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[Previous report was for 12/6/97]

Hi guys,

We have a couple of new stories and the return to the Web of some lost fiction!!! :) Kudos to Hobbes for making available once again four of the stories she first shared with us via the Xena NetForum. Lets continue bringing back those lost stories bards! :)


An absolutely delightful sequel to Silk's recent story THE GREAT TURKEY MYSTERY which finds warrior and bard back in Amphipolis, this time to celebrate Solstice. Minutes after arriving, Xena is besieged by her former fellow conspirators from some weeks back who are still harboring the escapees from the Harvest festival and badly in need of help in order to assure the safety of these. To the rescue comes the Great Turkey Liberator ready to unleash more mischief on the unsuspecting adults of Amphipolis in a Solstice none of them will soon forget! A precious story with a very unusual characterization of the fierce Warrior Princess. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

This story is just plain CUTE! A quirky little tale that has a Gabrielle and a grumpy Warrior Princess encountering all sorts of unusual things on Solstice Eve - from a rather strange looking reindeer, to people roasting these oversize nuts, to their old friend Senticles. Despite the unusual sightings, however, at the heart of the story is a reaffirmation of the love between these two friends and the beautiful spirit of this Winter celebration. If this doesn't put you in the Solstice spirit NOTHING will! :)

IRKED by Hobbes
Originally released on the NetForum in May 1997, this is one of a collection of WONDERFUL stories Hobbes wrote around this time about the day-to-day lives of Xena and Gabrielle - dealing with their friendship and their growth as human beings. This particular tale has the two coming upon a cute little mongrel named Trouble whose name foreshadows some of the inner conflicts they will soon be dealing with when Gabrielle faces some hidden insecurities and fears she's been avoiding for too long. Hobbes captures the playful, loving and committed friendship between warrior and bard beautifully. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

THE SCAMP by Hobbes
A poignant, tender story guaranteed to warm the old ticker which has Xena and Gabrielle meeting a mischievous little orphan girl with no family and a knack for stirring trouble. As is the case with most of the tales written by this gifted bard, an emotional subplot is also included which has the warrior and bard dealing with issues in their own friendship. Entertaining and heart-warming. This was originally posted on the NetForum in April 1997. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

WHAT IF... by Hobbes
Xena and Gabrielle offer to help a town deal with some dangerous thieves only to soon discover a greater evil at work behind the thefts. With few options available to her and the evil growing stronger Xena soon realizes she may have to resort to desperate means in order to stop it - possibly sacrificing the respect of the one person who means more to her than anyone. A terrific read with a skillful combination of drama, humor and suspense. Originally posted on the NetForum in April 1997. DO NOT MISS!

THE WALL by Hobbes
While visiting with an old friend of Xena's, a heart-breaking tragedy deeply affects the warrior once again bringing to the surface the massive guilt Xena continues to struggle with and causing her to pull away from Gabrielle - rebuilding the walls the bard has so painstakingly been pulling down during the past two years. This is a well-written, emotionally gripping tale which manages to blend the playful qualities of the Xena/Gabrielle relationship with the more intense aspects of the friendship - the support and unconditional love which for the warrior has become a lifeline. One of Hobbes' best. Originally posted on the NetForum in April 1997. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENEDED!


LUCKY by L. Graham
A while back L. Graham released one of the sweetest, most romantic stories written this year - THE SECOND TIME. Since then she has been understandably besieged by requests for a sequel SOOOOO she now brings us LUCKY which is a PREquel...although she recommends you read THE SECOND TIME first. Got that? ;-) GOOD! Now, as to the story - like the first (or second as the case may be) - EXCEPTIONAL! LUCKY in effect is the tale of HOW a certain bard manages to get Xena into the little predicament the warrior finds herself in at the beginning of THE SECOND TIME. It features a hysterical depiction of a heavily inebriated Warrior Princess and a desperate bard who with some godly assistance is determined to at last reveal feelings too long denied! A MUST READ! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

For those of you reading this post who are not familiar with the term alternative (alt.), it refers to ADULT stories that add a romantic element to the relationship between Xena and Gabby, depicting them as more than just friends.

Happy reading!

Lunacy 8-)