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Hi guys,

Xena continues to go international! :) The Spanish Fan Fiction Web site called LITERATURA DE FICCION has just added a number of new translations of XWP fan fiction stories. The site is located at:

The new translations are:

translated by Encarnaci_n Lopez
[trans. of TRUTH OR DARE]

HORAS DE VISITA by Ella Quince
translated by Encarnaci_n Lopez
[trans. of VISITING HOURS]

LA CANGURO by WordWarior
translated by Encarnaci_n Lopez

As to the reviews - all new alt. stories tonight :)


This latest entry in SL Bowers CHIAROSCURO series is excellent! The series has been slowly tracing the evolution in the Xena/Gab relationship as they've moved from friends to the initial awareness of being more to the acceptance in this fourth story of the love and desire they both feel. Bowers' characterization of Xena is particularly noteworthy, depicting a warrior torn between the darkness she knows is within her and the light calling to her from the heart of a gentle bard. This story is precisely about that struggle. Set immediately after the events in PART THREE: INNAMORATA, this tale begins with a nearly dead Warrior Princess trying to recover from the vicious beating received at the hands of the god of war. At her side constantly is the bard, trying to mend the warrior's body and her soul - aware of the fears still residing within Xena's heart...and her own. Together they will try to conquer those fears as they take the first tentative steps down a new path in this emotional, passionate story. Make sure to read the previous stories in the series in this order PART ONE: TALES OF DARK AND LIGHT, PART TWO: THE QUEEN AND THE SOLDIER and PART THREE: INNAMORATA. This latest part is VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

INTERLUDE by Beowolf
In parts this story is physically PAINFUL to read is also very well written - offering a different perspective on the events which took place during and immediately after the episode RETURN OF CALLISTO. Beginning just after Gabrielle's marriage to Perdicus, it is based on the premise that Callisto did not succeed in killing the man on the day after his marriage. In this story Xena saves the one-time farmer and soon finds herself in a living Tartarus - traveling with BOTH Gabrielle and the bard's husband - desperately trying to keep her feelings for the young woman hidden while searching for a way to separate their lives forever. Gabrielle soon recognizes in her own heart the feelings reflected back at her from pale blue eyes only now vows to another stand in the way, vows which may keep her from grasping the happiness that has been within her reach all along. Emotionally gripping, this story is going to make you thank the gods for Callisto >:)

MYTH-ERY LOVES COMPANY by Tim Wellman and Nene
Brace your funny bone and get all those liquids away from the keyboard - the newest entry in the MYTH series is here and absolutely DEADLY! Funny bones all over the Net are going to be crippled after exposure to this latest celebration of ancient Greek popular culture :) Yes, Dream Rabbit and Bardie Poo are back and happy at LAST...well sort of...except for the little matter of a bug-infested house...not that the bugs can't share mind you...they're even doing homage to the bard! ;-) Before long their troubles seemed solved as Salmoneous sells them a new house. Not just any house either... a mansion...a HUGE spread...a palace...which just happens to feature blood-splattered walls and disembodied voices BUT it was always hard to find good real-estate in Ancient Greece! With the talented Tim Wellman as her writing partner in this latest offering, Nene continues to solidify the standing of the MYTH series as one of the true comedy classics in XWP fan fiction. This will MAKE your day! VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Sweet tale that has the Warrior Princess a bit under the weather and the bard working hard to take care of her.

For those of you reading this post who are not familiar with the term alternative (alt.), it refers to ADULT stories that add a romantic element to the relationship between Xena and Gabby, depicting them as more than just friends.

Happy reading!

Lunacy 8-)