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[Previous report was for 6/21/97]

Hey guys!

Tonight we have a very special treat - a new entry in the feature at Tom's Web site known as FROM THE BARD'S QUILL. For those of you who are not familiar with FTBQ - this is a place where Xenite bards have been invited to share their thoughts with all of us who enjoy their fiction. MaryD (Tom's editor) will be adding contributions from different bards on a regular basis. The latest contribution is from a favorite bard among the NetForum crowd and ALL who've had the delight of reading her stories - the one and only...Wishes! Among other now-classics of XWP fan fic, Wishes is the author of works like TIME CHANGES, THE GABRIELLE STELE, the unfor- gettable SERPENT/TEMPLE trilogy and the most poignantly beautiful poem I've ever read - STONE PILLARS - all available at:

To learn more about this incredible bard - what the writing process is like for her, what auhors she enjoys, what are her favorite stories and other tid bits, go to

We also have a new site for Xena fan fic - CJ'S FAN WRITINGS featuring the works of Richard Carter Jr. including AGAPE, a fantastic story written in teleplay format. The URL for this new site is:

Here is an update and two fantastic new stories.


TIMES by Brant Forseng
Chapter 16 is now available. This is a wild XWP/X-Files Callisto crossover tale in which the blonde warlord is brought to the present time where she immediately starts to cause mayhem. In this latest chapter, as Scully and Mulder continue trying to keep the blonde warlord alive and relatively safe, Cancer Man meets with a deadly ally. Previously reviewed 6/17/97.


An *EXTRAORDINARY* debut for a new bard, this story will likely make it into many a readers list of favorites! This tale is simply MAGICAL - one of the most romantic and passionate in XWP fan fic today. After an unnerving encounter with Cerberus, Hades' dog, Xena decides to go visit an old friend - a priestess of the great goddess Gaea with whom the warrior knows both she and Gabrielle will be safe while they rest and gather their strength once again. The priestess Sybil welcomes them with open arms knowing that beyond physical rest, the warrior and bard will need both strength and courage to deal with the raw emotions in their hearts and to finally face the burning passions pulling them together in a destiny slated to change the world. This story reads in part like a mystical fairy tale, at times like an erotic journey of discovery, and ultimately like the most tender of romances. A cautionary note - DO NOT read at work! ;-) Extremely well-written and beautifully presented this is a definite MUST READ!!! VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

The fifth and final installment in this comedy saga is now available! Hitched at last and having escaped their reception without injury, Xena and Gab get ready for some quality time together in a honeymoon suite - just them, the bellhop and, of course, THE CHORUS! - all leading up to an explosive conclusions ;-) VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

For those of you reading this post who are not familiar with the term alternative (alt.), it refers to ADULT stories that add a romantic element to the relationship between Xena and Gabby, depicting them as more than just friends.

Happy reading!

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