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Hey guys!!

Sorry I couldn't post this last night. Went to see BATMAN AND ROBIN and came home a wiiiiiiiiitle late (NICE bodysuits! >:) We have quite a variety of new fiction this weekend. Tear-jerkers, fantastic drama and comedy!


Very different XWP story set in the middle of a battle between the U.S. Marines and the Japanese during World War II where Sergeant Mike Powers is struggling to survive, struggling to help his men survive. Amidst the hell of war, Mike's soul is strengthened by the visions of a mysterious warrior woman and her fair-haired companion - an ancient warrior who becomes his spiritual mentor even as her gentle companion foreshadows the direction his heart will take when like them he too can finally escape the horror of war. Original and very well-written.

AS GOOD AS MY WORD by Crewella
Poignant tale set in the kingdom from the episodes WARRIOR...PRINCESS and WARRIOR...PRINCESS...TRAMP which has Diana's father, King Lias, summoning Xena to fulfill a promise she made him long ago - a promise which the warrior now isn't sure she can fulfill. Touching and reaffirming.

WILL YOU REMEMBER ME by Albuquerque Annie
Featuring a role-reversal of sorts for Xena and Gabrielle, this story will pull at your heartstrings. At a loss as to how to get Gabrielle over the depression she's been experiencing remembering the death of Perdicus, Xena finds herself acting like the bard normally does - urging Gabrielle to talk and tell tales. Nothing seems to work until the two find themselves confronting the end of another young life - a friend from the bard's past who unknowingly brings some closure to Gabrielle's life allowing her to come to terms with the loss of Perdicus and the passing of a more innocent time.


SIGNALS by Wishes
A WONDERFUL gem of a story by a bard well-known for producing gems. This is a tale full of intrigue and action and suspense but it is the underlying emotions that make it truly outstanding. Some weeks after their encounter with the Horde, Xena and Gabrielle are heading to meet with a young king who is requesting the warrior's presence. Xena is still troubled by her behavior back at the Athenian Fort and suffering from nightmares. It is after waking from one of these nightmares that she reveals a truth to Gabrielle that can no longer be kept hidden - a truth which lays the warrior's heart bare and confuses the young bard. With little time to waist, the two move on to the kingdom Xena first visited as a warlord - there to learn that old ideas and hatreds have given way to the new. Hope is alive in the people - hope for peace with a neighboring kingdom - but hatred is not so easily conquered and when threatened it sometimes turns into treachery. This is an EXTREMELY well-written, very sophisticated, and well-thought out story that looks at the birth of a new way of thinking for a people...and for two best friends. This story is NOT explicit. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

The fourth entry in Joanna's BRILLIANTLY hilarious COMING OUT series! Join Xena and "Chimpycheeks" along with their families, friends, neighbors, AND enemies as they all celebrate the union of warrior and bard. See Callisto putting the moves on the Xenastaff, learn about Ephiny's new love interest, watch as the Warrior Princess downs a few too many and of course - rejoice as THE CHORUS makes this affair an unforgettable one!! As with previous installments in this series - your funny bone will be hurting when you finish but it should get back in shape just in time for THE HONEYMOON >:) A MUST READ!!

STOLEN FUTURES by Joseph Jon Murphy
This story is going to keep you guessing from beginning to end - a true rollercoaster ride that begins with Gabrielle getting attacked and Xena surrendering herself to a village to be judged for a horrible crime. What Xena doesn't count on is that the God of War is never far away where she's concerned and he's not about to allow his favorite warrior to die. Make sure to follow the plot carefully in this story because it is quite involved. NOTE: This story is extremely violent and graphically explicit. Please be sure to read the author's disclaimer.

For those of you reading this post who are not familiar with the term alternative (alt.), it refers to ADULT stories that add a romantic element to the relationship between Xena and Gabby, depicting them as more than just friends.

Happy reading!

Lunacy 8-)