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Hi guys,

MaryD has been busy adding new interviews with some of our favorite bards to THE BARD'S SCROLL site. Interviews with DJWP, JayBird, Scarabae and Oversoul. THE BARD'S SCROLL page is at:

Tonight we have four new ones and an update :)


THE ENEMY by Mary Morgan
Intriguing story which has the Warrior Princess going up against a deadly figure known as the "tax gatherer" who has been terrorizing a small town. At her side as usual is the bard, while observing them both is a tavern owner, fascinated by the unlikely friendship between the two women and their unflagging determination to protect the town. Mary excels at showing the deep bond between Xena and Gabrielle by depicting it through the eyes of others. This is a nicely written tale which highlights Xena's brain over her brawn :)

CAVES by Jill
Marking the debut on the Web of a gifted new bard, this nicely crafted tale has an almost mystical feel to it. It has Xena hunting the same mythical creatures she first encountered as a warlord many years before. Meanwhile, Gabrielle struggles to understand what it is exactly that Xena is planning to go up against - an effort made even more challenging when a mysterious woman shows up with connections both to the warrior and the unseen menace Xena is determined to find. Jill does a nice job with the depictions of Xena and Gabrielle, establishing between them an easy sense of trust, love and protectiveness. Note: The story does contain subtext.

CYCLE OF LOVE by Tim Wellman
Tim's latest is a clever, hopeful Solstice tale that has Xena and Gabrielle arriving at a village where the warrior soon begins to feel something is not quite right. Unbeknownst to Xena she is about to be offered a very special Solstice gift. This is a story about renewal and the magic that is possible with faith in the cycle of love. DO NOT MISS!


GOT MILK? by Lala
This little tale proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that milk DOES do a body good! In fact it can even work wonders on TWO bodies >:) It has a certain warrior of our mutual acquaintance determined to ravish a little red-head milk maid who is playing MUCH too hard to get ;-) VERY cute - this one is guaranteed to leave you grinning!

Part 2 in this Book I of the series DEATH OF A NATION is now available. This is a VERY promising, well-written story that beautifully captures the heart of the Amazon nation in a poignant, dramatic, tale that has the Amazons facing a very real threat to their future. On the eve prior to the start of a war they did not ask for but cannot run away from, a troubled Ephiny asks Xena to lead the Amazons into battle - she herself preferring to fight alongside her sisters as a simple warrior. With Gabrielle in Poteidaia visiting her family, Xena agrees - knowing full well the heavy odds facing the Amazons. None of them, however, suspect the true extent of the danger that awaits them but it is a sense of this danger that prompts a Warrior Princess to examine her heart with regards to a certain bard...and to counsel a friend to do the same with her own heart. In this new part, Gabrielle hears of the conflict and learns of some dreaded developments. Featuring an excellent depiction of Ephiny, this story already has the feel of an epic. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

For those of you reading this post who are not familiar with the term alternative (alt.), it refers to ADULT stories that add a romantic element to the relationship between Xena and Gabby, depicting them as more than just friends.

Happy reading!

Lunacy 8-)