establishes Liz's fiction as among the most passionate in XWP alt. fiction today. The tale begins with Gabrielle secretly following Xena into a tavern where the young bard soon realizes why the warrior didn't want her to come along. Having uncovered the true nature of the establishment as a brothel staffed mostly with slaves, Xena is determined to put an end to the place only now the success of that plan doesn't just depend on her - but also on how well a certain bard can play the role of submissive slave. Liz's treatment of the Xena/Gabrielle relationship is a remarkably effective combination of love, tenderness and sizzling sensuality. This is one to be avoided at work and probably at most other public places too but a definite MUST READ! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Note: The story contains rough language. - 8 pgs., 12/29/97

**TEST OF FRIENDSHIP (A) by Maureen McGowan
Marueen McGowan consistently delivers some of the finest XWP fan fiction around. This FANTASTIC story is one of her bests. Gabrielle finds herself having to deal with an injured Xena suffering from amnesia who is suddenly once again the deadly warlord of old with no memory of the past two years - a one-time friend and hero who will effect on the bard the greatest of betrayals. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

**THIRD DEATH (A) by C.L. Bactad -- [Alt]
This new warlord/slave story is simply put - one wild ride! It begins with Xena and Gabrielle on their way to Crete, but it is a journey neither will complete as a vengeful God of War puts into play an evil plan to forever separate the two lovers. The repercusions will challenge them as never before, turning partners into enemies...soulmates into strangers. Featuring a very passionate, loving interpretation of the Xena/Gab relationship, this story is gripping and suspenseful as it sets up one of the greatest tests their love will ever face. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 4/15/98
http://whoosh.org/katrina/S TO/amazons/thirddeath.html
[Palm Pilot version available at XENA FAN FICTION FOR THE PALM PILOT]

**TIME CHANGES by Wishes
Heart-wrenching "what if" tale by one of the best bards in the Xenaverse which has the gods entering into a conspiracy that changes the timeline, creating a world in which the warlord Xena never reformed and Gabrielle was indeed forced into slavery on that long-ago day when her village was attacked by Draco's men. The Warrior Princess and would-be bard are reunited in this world but under very different circumstances...as master and slave. This is an EXCEPTIONAL warlord/slave tale by a truly exceptional writer. It gets my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION!!- 4/23/97

**TURNABOUT by Pink Rabbit Productions -- [Alt]
It is Gabrielle's turn to create a little fantasy in this FANTASTIC and equally sizzling sequel to WARLORD. The story has the bard weaving a tale about a savage heart and the love which tames it. Beneath the eroticism, it is also a story about trust and healing. Beautifully written, it too will be a - er - challenge in public places and also comes VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 11/4/97

TWO HEARTS, ONE WHOLE by Jamie Boughen -- [Alt]
The Warrior Bard brings us a heck of a good story in this new effort featuring Ares up to his old tricks again. Certain that Xena will never fully respect her as a simple bard, Gabrielle gives in to her anger and depression, accepting Ares' offer to gift her with the skills of a warrior. In doing so, however, she falls right into the god's trap for it is not a mere warrior that he intends to make of her - but a vicious warlord in the very mold of the Warrior Princess he once treasured. This is a different type of story that does not idealize the relationship between Xena and Gabrielle but rather depicts it as one with problems the two must work out if they ever hope to find happiness. - 5/24/97

**TWO SIDES OF THE SAME COIN by Protek - [Alt]
In a terrific new contribution to the INFINITY SERIES, Xena and Ricky accompany their friend detective Emil Holt to a police standoff where Xena hopes to talk a teenager who once worked for her into surrendering himself to the authorities. The situation soon deteriorates, however, when a well-meaning Ricky tries to help setting in motion a series of events that lead to a disoriented Xena waking up in a very different place and time - back it seems in the Ancient Greece that gave birth to her, with one fundamental difference - it is a Greece where the Destroyer of Nations still reigns - where one-time enemies are now allies, family is insignificant, and the bard Xena treasures above all else has been forced into a very different role...Protek's first chapter starts off with a BANG promising one hell of a ride and continuing a tradition of fine storytelling by this talented bard. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! [unfinished] - 7 pgs., 9/17/99

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