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**CO-DEPENDENT NO MORE by Donna E. Trifilo and Catherine M. Wilson - [See the AFTER THE HONEYMOON SERIES]

COMFORTS by Trillseekr
Sweetly passionate vignette that has Gabrielle seeking comfort after a bad nightmare and finding more than she expected. Very nice offering by a new bard. - 3 pgs., 8/12/97

This intriguing sequel to CN Winter's HOMECOMING has Xena and Gabrielle returning from the island of Lesbo - anxious to tell their friends and family about their joining there. Among the different reactions to the news, one in particular, from an unsuspecting source, will suddenly turn their world upside down, threatening the bond they've forged together and cruelly denying them the simple comfort of each other. It MUST be Spring in this story because love is DEFINITELY in the air ;-) Featuring lots of romance, humor and some nicely emotional moments, this story is HIGHLY RECOMMEDED! [See also the sequel HOME SWEET HOME] - 66 pgs., 1/28/98

**COMING OF AGE by T. Novan
Part 48 in the RAISING MELOSA SERIES offers a fond look back at the birth of Xena and Gabrielle's oldest as the Amazonette in question prepares to live the nest. Great nostalgic feel to this latest entry. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 7 pgs., 6/20/99
[Palm Pilot version available at XENA FAN FICTION FOR THE PALM PILOT]

**COMING OUT SERIES by Joanna: [Read in the order listed here]
[Palm Pilot version available at XENA FAN FICTION FOR THE PALM PILOT]

I. **COMING OUT by Joanna
Joanna has given us some wonderful parodies in the past but with THE INCIDENT and now this new one, she definitely "comes out" herself as a master parodist. This hilarious little skit is clever beyond words with some of the funniest lines I've ever read in XWP fan fic. It has the Warrior Princess and Gabrielle returning to Potidaea for a visit during which the bard plans to tell her family the truth about her relationship with Xena. Making things somewhat of a challenge, are the family's continued reverence of Gabby's late hubby and the neighbors' ever-present commentaries on all the going-ons. The Potidaean CHORUS is the best thing to happen to XWP fan fic in a loooong time. Brilliant! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! - 7 pgs., 6/9/97
[Palm Pilot version available at XENA FAN FICTION FOR THE PALM PILOT]

This is the second in what is certain to become a classic series of parodies in XWP fan fic. If you haven't yet read Joanna's first entry in the series, COMING OUT, do your funny bone the favor of a lifetime and check it out. Having talked with Gabrielle's family about their relationship in that first story, here the Warrior Princess and her bard travel to Amphipolis to break the news to Xena's family. Following them and seemingly joined at the hip with Xena and Gab, is THE CHORUS - those OH so talented, pesky Potidaean neighbors who simply insist on making things a bit more...er...lyrical for everyone they come across. This is a gem that is NOT TO BE MISSED!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 8 pgs., 6/16/97
[Palm Pilot version available at XENA FAN FICTION FOR THE PALM PILOT]

The anxiously awaited third installment in Joanna's brilliant COMING OUT series is here at last...and boy was it worth the wait! Yes - the big day has arrived! Having "come out" to their families, Xena and the bard are ready to get hitched. Now you are all cordially invited to the WILDEST, the zaniest, the most incredible nuptials you have EVER attended. Join Herc, Autolycus, the Amazons, a certain blonde warlord, Salmoneous, Ares, a couple of surprise guests from the Xenastaff and of course, the most happening CHORUS this side of Mount Olympus, for the Wedding of a lifetime! I PITY YOU IF YOU MISS THIS!! VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 8 pgs., 6/18/97
[Palm Pilot version available at XENA FAN FICTION FOR THE PALM PILOT]

The fourth entry in Joanna's BRILLIANTLY hilarious COMING OUT series! Join Xena and "Chimpycheeks" along with their families, friends, neighbors, AND enemies as they all celebrate the union of warrior and bard. See Callisto putting the moves on the Xenastaff, learn about Ephiny's new love interest, watch as the Warrior Princess downs a few too many and of course - rejoice as THE CHORUS makes this affair an unforgettable one!! As with previous installments in this series - your funny bone will be hurting when you finish but it should get back in shape just in time for THE HONEYMOON >:) A MUST READ!! - 12 pgs., 6/21/97
[Palm Pilot version available at XENA FAN FICTION FOR THE PALM PILOT]

The fifth and final installment in this comedy saga is now available! Hitched at last and having escaped their reception without injury, Xena and Gab get ready for some quality time together in a honeymoon suite - just them, the bellhop and, of course, THE CHORUS! - all leading up to an explosive conclusions ;-) VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 10 pgs., 6/23/97
[Palm Pilot version available at XENA FAN FICTION FOR THE PALM PILOT]

**COMPANIONS by Della Street
Some FUNNY misunderstandings in this well-orchestrated little tale have Xena suddenly feeling very jealous, forcing issues to the surface that neither she nor Gabrielle can continue avoiding. Featuring Della's incomparable characterizations this one is a MUST READ! DO NOT MISS!! - 12 pgs., 5/1/97 (originally written 7/24/96)

A drunk Gabby discusses Xena with a couple of the warrior's former bed partners. Very, VERY cute! One of my favorites by this gifted bard. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! [See the sequel TURNING TABLES] - 7 pgs., 2/97
[Spanish version: COMPARANDO NOTAS at http://www.la-concha.com/xena/encarna3.htm]

Gin continues the captivating tale she began in NEGOTIATIONS with a very promising new sequel that finds the Conqueror and the Queen of the Amazons now very happy trying to make a life for themselves in a world filled with responsibilities, and dangers and reputations to maintain. First up will be the challenge of a separation as Xena is called away to resolve problems in Chin and the young queen must try to deal with her loneliness amidst dangers that are much too close to home. Gin continues here imbuing the relationship between Conqueror and Queen with a wonderful mixture of tenderness, love and fierce passion. She crafts a well-written tale that includes a strong cast of supporting characters, some very surprising twists and some intriguing problems for our heroines to overcome. A worthy entry in the fascinating conqueror genre. DO NOT MISS! [See the sequel INVITATIONS] - 287 pgs., 11/17/98
FANFIC ART: "Conqueror Of The Known World" by Barbara Maclay

COMPROMISES by Watcher  Save Alert
This story is a virtual love-fest. Those of you who are romantics at heart are going to love this - know I did. Xena and Gabrielle return to the Amazon Nation where Gabrielle agrees to become the acting queen while Ephiny goes on a mysterious trip. In the month to follow, warrior and bard will learn more about themselves, what they really want in life and the incredible love that binds them as they look for ways to make each other happy - growing closer which each passing day. VERY nice! [See also the sequel MIDDLE GROUND] - 54 pgs., 7/6/97

COMRADES IN ARMS by Roc-it Scientist
In trying to explain the Xena/Gab TV relationship, this story sets out to do the impossible but surprisingly ends up presenting a rather realistic view that is sweet and funny and very much based on the love these characters have for one another. COMRADES IN ARMS basically follows our two heroines through their adventures and travels after the deaths of Perdicus and Callisto to the time just after they part ways with Cecrops. The story doesn't dwell on what we saw on the TV episodes but rather - what we didn't - the days in between adventures, the nights by the campfires, the traveling on the road. We see Xena and Gabrielle first turning to one another almost by accident, while missing past loves in fact. The initial explorations are playful and curious with Xena thinking she is simply a temporary solution for the bard. It is at the thought of loosing her that Xena begins to realize just what her companion means to her. The only question is...does Gabrielle feel the same? This is well-written and VERY well plotted to synchronize with the TV series. Some of the exchanges between Xena and Gab are simply priceless. Be aware, however that in depicting a different type of relationship between the warrior and bard, this story is an acquired taste. Fun and definitely worth reading though. DO NOT MISS! - 26 pgs., 6/97

**CONFESSION by T. Novan
This eigth installment in the RAISING MELOSA SERIES, maintains the domestic flavor of its predecessors as it chronicles the arrival of yet another addition to Xena and Gabrielle's growing family. Strong characterizations enhance a sweet storyline. DO NOT MISS! - 5 pgs., 1/9/99
[Palm Pilot version available at XENA FAN FICTION FOR THE PALM PILOT]

CONFESSIONS by Kim (KP) Pritekel
Set during season two, Kim's fanfic debut features a Gabrielle struggling with her feelings for the Warrior Princess - aware for some time now that she feels more than a mere friendship but hesitant about facing it until an overly friendly inn mistress brings things to a head. Kim does a nice job capturing those season two characterizations and presenting the developing relationship in a very straightforward way that emphasizes the trust and comfort level between these two soulmates despite their hesitancies. - 9 pgs., 11/24/00

This bard's first fanfic offering is a touching little tale set after the events in SACRIFICE II which has Xena returning to Amphipolis and finding a measure of solace in the mother she distanced herself from so long ago. A nice depiction of the Xena/Cyrene relationship. - 4 pgs., 7/27/98

**CONQUEROR by Catherine M. Wilson
From the keyboard of one of our veteran talents, this EXCEPTIONAL warlord/slave tale actually written two years ago does a beautiful job of exploring the mutual allure of darkness and light, of power and innocence in a world where love can bring destruction...or grant redemption. It begins with a warlord accepting a gift from her men - a young village girl who's offered herself in exchange for the safety of her people. Intrigued by the combination of defiance and fear, sensuality and innocence, the warlord decides not to break her captive just yet, wanting the girl to come to her instead. Soon, however, this self-imposed challenge is dominating the warlord's every waking moment as a heart previously devoid of uncertainty starts to waver in its purpose sensing that in this battle between warlord and slave an unlikely conqueror may emerge. Catherine gives us a riveting psychological portrayal here of a warlord comfortable in her power yet vulnerable in her craving for the very simplicity and innocence she abandoned long ago. Though more subtly depicted, the slave is equally as complex, with an inner strength that belies the frail exterior and a curious attraction to the very darkness that also repels her. This is a nicely executed study of two very different soulmates who seem to know one another better than they know themselves. A MUST READ! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 19 pgs., 11/18/99



**CONQUEROR SERIES by Planet-solin - read in the order listed below.

  5. **FAMILY

One of our most gifted bards returns with her first foray into the world of Xena the Conqueror. Proving once again her skill at delivering some of the most original fanfic in this fandom, DJ brings us a clever twist on the Conqueror canon which begins with the Conqueror immersed in her typical brand of sadistic cruelty as she prepares her evening's entertainment but the Xena that awakens the next morning is a very different woman. With memories of having gone to sleep the night before with her beloved bard in her arms, Xena is utterly confused when she finds herself in a castle she does not recognize, surrounded by strangers all hailing her as the ruler of the known world - and no bard in sight. A harsher truth awaits her when she eventually comes face to face with her partner once again and has to accept the reality of what her life has been like in this alternate world - a life in which deadly enemies are her advisors, trusted friends are now her enemies, and the love of her life has become one of her many victims. Poignant and riveting, this is a very imaginative storyline with good use of the many recuring characters from the series and an intelligent, heroic portrayal of the Warrior Princess. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 91 pgs., 5/26/99
[Palm Pilot version available at XENA FAN FICTION FOR THE PALM PILOT]

This bard just keeps sharing with us one impressive tale after another with this one possibly being the best one to date! This is a splendid, almost mystical story-within-a-story that begins with a frustrated bard having to wait for Xena while the warrior goes to fight in a war. Alone by a campfire the bard is visited by an unusually friendly deer whose presence inspires her to write a story about valor and sacrifice and a love so great it could transcend even death itself. It is a story that suddenly starts to seem all to real for her when she experiences an unexpected loss and soon finds herself dreading the mere probability of another even greater one. Bel-wah presents us here with a beautifully written tale that in parts reads very much like a Greek myth. Heart-breaking and reaffirming all at once, this is an outstanding effort that comes VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! [This is parchment five in the GABRIELLE'S SCROLLS SERIES] - 13 pgs., 11/17/98
[Palm Pilot version available at XENA FAN FICTION FOR THE PALM PILOT]

**CONTEST (THE) by Kelly Noble
I DO believe we may have to give a Medal of Stamina to Kelly's self-sacrificing beta reader for test-driving this little story. If she didn't buy out the Amazon Ice Co. make sure to put your orders in before tackling this INVIGORATING contest of wills between warrior and bard as Gabrielle, frustrated at her partner's over-protectiveness decides to show Xena that she can bring the mighty Warrior Princess to her knees. Lets just say that if this particular contest ran against the Superbowl, football ratings would be left in the dust! Forget HIGHLY - this one comes... ENTHUSIASTICALLY RECOMMENDED! >:) - 5 pgs., 11/18/99

CONTEST (THE) by T. Novan
Part of the continuing RAISING MELOSA SERIES, this latest entry finds Xena and Gabrielle both exited and nervous over their eldest's first showing as an Amazon Princess in am upcoming sparing contest. It's a competition that leads to some unexpected developments. Nice characterizations along with a heartwarming depiction of the Xena/Gab relationship continue to make this series a delight to read. - 6 pgs., 2/20/99
[Palm Pilot version available at XENA FAN FICTION FOR THE PALM PILOT]

CONTROL by Cath, Bard
A MUCH-mended sleeping shift takes a beating but keeps on ticking in this amusing tale about impatient warriors and lessons in control. Cath keeps this one short, simple and effective. [Part of the RELATIONSHIP TRILOGY] - 3 pgs., 2/1/01

CONTROL by JD Jenkins
Intriguing interpretation of the power dynamics between two very different soulmates. Solid character-study. Second entry in the series TALES OF THE WARRIOR PRINCESS: THE PRIVATE SCROLLS OF GABRIELLE THE BARD WHO LOVED HER. - 2 pgs., 2/4/99, re-released 8/20/00

CONTROL by Sparx
An experience in frustration for a certain Warrior Princess, this WICKED little tale has the Amazon Queen deciding to teach her partner a much-needed lesson in control so Xena will stop automatically pounding on people whenever these happen on them at an inopportune moment. Knowing she doesn't have much choice in the matter, Xena agrees to the week-long "training", never suspecting just how challenging her bard is gonna make that training. A fun, sexy read guaranteed to elicit your sympathy for the warrior. DO NOT MISS! - 10 pgs., 8/16/00

The God of War returns with plans for a young Amazon princess while a desperate Xena searches for a way to stop him. Another riveting continuation of the RAISING MELOSA SERIES. DO NOT MISS! - 5 pgs., 6/12/99
[Palm Pilot version available at XENA FAN FICTION FOR THE PALM PILOT]

COUNTERPART by XeniteSupreme
An alt. story that has Callisto joining forces with another deadly enemy of the Warrior Princess and using supernatural means to try to destroy Xena and Gabrielle. Great mixture of suspence and drama in this one. - 38 pgs., 3/97

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