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Hi guys,

First an announcement - early tomorrow morning I'm off to Valley Forge for the convention sooooo you will likely not see another fan fic report from me until Monday evening at the earliest. I'm posting all the reports to date at the Lunacy page on MaryD's site (the URL is at the end of this report) so if you need to check any old reports they're there. If you send me an e-mail just be aware that I might not be able to respond 'til early next week. I miiiiight be able to get to my account from VF but not certain on that.

I am looking forward to seeing Renee and everyone from the show BUT I also want to meet my fellow Xenites so if you run into me please say hi. I'm going to be in seat F36 on Saturday and D43 on Sunday - I'm 5'8", neck-length brown hair with bangs, about 150 lbs. and I'll be wearing a Gabby t-shirt for SURE on Sunday :)

We have a VERY PROMISING new fan fic site now available - called THE XENANET, this one comes to us from Great Britain and already features several excellent stories some of which I'm reviewing below. The main page is located at:

The fan fic page is at:

Here are tonight's stories.


Brace yourself for this haunting, beautiful little story because it is going to touch your heart and leave an unforgettable impression. Masterfully written, the story is set amidst the aftermath of a deadly volcano explosion and the resulting tidal wave. Among the survivors is a man holding his son who watches as a young woman visits the injured, bringing them words of kindness, at times telling them stories, always looking for a face she does not find, always putting aside her own pain and worry so she can bring solace to others. It is a gift she eventually shares with her observer telling him a story about a father's love, about hope and the endless cycle of life. All the while, she waits and searches for that face amidst the many while the father from her courage tries to find his own. This one is EXCEPTIONAL folks. It gets my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION!!

This is a nice vignette which has Gabrielle reminiscing about the past few years as she and Xena pass near Poteidaia. The young bard remembers the innocent girl who once left her home village to travel with an ex-warlord and all the changes that have occurred in that girl's life since then.

PASTS by Lostaway
Intriguing story, not yet finished, which has Xena experiencing some troubling nightmares just before she and Gabrielle run into Iolus. The three friends then are visited by a mysterious old man who also has been dreaming of darkness - about a darkness that will engulf the world and reign for a thousand years unless the three heros before him can stop it.

Happy reading!