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This is a combined file of both general and alternative fan fiction reviews. The alternative stories are designated as such with an [Alt] at the end of the title line.

Note: Mel/Janice fan fiction stories are about the characters of Melinda Pappas and Janice Covington introduced in the Xena: Warrior Princess TV series. These stories sometimes feature also the characters of Xena and Gabrielle. Reviews of stories which revolved primarily around Xena and Gabrielle but include Mel and Janice are listed both in this index and in either the general or alternative indexes for Xena fan fiction reviews. Stories which feature Mel and Janice in addition to other uber incarnations of Xena and Gabrielle are listed both here and in the reviews of Uber-Xena fiction.

**PAPPAS JOURNALS (THE) by Elaine Sutherland - [Alt]
An exceptional, EXCEPTIONAL new entry in XWP fan fiction that is NOT TO BE MISSED! Written as a series of journal entries by Melinda Pappas, it covers a period of several months in the lives of Mel and Janice starting just after their discovery of Gabrielle's scrolls as depicted in the episode XENA SCROLLS. With World War II still raging around them, Mel and Janice take refuge in Athens where Mel's Uncle Stravos sets them up in a building he partly owns. The two begin work on deciphering the scrolls, reading about ancient battles even as they soon find themselves in the middle of a very modern one - the Nazi takeover of Athens. The experience will change them forever as they come face to face with the same type of evil their ancestors faced long ago - and discover in their hearts the same type of love as well... This story is going to remind you of a work of art. The technique used in telling the tale via journal entries is extremely effective. The characterizations are rich and the approach to the Mel/Janice relationship is very satisfying, showing it as a gradual development which progresses very naturally. As an added plus, depending on which Web browser you use, you may be able to view the REAL Greek letters which Elaine uses in parts of this story, adding tremendously to the general atmosphere of the work. This is a fantastic effort by an obviously talented new bard. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! [See also the sequel THE PAPPAS JOURNALS II] - 9/8/97
AWARDS: "Getting Serious" Swollen Bud Award (May 1, 2000)
FANFIC ART: "Melinda Pappas" and "Janice Covington" by Barbara Maclay
[Palm Pilot version available at XENA FAN FICTION FOR THE PALM PILOT]

**PAPPAS JOURNALS II (THE): IN THE REICH by Elaine Sutherland - [Alt]
This sequel to Elaine's OUTSTANDING first work THE PAPPAS JOURNALS maintains the exceptional quality of storytelling she established in that first foray into fan fiction. THE PAPPAS JOURNALS II is truly one of the most incredible, moving works of fiction I've read in a long time - commercial fiction included. ANYONE who loves reading or writing will be affected by this story which at its very core is a celebration of the written word - of the power writing can have in our lives - of how words can reach across the centuries to encourage hope and determination and strength of will. It is a story which begins where THE PAPPAS JOURNALS left off - with Mel and Janice still in Greece working on the translations of Gabrielle's ancient scrolls as World War II rages around them. With the blood of heroes running through their veins, it isn't long before they are themselves involved in the war and once again becoming intimately acquainted with the barbarity of Nazi Germany as Mel is captured and has to try to survive by finding inspiration in the efforts of a long dead bard - a bard who recognized how words can honor valor and strength and love generations before that awareness would become part of the historical record. All the while Janice is putting into play a desperate plan to try to save her beloved partner...and keep from the Nazis a revelation of such magnitude that it could rock the very foundation of the world they live in. This is writing at it's very best folks. Told like the first story as a series of journal entries, this tale is a deeply personalized look at the worst and the best humanity has to offer. Elaine's characterizations have a wonderful depth to them as does her treatment of a relationship between the leads that is firmly rooted in commitment, loyalty and the fiercest of loves. Give yourself the gift of reading and the magic of storytelling that is this piece of fan fiction. It receives my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION!! - 4/12/98
FANFIC ART: "Melinda Pappas" and "Janice Covington" by Barbara Maclay
[Palm Pilot version available at XENA FAN FICTION FOR THE PALM PILOT]

**PARTY (THE) by Bat Morda - [Alt]
The Flying Mammal returns and she returns IN STYLE with a story that will knock your socks well as anything else you might be wearing while trying to read this distinctly stimulating new offering ;-) Once again featuring Bat's favorite uber-duo, the tale has Janice and Mel arriving separately at a costume party which soon turns into en erotic challenge for the two as they struggle through the evening trying to resist the temptation of one another. This is foreplay at its most masterful in a sexy, romantic piece grounded in love. Having set the standard for the depictions of Janice and Mel in alt. fiction, Bat continues to add depth and charm to these two popular descendants of the Warrior Princess and bard. A highly entertaining, skillfully written addition to fanfic that is a MUST READ! VERY HIGLY RECOMMENDED! - 3/26/98

Barron Story Cover
"Mel" by Barbara Maclay
[Palm Pilot version available at XENA FAN FICTION FOR THE PALM PILOT]

PERSONALS (THE) by Bongo Bear - [Alt]
*Priceless* is the word that comes to mind about this brief new offering from a VERY clever bard ;-) Janice and Mel translate some ancient personal adds a certain warrior and bard posted over the years... Adorable! - 10/1/97

This is a long Mel/Janice story that has the archeologist traveling to New Orleans where Mel is trying to decide what to do with the house she's inherited from her uncle. Amidst the familiar setting, Mel finds herself sharing some painful memories - memories of feeling different, feeling rejected, feeling lost and finding only cruelty in those around her. The revelation opens the way for a new intimacy between the two friends just as some of those old ghosts come back to haunt the beautiful Southerner. This story features a very different interpretation of the Mel character and a nice depiction of the relationship. A great read! - 1/15/98

PLAY TIME by WrshpXena (Tiggster) - [Alt]
Mel and Janice spend a little quality time together after a hard day's work, melting all sorts of things in the process ;-) Playfully sizzling. - 6 pgs., 2/24/99

**PRIZE (THE) by Wishes
Wishes has become known for producing among other things some exceptional Mel/Janice stories. This newest one is very likely her best one to date! I haven't had this much fun reading a story in a long time! It is a FANTASTIC blend of those good old fashion WWII war/spy movies with a horror motif and of course - Mel and Janice!! Just be warned that you may not have any nails left at the end of this tale! The story has our intrepid archeologist and her tall, blue-eyed partner accepting a mission, with Janice posing as one of Hitler's deadliest interrogators, that will take them into Nazi-controlled Transylvania where rumors abound of a deadly, new German secret weapon. It is a mission that will bring them face to face with horrors both ancient and new and which once again will reinforce the link between them and a warrior and bard long-dead. The story is chock full of action and intrigue but it is the loyalty between the two friends, their love and concern for one another that stands out. A GREAT read that comes VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Note: The story contains subtext. - 11/23/97

A "golden years" Mel/Janice tale that has the Southerner feeling miserable in her retirement while her spirited granddaughter and a certain archeologist put into play a plan to get her out of her spunk. Cute. - 3 pgs., 10/17/99

RISING by Archaeobard - [Alt]
Entertaining bodice ripper featuring a rather intense confrontation between our favorite translator and archeologist after Mel inadvertently humiliates her proud partner at a social soiree and must find a way to convince Janice of her true feelings. Fun and rather...stimulating :) [Part 1 in the BODICE RIPPER SERIES] - 11 pgs., 8/30/99

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