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[Previous report was for 11/20/97]

Hi all,

One GREAT story comes to a close tonight...but we get two new ones as well!


Intriguing new story set after the events in BETRAYAL - THE DEBT PART II which has Xena and Gabrielle meeting up with an old friend of the Warrior Princess - a woman who Gabrielle immediately feels a strange kinship with - a woman with a dark secret and a tortured past... Promising.


SURFACING by Paul Seely and Jennifer Garza
The conclusion of this story is here at last! This is an OUTSTANDING uber-Xena tale that will have you spell-bound from chapter one. Set in the present day, it revolves around the mysterious activities of a secret agent going by the name of Diana Starret. On assignment from the shadowy, top-secret organization who once recruited her when she had little choice in the matter, Diana's mission is to keep a dangerous criminal from landing in prison until the full extent of his operation has been revealed. It is this assignment that leads her to a fateful meeting with a young lawyer named Charlotte Browning. The two women are inexplicably drawn to one another and soon find themselves haunted by the same dream - about a leather-clad warrior drowning in blood and the strawberry blonde trying to save her. In this EXTRAORDINARY conclusion, Diana finds herself trapped between life and death as finally she is given a choice over her own life - a choice between accepting what seems inevitable or fighting for a love she never imagined could be within her reach. This story simply put is a ROLLERCOASTER RIDE - tons of excitement, suspense, and FANTASTIC action. Beyond that it is also a deeply passionate, romantic tale with two of the best uber interpretations of the Xena and Gabrielle characters in fan fiction. A MUST READ!! VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

WHY? by ScrollWyrm
ScrollWyrm's first XWP story is a very cute, very sweet love fest that will put a definite grin on your face :) It has Gabrielle reminiscing about her years with the Warrior Princess, remembering how their relationship has progressed from friends to lovers. A Nicely written, satisfying read!

For those of you reading this post who are not familiar with the term alternative (alt.), it refers to ADULT stories that add a romantic element to the relationship between Xena and Gabby, depicting them as more than just friends.

Happy reading!

Lunacy 8-)