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March 19, 1963 - February 16, 2002

It is with deepest regrets that I join the Xenaverse family in expressing my heartfelt sorrow at the passing of one of our own - actor Kevin Smith, the man who gave life to Ares, God of War. I first took notice of Kevin in his debut on Xena: Warrior Princess in the episode "The Reckoning". I was immediately intrigued by this dark, mysterious and strikingly handsome new character and impressed with the talented actor who played him. In the six years that followed I had the opportunity to not only witness his acting talent, but to see Kevin in person at a couple of XWP conventions. I always found him to be an extremely nice, funny, down-to-earth guy, devoted to his family and friends and always very patient and gracious with the fans. It is no surprise to me that he was scheduled to start filming a big budget Hollywood film in the weeks ahead. He was a talented actor who had proven himself through his work in New Zealand and impressed fans the world over through his portrayal of Ares on both XWP and Hercules: The Legendary Journeys. Kevin had the potential to do even greater things with his career. Tragically, he will not have that chance now BUT I think I speak for millions of fans out there when I say that he left us with a legacy through his work that will always be with us. There are no words to express the magnitude of this loss for his family but if any of them read this I would just like to say that I always got the impression the times I saw Kevin at those conventions that he was a happy person who adored his kids, loved his work, had fun with his friends and seemed to be enjoying life. In this life making someone we love happy is really the most special gift we can give them and Kevin's family and friends certainly seemed to do the trick for him. I grieve for the loss of this wonderful individual but I celebrate his life too because he did some great things with it. Like the Olympian he played on TV, Kevin Smith will remain forever immortalized in our hearts - a great professional and a great person. May you rest in peace Kevin.

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Monday, 2/11/02


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