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Hi guys,

MaryD has added a great new section to her site called THE BARD'S SCROLL. Patterned after a similar feature she created while as editor of Tom's Fan Fiction page, THE BARD'S SCROLL will offer interviews with bards where these talented Xenites can share with us their thoughts on the show, writing and the characters they bring to life in their stories. Available now are NEW interviews with many of the giants of XWP fan fiction including, Melissa Good, LN James, Wishes, B L Miller, Bat Morda, Catherine Wilson, WordWarior. Make sure to check this site out at

There's a new fan fiction site now available called CHALCIOPE'S CORNER. The site features mostly HERCULES: THE LEGENDARY JOURNEYS fan fiction but there are some crossover stories featuring our favorite warrior and bard. The site is located at:


SLOW POISON by Becky Lutzke
This talented bard is back with a very promising new story. It begins with a shadowy figure stalking Gabrielle who is telling stories at an inn while waiting for Xena who's away on a mission. By the time the Warrior Princess gets back, Gabrielle is nursing an injury that doesn't seem to be healing. Still unfinished, this is well-written and suspenseful. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

MOTHERS by B L Miller
B.L. has now released a GENERAL FICTION version of this very popular alt. story. Vent on destroying Gabrielle whom she sees as unworthy of being Queen, a dangerous Amazon warlord kidnaps both Xena's mother and the bard's - planning on forcing Gabrielle to meet her in battle without the interference of the Warrior Princess. Despite the edge-of-your-seat suspense in this, it is B.L.'s very unique blend of humor and drama that will captivate you. A definite winner! VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Chapters 14-15 of this story are now available. This thought-provoking, poignant tale has Xena and Gabrielle spending time with Hercules and Iolus when Athenian soldiers arrive to at last bring the Warrior Princess to justice. It is a development that will test Xena's commitment to justice even as it tests her friends' desperate need to protect her. In these latest chapters, an imprisoned Xena learns that her life is not the only one in danger. Still unfinished, the story is developing very nicely. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!


THE PATHS OF LOVE by de Bonheur
This is the thirteenth and final entry in de Bonheur's wonderful LONG IS THE WAY series. Having been through a lot of challenges, both physically and emotionally, Xena and Gabrielle are enjoying a quiet time with the Amazons. It is a time which allows Xena to reflect on what her life has been like and what it has turned into with the bard now at her side. It is a time also for rejoicing in that love and at last letting go of some of those long-held fears. This is a beautiful, poignant ending to a very romantic series which reaffirms the power of love. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

Xena and Gabrielle travel to the island of Lesbo to help Sappho and the people there track down the killer who's unleashed a reign of terror there. In the process warrior and bard begin to give in to feelings they've been to scared to ever admit before. This story has a little bit of everything - suspense, romance and action.

WINTER'S ENDING by Melissa Good
Part 5 of this story is now available. With Missy Good in our folds, Xenites have to simply be the LUCKIEST fans on the Net. As with all her novels to date, this EXCEPTIONAL new work is a sequel to what has gone before so if you haven't read Missy's previous novels treat yourself to the experience. In order they are A WARRIOR BY ANY OTHER NAME, AT A DISTANCE, HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS and BOUND. Set after the events in BOUND, the beginning of this novel chronicles a quiet time in the lives of the Warrior Princess and her bard. Having faced adversity, struggled with old wounds from the past and deadly enemies in their present, having finally surrendered to the love which binds their minds, their hearts and souls as one, Xena and Gabrielle have settled in Amphipolis for the Winter. With a home of their own at long last, family surrounding them and a joining to look forward to, their happiness seems assured. The Winter is hard, however, and long and before it's over warrior and bard will once again face new challenges. In this latest part, Xena faces a threat she's never known before while Gabrielle struggles with the esponsibility of finding herself in the role of protector. Missy's depiction of the Xena/Gabrielle relationship remains second to none. In this story she continues the technique she started using in BOUND, offering flashbacks of past events in the lives of Xena and Gabrielle. These are often as emotional and captivating as the greater story, adding depth to the already outstanding characterizations. There is a warm, poignant beauty to Missy's writing that just dazzles the soul. I have no doubt that even people who have never seen XWP would be hooked if they read a Missy story. Sit back and enjoy folks because we have some wonderful weeks ahead of us as this story unfolds. As with everything to date that has come from the Good keyboard - it is NOT TO BE MISSED and gets my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION! Note: This story is not explicit.

For those of you reading this post who are not familiar with the term alternative (alt.), it refers to ADULT stories that add a romantic element to the relationship between Xena and Gabby, depicting them as more than just friends.

Happy reading!

Lunacy 8-)