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This is a combined file of both general and alternative fan fiction reviews. The alternative stories are designated as such with an [Alt] at the end of the title line.

Note: Mel/Janice fan fiction stories are about the characters of Melinda Pappas and Janice Covington introduced in the Xena: Warrior Princess TV series. These stories sometimes feature also the characters of Xena and Gabrielle. Reviews of stories which revolved primarily around Xena and Gabrielle but include Mel and Janice are listed both in this index and in either the general or alternative indexes for Xena fan fiction reviews. Stories which feature Mel and Janice in addition to other uber incarnations of Xena and Gabrielle are listed both here and in the reviews of Uber-Xena fiction.

Enginerd's first foray into the uber-Xena genre is an amusing little tale that has Mel and Janice wondering how they're going to explain certain revelations from Gabrielle's scrolls to the scientific community...only the archeologist and her partner are not quite thinking about the same thing ;-) Very cute! [Note: This story is not explicit]. - 3/26/98
[Palm Pilot version available at XENA FAN FICTION FOR THE PALM PILOT]

DO YOU? by Archaeobard - [Alt]
A Mel/Janice vignette packing QUITE a punch that has the archeologist feeling very depressed about her inability to show her real feelings for the woman she loves when said woman insists on knowing what's wrong. This one will put an unexpected grin on your face :) [See the sequel YOU DO?] - 3 pgs., 2/27/00

FALLING by Archaeobard - [Alt]
In a continuation of her bodice ripper RISING, Archaeobard picks up the passionate tale of a spunky little archeologist and her very sultry, high-born Southern lover as Mel and Janice confront hatred and prejudice in the form of a spurned ex-suitor whose injured pride could cost them their careers. Combining lots of angst and lots of sizzle, this is a fitting sequel and another fun read. [See also the third entry in the series, A CURSE ON BOTH YOUR HOUSES] - 12 pgs., 10/17/99

FALLING FOR YOU THANKS TO WWII by Jen, the pasty one - [Alt]
Intriguing new Mel/Janice story that has the two visiting a museum when suddenly Mel becomes uncharacteristically... forward ;-) [unfinished] - 2/7/98

**FAREWELLS AND GREETINGS by Joseph Connell - [Alt]
Part of the INFINITY SERIES originated by Redhawk, this new offering is one of the most poignant accounts yet of the continuing saga of Xena the Immortal as fate finds her this time attending a funeral on an April day in 1979 and struggling with regrets as she thinks back on the life of the archeologist with the oh-so-familiar features she never had the courage to meet face to face. It's a mistake she decides to make up for when she meets instead the children of Janice Covington and Melinda Pappas - the eternal connection between them reminding her of a promise made so very long ago and sparking a renewed determination to watch over the descendants of two ancient soulmates just as a new life is brought into that lineage. Joseph does a terrific job imbuing the immortal warrior with the sense of melancholy that has been her hallmark throughout this series. Well-written and executed this new installment perfectly merges the essence of both the HIGHLANDER and XENA series on which it's based. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 9 pgs., 3/15/99

FAVOR (THE) by L. Fox - [Alt]
After sharing with us several excellent stories featuring the warrior and her bard, L. Fox now brings us his first ever Janice/Mel story set just prior to the United States' entrance into World War II. The tale has the spunky archeologist and her beautiful partner accepting a dangerous mission that will take them into the heart of the South Pacific in search of the truth behind a mysterious legend - a legend that others also are investigating and that could very well determine the fate of the world. L. Fox does a wonderful job here of incorporating actual events and historical figures, lending an air of authenticity to the storyline. Revolving around the developing relationship between the two friends, this is an original story and a very entertaining read. [See also the sequel JANICE AND MEL: THE WAR YEARS] - 51 pgs., 1/4/98

**FINAL REST by Kelly and Darkone - [Alt]  Save Alert
Rejoice Mel/Janice fans!!! The archeologist and her Southern aristocrat are back in this tale which has the two trying to return the last remains of Xena and Gabrielle to their final resting place. The Warrior Princess and her bard are featured in this story as well - in a tale recounting their final days which I must warn you warrants a MAJOR, MAJOR KLEENEX ALERT!! This story-within-a-story is heart-wrenching but beautiful, reaffirming and unforgettable. A very nice read! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 43 pgs., 6/1/97

FURTHER ADVENTURES OF JANICE AND MEL SERIES (THE) - Two different authors have written uber-Xena stories using this series designation.

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