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Hi guys,

TERRIFIC new stories and updates tonight. An all alt. fiction report also.


Considering the outstanding body of work this bard has already treated us to, it should come as no surprise that her latest is one of the best new stories to come out this year. B.L. just keeps getting better and better, delivering some of the most entertaining and original stories I have ever read - period. This latest tale introduces us to B.L.'s version of Charon - Hades' ferryman, who in this story becomes a character you will NEVER forget. CHARON'S TROUBLES begins when Sysiphus, the former king and master magician whose plans have often been foiled by Xena, puts in play a new effort at revenge. He throws Charon into the world of the living and starts sending back as well all of Xena's dead enemies. Unable to locate his wayward ferryman Hades appeals to Xena for help. With Charon having the time of his life, however, Xena and Gabrielle soon have their hands full just trying to keep track of him...while others are keeping track of them. Before long one of the warrior's greatest fears becomes reality in a twist which may at last force her also to admit a truth she has been keeping secret for much too long. This is a combination comedy, first-time tale and hurt/comfort story which succeeds in every aspect of these three different types of fiction. Charon's antics are in a word HYSTERICAL! His characterization is well-developed and clever. As far as the romance is concerned - few can capture the connection between warrior and bard like B.L. can - in this story it is sweet, loving and almost desperately passionate. CHARON'S TROUBLES is NOT to be missed guys! It receives my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION!!

THE DEBIT by Joanna
Joanna continues dulling the pain of the recent rift we are seeing in the TV series with some of the FUNNIEST parodies ever written in XWP fan fiction. This latest one should prove parti- cularly popular with the librarians among us although it's guaranteed to tickle ALL funny bones regardless of profession. The story has Xena receiving a message from the "Quiet One Who Shushes With First Finger". Determined to help her long lost mentor - the Librarian - Xena heads for the land of Rus with Gabrielle in tow. Before long the bard will become intimately acquainted with a mud turtle, Xena will experience hurt without comfort and both our heroines will find themselves facing a despot who insist on payment of all overdue fines!! This is simply PRICELESS folks! A most welcome reprieve from the agony of reruns. VERY HIGHLY RECOMENDED!!

Beautiful story about love and sacrifice which has Xena having to make a choice - a choice which could bring her the greatest happiness she's ever known or force her to stand aside while she loses her grasp on that happiness. This is a nicely written story with a poignant twist at the end you wont soon forget. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

Excellent new XWP/ST-VOYAGER crossover that has the crew of Voyager just recovering from an intense battle. Suffering from a head wound Janeway is taken to sick bay where amidst the wounded she meets the mysterious Lieutenant Gabrielle Marcus, a tall officer with dark hair, striking blue eyes and a strange ability to relieve pain using pressure points. Intrigued Janeway decides to learn more about the lieutenant and soon uncovers a story over 3,000 years old about a great love, the timeless devotion it inspired, and the evil which still surrounds it. Still unfinished, this is a VERY promising, well-written story that is an absolute MUST READ for fans of the two series.

The concluding part two of this story is now available. Xena and Gabrielle travel to the island of Lesbo to help Sappho and the people there track down the killer who's unleashed a reign of terror there. In the process warrior and bard begin to give in to feelings they've been to scared to ever admit before. This story has a little bit of everything - suspense, romance and action and humor. This second part is particularly...passionate >:) A very nice read :)

XENA'S GOWN by Roc-it Scientist
A wonderfully sensual, romantic story that speaks straight to the heart. Hoping to avoid temptation, Xena is getting ready to pass up a night at an inn in a comfortable bed - getting ready to spend the night with Argo as she has done so many other nights - when a certain bard awakes and presents her with a beautiful gift... This one will warm the heart and leave you with a big old grin. NOT TO BE MISSED!

AND FAIR TRUTH by de Bonheur
This is the sequel to de Bonheur's excellent LONG IS THE WAY SERIES. As the story begins Xena and Gabrielle are with the Amazons, happy at last while they make preparations for their joining ceremony. It is a ceremony that will only make official the love and commitment the two already share but not everyone is anxious to see them happy. Some in fact, want only to destroy their happiness... With only three chapters released so far, this story immediately captivates with an intriguing, suspenseful plot and a depiction of the Xena/Gabrielle relationship that is heartfelt and deeply passionate. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Part two of this story is now available. Starting immediately where WINTER'S ENDING left off, Missy's latest novel immediately captures the heart and the imagination with the very distinctive style of storytelling that fan fiction aficionados have come to recognize as among the best the Xenaverse has to offer. Still in Amphipolis where Gabrielle has been recovering from her recent ordeal, Xena and the bard learn from some refugees of the activities of raiders in the surrounding areas. Worried for Gabrielle's family who will be traveling to Amphipolis to attend their planned joining ceremony, the two decide to head out to meet them. Despite their genuine concern, the decision reflects a growing need they've both had to return to the freedom of life on the road - the freedom to enjoy the closeness they now share and the natural world that was their only home for so long - only the beauty of that world can be deceptive, hiding dangers both natural and man-made. In this latest part Xena and Gabrielle face some of those dangers but the warrior also receives a very special gift... Missy continues in this story to look at the deepening love between these two women - exploring how this love is allowing one heart to flourish and the other to start healing at last. There's nothing quite like the feeling you get when you read a Missy story folks. This bard knows how to touch all the right buttons. Should come as no surprise to anyone who's read her previous novels that this one gets my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION!

For those of you reading this post who are not familiar with the term alternative (alt.), it refers to ADULT stories that add a romantic element to the relationship between Xena and Gabby, depicting them as more than just friends.

Happy reading!

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