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Hi all,

We have a new XWP fan fiction Web site now available, DANCYER'S DEN at already making available several fine stories including some reviewed below.

One change I wanted to point at Xenos' XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS FAN FICTION INDEX - Xenos has now made available a separate index listing the fan fiction stories which for one reason or another are NO longer available anywhere on the Web. For reference and historical purposes this should prove a VERY useful source for all of us who love XWP fan fiction. I'm sure just about every reader out there has at some point found her/himself looking for some story that no longer seems listed anywhere. Now this new index can confirm when stories are no longer available, who the author was, the date the story was first published on the Web, a brief description, etc. Xenos just continues to improve the XWP FAN FICTION INDEX every day. This new feature is a welcome addition.

Now on a purely personal note here I'd like to ask the bards out there to occasionally look through this index and IF you find some of your stories listed, indicating that they are no longer on the Web, PLEASE consider making them available again <:) We want to see all the OTHER lists at Xenos' site grow but this one, listing the titles that are not available anymore, we REALLY want to see SHRINK! :) Xenos' site is at

Finally a reminder that Del_kaidin's SOLSTICE BARD CONTEST is in full swing and anxiously awaiting your attention :) Please support this nice effort guys and the bards who've taken the time to share stories and poems with us. It will get you in the Solstice spirit!! Stop by - read and VOTE! The contest web page is at:

Now here are today's stories!


Wonderful new story by this prolific talent which tells of a time in Xena's life not often explored in fan fiction - the transitionary period just after her fateful encounter with Hercules, when she first decided to abandon her life as a warlord. Silk has her meeting a very important friend during this time - a friend that in years to come will prove among the most loyal and trusted Xena has ever had. The characterization of the warrior is particularly astute, depicting a Xena that still instinctively reacts like a warlord while consciously trying to do good. Unusual, well thought out and entertaining. NOT TO BE MISSED!!

THE WOUND by Wishes
Fantastic new story that has this talented bard returning to her roots - once again writing a tale about the warrior and bard she first wrote about on the NetForum long ago :) This latest effort has Xena and Gabrielle dealing with a serious injury to the former warlord - an injury which leaves the two suddenly very vulnerable and facing some difficult choices. This is a mystical story that captures beautifully the two things that are at the core of what many of us like best about XWP - we get a terrific depiction of Xena the warrior - what makes her who she is - the reality of her life - her solid determination to endure against the greatest of odds. We also see the strength of that relationship between warrior and bard - what they mean to one another and what they are both willing to give up for the other. BEAUTIFUL storytelling! VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

THE PROPHECY by Dancyer McCoy
Originally released on the NetForum in the Winter of 1996, this story kept all the NetForum regulars on the edge of their seats for WEEKS! The tale has Xena meeting with one of Apollo's oracles who asks on behalf of the god that she try to rescue a young girl kidnapped by a follower of Ares - an evil warlord who intends to sacrifice the girl to gain dangerous powers from the War God. Along with the message the oracle also delivers a prophecy, foretelling the death of Xena's traveling companion... by the warrior's own weapon. This is suspenseful and emotional. A great read!

Emotional story that has an old enemy of Xena's plotting to use Gabrielle to exact his revenge on the Warrior Princess Released in early 1997 on the NetForum, this story is built around the theme of blood innocence and firmly rooted in the bond between warrior and bard.


At LONG last for all of you who've been waiting with bated breath (or breathing heavy as it were ;-) comes an interview with the reigning darling of the Xenaverse - yes folks - Lao Ma herself!! An exclusive from the queen of talk shows no less who most definitely "gets with the program!" Be warned that this is a SERIOUS threat to your funny bone concluding with a line certain to become a classic of XWP alt. fic. One of the best parodies I've ever read. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! :)

For those of you reading this post who are not familiar with the term alternative (alt.), it refers to ADULT stories that add a romantic element to the relationship between Xena and Gabby, depicting them as more than just friends.

Happy reading!

Lunacy 8-)