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Hi all!

We have a new site for XWP fan fiction on the Web tonight - WAKAR'S XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS PAGE. The site has a number of stories already posted including one I'm reviewing below. The URL for the main Web page is:

Here are tonight's stories.


Chapter four of this story is now available. This tale has Xena and Gabrielle trying to rescue an old friend of the Warrior Princess from slavers - a young woman with mental disabilities who has always had a special place in the warrior's heart. Sensitively told, this story features well-developed characters and a rare look at the humanity which remained within Xena even during her days as a warlord.


This is the second in what is certain to become a classic series of parodies in XWP fan fic. If you haven't yet read Joanna's first entry in the series, COMING OUT, do your funny bone the favor of a lifetime and check it out. Having talked with Gabrielle's family about their relationship in that first story, here the Warrior Princess and her bard travel to Amphipolis to break the news to Xena's family. Following them and seemingly joined at the hip with Xena and Gab, is THE CHORUS - those OH so talented, pesky Potidaean neighbors who simply insist on making things a bit for everyone they come across. This is a gem that is NOT TO BE MISSED!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Xena's dark side has and continues to be one of the qualities fans of the show and readers of the fan fiction find most frightening AND fascinating about the warrior. This new story explores not only Xena's darkness but also Gabrielle's attraction to hit. Set after the events in the episode THE PRICE, this tale, in fact, captures the characterization we saw of Xena in that episode quite well. As the story unfolds, Xena is growing more and more troubled by the violent dreams she's been having concerning the bard she loves - dreams that recall a past the Warrior Princess desperately wants to forget but which she knows will remain a part of her forever. Meanwhile, Gabrielle struggles to understand, afraid she may be loosing the woman she loves and frustrated at not being allowed to express the depth of that love. This story is VERY well-written and intense. NOTE: Make sure to read the author's disclaimer concerning violence.

The Warrior-Bard's new one is an unforgettable little tale weaved around the timeless healing power of love and friendship. It has Gabrielle, now past the prime of her life, thinking back on all the years she spent with her beloved Warrior Princess and the cruel circumstances which one day tore them apart. This is a beautiful, poignant story which ultimately will leave you with a very warm feeling in the old ticker.

YOU MADE ME by Simahoyo
A fantastic Callisto story that will chill you to the bone even as it inspires sympathy for the blonde warlord. The author notes at the beginning of the tale that it is a story told by a madwoman. By the end you'll have no doubt about this, but perhaps some understanding also as to what it took to drive her there. This is the origins of Callisto - the burning of Cirrah, the hardships, horrors and disillusionments she experienced after that time, all the events which eventually stripped a young woman of her sanity leaving a killing machine with a demon as mentor and revenge as the single solitary goal in life. Excellent! A MUST in particular for Calli fans.

BRIDGES by S. Derkins
The conclusion of this WONDERFUL new tale is now available. Unable to hide her growing feelings for Gabrielle, Xena is forced to acknowledge them, only to discover that the little bard has been experiencing similar feelings herself and is very interested in pursuing these. As the two travel into dangerous territory, both on land and in matters of the heart, they agree to take things slow - growing more certain every day of the love they feel but wary of damaging the friendship they've always cherished. I LOVE THIS STORY!! It is a VERY sweet, romantic journey of discovery for the Warrior Princess and her bard - a funny and toughtful treatment of the relationship that is going to remind readers of that exciting, awkward time just before friends turn into lovers. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Oh and an Amazon alert on this one! ;-)

Beautiful haunting story of a love long gone and another just waiting to be born. As the story begins, Cupid is trying to calm his mother who is exceedingly frustrated at the continuing stubbornness of a certain Warrior Princess in affairs of the heart. A reluctant Aphrodite eventually gives in to her son's plea not to interfere, unaware that years before the winged god of love put his own plans into motion - plans that are just now leading the warrior and her bard to a fateful meeting. Meanwhile, Xena and Gabrielle happen across a mysterious stranger, a woman both are strangely drawn to and who seems capable of looking into the very core of their hearts. Great story by a fine new addition to the list of Xena bards!

For those of you reading this post who are not familiar with the term alternative (alt.), it refers to ADULT stories that add a romantic element to the relationship between Xena and Gabby, depicting them as more than just friends.

Happy reading!

Lunacy 8-)