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**AGENT (THE) by C Paradee -- [Alt]
An impressive debut for a new bard on the scene, this story is poised to contribute to the growing popularity of contemporary uber dramas. Burned out from years of service in dangerous, covert operations and wanting to at last put down roots, Tony Viglioni asks her bosses at the FBI for a transfer to a less stressful job. Days later she is heading for Cleveland where the local law enforcement desperately needs help trying to capture the serial killer responsible for a number of gruesome murders. One of the locals working on the same case, junior coroner Megan Donnovan finds herself increasingly frustrated as politics muddle her efforts to advance the investigation. Amidst the mystery and danger of a city with a killer on the loose, these two women join efforts - forming a working partnership between them only to soon find themselves seeking a partnership of the heart as well. C does a nice job here of developing the relationship between her uber characters slowly, making it into a believable one that draws the reader in. As a mystery the story also works well, keeping you guessing 'til the end. This is a fine first effort that comes HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! [See the sequel DANCING WITH SHADOWS] - 89 pgs., 10/2/98

BREACHING BARRIERS by C. Paradee -- [Alt]
Gripping new Conqueror story that has the feared empress suspecting that all is not as it should be in her realm. Determine to personally investigate any threats to the empire, the Conqueror decides to go among the people in search of dissenters and traitors. Meanwhile, in a small village a young healer named Gabrielle works hard to try to survive under the Conqueror's harsh regime, even risking death by maintaining a secret herb garden so she can have something to treat the sick with after Xena's soldiers come around for their usual tribute. It is while tending to that garden one night that her life is forever altered when she's discovered by none other than the Conqueror herself. Intrigued by the young healer, Xena decides to delay the usual punishment of death so she can look into the girl's claims of corruption among the soldiers. Thus begins an unusual friendship as the Conqueror finds herself loosing her heart at a time when she might just be loosing her empire and Gabrielle discovers the love of a lifetime in an enemy she once feared above all others. Featuring a nice depiction of the relationship and a suspenseful plot, this is an engrossing read. DO NOT MISS! - 95 pgs., 2/21/99
FANFIC ART: C Paradee Story Cover
[French version: LA BRÈCHE translated by Nathalie at]

**DANCING WITH SHADOWS by C. Paradee - [Alt]
Agent Tony Viglioni and her partner doctor Megan Donnovan are back in this suspenseful sequel to C. Paradee's debut story THE AGENT. Set a couple of months after they first teamed to find a serial killer, this second tale finds the two settling into their new lives together, dealing with family and tying a few loose ends from Tony's past, only there are some that wont appreciate the Agent's sudden scrutiny of those loose ends and to keep her from possibly ruining their plans they are more than willing to ensure Tony's retirement is of a much more...permanent nature. C. Paradee very effectively continues to develop the relationship between her two heroines here, drawing us into their newfound happiness and the challenges that go with it even as she's revealing a potential danger that could destroy it all. A well-written, entertaining read that comes HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 233 pgs., 7/26/99

**DEEP COVER by C Paradee - [Alt]
A top analyst with the CIA, Shelby Carson is known for her unique ability at discerning unusual patterns and discrepancies. It is one such observation that will change her life drastically when Shelby uncovers clues that point to a potential double agent. Recalled from a mission in the Middle East to work on the resulting investigation, Kristina Bartley, code name "Blue", is less than thrilled with the assignment. The deadly operative has a lot to hide and little time to waste but to her surprise long-standing priorities start to change the more she gets to know Shelby Carson and the clearer it becomes that the young woman may be in some very serious danger. Suddenly the analyst's well-being is something the infamous Blue very much wants to ensure - but is her proximity to the young woman keeping her safe...or the very thing putting Shelby most at risk? C Paradee is doing a nice job here crafting a suspenseful spy thriller. The story is unraveling slowly, never letting us know much more than the characters themselves know. The relationship between the leads is an engaging one, pairing two women who are very different and who aren't necessarily looking to become involved with someone but who find themselves thrown together by circumstances and soon discover an undeniable attraction of the heart, body and spirit. One to keep tabs on in the weeks ahead, this one comes HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 170 pgs., 2/10/01

**FALL (THE) by C Paradee - [Alt]
Intent on capturing the rebel leader who managed to escape her dungeons, the Conqueror leads the search only to soon find herself badly injured, betrayed by one of her own, with her empire at stake and dependent on the one person she never thought would offer her aid...the very rebel she was hunting. In the weeks to come, the distrustful empress will slowly recover from one fall only to experience an even more intense one - falling for a young woman she once hoped to destroy and learning along the way that the greatest victory of all is a conquest of the heart. C Paradee does a very nice job here developing the relationship at a gradual pace, imbuing it with an increasing sense of trust and respect. Solid writing and a compelling plot keeps you glued to the screen. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 58 pgs., 10/23/00

**MURDER MOST FOUL by C Paradee and Lois Cloarec Hart - [Alt]
Two of our very talented bards join forces in an entertaining mystery about an unsolved murder, greed, bigotry and some unexpected otherworldly guidance. When Jaye MacLaren travels to Tucker's Way for the funeral of her murdered aunt the last thing she expects is to end up speaking with her recently departed relative but aunt Delia is on a mission - a mission to see an innocent exonerated and a mission to help her niece find happiness. Assured by her aunt's ghost that Lindsay Daniels, Delia's live-in help, did not commit the murder, Jaye bails the young woman out and then proceeds, with Lindsay's help, to search for the real killer. In the weeks ahead the two women will forge a deepening friendship as they learn things about Delia's life that will in turn make them reevaluate their own, all-the-while getting closer to a killer...and closer to a truth about themselves. Telling two stories in one, C Paradee and Lois Hart do a fine job of interweaving both tales and making us care about the principals involved in each. Jaye's gradual enlightenment about her aunt and herself combined with Lindsay's inner strength makes for a compelling partnership between these two as they help one another unravel both a murder mystery and a mystery of the heart. Another MUST READ addition to the uber genre. DO NOT MISS! - 73 pgs., 2/4/02

RESOLUTIONS by C Paradee - [Alt]
Thoughtful tale set after the events in the episode A GOOD DAY which finds the warrior and bard contemplating the many trials their relationship has experienced when it looks like things have finally come to ahead between them. Emotional and reaffirming. - 7 pgs., 8/30/99

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