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From the gifted bard who's brought us great fanfic pieces like YOU CAN'T JUDGE A SCROLL BY ITS CASE and most recently THE FARMER'S TALE comes a charming new story that further marks this writer's fiction as one of the most original around. This newest tale is an enchanting package full of surprises. It begins ominously enough with the Warrior Princess discovering her partner in a rather...compromising position. In an attempt to explain, the embarrassed bard then begins a tale Xena is herself somewhat familiar with - only Gabrielle tells her about the parts she didn't know. The bard recalls their journey to Calydon to warn the people of a killer boar loose in the area. She recalls too their encounter there with the princess Atalanta - an athletic beauty determined to prove herself...and very much fascinated with the warrior and bard who befriend her. It is a friendship that soon finds Xena trying to keep the flirtatious princess from getting killed - and finds Gabrielle considering...new possibilities. Rooks characterizations are exceptional with a Xena and Gabrielle that are very different people but also very well-matched partners and equals. With the characteristic blend of humor, romance, and SURPRISES that increasingly define a Rooks tale, this is one read that will leave you shaking your head in amazement and sporting one decidedly satisfied grin! A MUST READ folks! VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! -- 74 pgs., 8/31/98
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[Palm Pilot version available at XENA FAN FICTION FOR THE PALM PILOT]

**SUMMER STORM by de Bonheur
This new tale from de Bonheur is an absolute gem, chronicling a day of passionate frolicking at the beach between warrior and bard. Reading like poetry in parts, this is sensual and terribly romantic. It is a follow-up to de Bonheur's earlier work AND FAIR TRUTH. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 6 pgs., 3/16/98

SUNSET by The Rabbit in Pink Rabbit Productions and CN Winters
A very effective little story fragment from CN Winters to go along with another marvelous digital art offering from The Rabbit. -- 1 pg., 8/16/98
FANFIC ART: Contained within the story

SUNSETS by Mary E. Terrell
Sweet vignette about the appeal of sunsets in the company of one's soulmate. - 1 pg., 12/9/98

**SURPRISE (A) by Donna E. Trifilo and Catherine M. Wilson - [See the AFTER THE HONEYMOON SERIES]

My Osage continues her apparent quest to make sure Xenites stay nice and warm during the coming Winter months with another sizzler of a tale - this one featuring a flirtatious barmaid, a jealous bard and a very happily surprised Warrior Princess ;-) Strong sense of love and devotion beneath the passion in this. [Due to technical difficulties this story may not be visible in some Web browsers. If you only get a colorful background when you go to the site try saving the HTML file and then viewing that file using a text editor or word processor - you'll see the story in there. The Netscape browser in particular has problems displaying the site so if you have Internet Explorer available on your system try that.] - 6 pgs., 10/14/98

**SURRENDER by Planet-solin
The latest in Planet-solin's spectacular Conqueror series, this third tale finds a reluctant Conqueror and a reluctant Amazon Nation in the unlikely position of having to bargain with one another all thanks to the efforts of one...little bard ;-) No longer capable of denying her growing feelings for Gabrielle of Poteidaia, Xena is willing to make a truce with the race of warrior women, and with the bard-turned-Queen who thanks to some incredible circumstances now leads them. Having done away with some of the intrigue and conspiracies among her own troops, however, the Conqueror will now have to deal with a similar situation among the Amazons, for not all within the Nation look kindly on the new queen or the idea of peace with the Conqueror. Anxious to resume their relationship, the Empress and bard will first have to address a deadly threat to that peace and to their own happiness - a threat which may require something from Xena she's never given before and is not sure she can give. The Xena/Gab relationship here is increasingly charming with the two expressing fears and getting past those, no longer caring about previous roadblocks in their way, growing more confident about themselves and what they feel for one another. Planet-solin never depicts those changes as weaknesses but rather as strengths allowing these two women to better deal with the many challenges in their lives and to gain a new perspective on the greater good they're fighting for. A page-turner if I've ever seen one, this story keeps you riveted to the screen and looking forward to more from this gifted writer. Yet another for my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION list! [See the prequel HOME AGAIN and the sequel THE PROMISE OF TOMORROW] - 70 pgs., 6/18/00

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