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[Previous report was for 11/11/97]

Hi guys,

Tonight I'd like to call attention to a VERY worthy effort some Xenites among us have started called THE BARD'S BOOK CLUB. The XWP experience online has undoubtedly been special for all of us in one way or another enhancing the viewing experience to something we can really partake in every day of the week, allowing us to make new friends and to experience the talent of so many creative minds out there both on the show and throughout the Net. One of the most special things I think which has come out of this phenomena is a real effort to channel our love for this show and the people associated with it into something that can also benefit society at large. During Lucy's stint on GREASE Xenites who are members of the Sword and Staff Society and the NY Xenafest Committee asked fans who were planning to send flowers to instead donate money to a fundraising effort for a drug treatment center named Daytop Village. The Xenites who were involved in this made sure our girl got flowers on her fantastic opening night and also garnered quite a bit of money which was donated on behalf of the XWP cast to a worthy cause.

Some months ago the MacGabbers from Clan MacGab got an effort underway to have ALA - the American Libraries Association - make available a GABRIELLE READ poster featuring our beloved bard - this to join the posters already available featuring Xena and Hercules. Well they were successful and yes we now have a lovely poster of the bard but also the show is now associated with ALA's ongoing literacy campaign and hopefully some of those posters will be inspiring both kids and adults to read.

At various Xenafests and Xena conventions auctions have been held to benefit a number of different charities again allowing fans to channel their love for the show into something that can help others and ultimately help us all. Now comes THE BARD'S BOOK CLUB which has been established to "honor Renee O'Connor, Lucy Lawless and all the people at "Xena: Warrior Princess" who inspire us to live courageously and follow our dreams. The Bard's Book Club is "an organization to provide books to at-risk and underprivileged children and young adults on an ongoing basis." Considering how much many of you like myself obviously enjoy reading, I can't think of a more appropriate effort than something which can inspire others to discover the pleasure of books. I URGE you to please take a look at the Web page Wakar has set up explaining the concept behind THE BARD'S BOOK CLUB. One club has already been set up and you have the option of supporting that effort or perhaps even starting local clubs of your own. THE BARD'S BOOK CLUB page is at

Now, on to other matters - MaryD has added her interview with Ella Quince to THE BARD'S SCROLL feature on her page. To learn more about this popular bard - what her thoughts are on writing, fan fiction and XWP go to:

Also, the ATHENS ACADEMY OF COMPUTERIZED BARDS page is sponsoring a monthly award called THE GOLDEN QUILL as "a way of honoring bards who do exemplary work." Fan fiction readers are invited to nominate their favorite stories/bards. THE GOLDEN QUILL page is located at

One terrific update and several new stories tonight :)


Part four of this story is now available. This is a VERY promising new story by a new writer which has Callisto orchestrating a devious trap for the Warrior Princess and bard - a trap which will lead them right into the hands of one of Xena's deadliest and oldest enemies. In this latest part, warrior and bard are reunited amidst one of the bloodiest spectacles of the Ancient world. This story is the first piece of fan fiction set after the events in the episode GABRIELLE'S HOPE. It is very well written and intriguing. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

Cute, short vignette set after the events in THE DELIVERER which has Xena dealing with some of Gabrielle's rather "exotic" cravings ;-)


Friction's second XWP fan fiction story is every bit as riveting as her first - a nail-biter that will grip you and wont let go! In the best tradition of hurt/comfort stories, it has Xena and Gabrielle facing the most desperate of situations as a deadly enemy returns to execute a heinous plan - a plan that while bringing warrior and bard together at last promises to separate them forever. Although in parts heart-wrenching, this is also a very tender first-time story that will enchant the romantic in us all. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

Unusual new uber-Xena story set in the distant future that has a beautiful young empress named Sarika meeting a mysterious woman from the past - a soldier from before the cataclysmic wars which created Sarika's world - a soldier the young empress is certain is meant to impact her life in some way even though outwardly the woman is nothing more than a slave. This is a promising new story that is not yet finished.

WINTERREISE by de Bonheur
The warrior and bard frolic in the snow. Need I say more ;-) Unusually HOT for a story set in Winter but one definitely NOT TO BE MISSED!! >:)

For those of you reading this post who are not familiar with the term alternative (alt.), it refers to ADULT stories that add a romantic element to the relationship between Xena and Gabby, depicting them as more than just friends.

Happy reading!

Lunacy 8-)