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[Previous report was for 7/8 /97]

Hey guys!

Just came back from spending time with Lucy and Kevin in Orlando >:) Caught up with as many stories as I could and here they are. All are alt. tales tonight.


GABRIELLE'S ANSWER by Catherine M. Wilson
A deeply psychological look at Gabrielle's thoughts on the events depicted in the story WEDDING NIGHT (reviewed 4/19/97). This new offering by Kit reveals a passion in Gabrielle for the Warrior Princess that troubles the bard - scares her in fact for it is a feeling she knows will drive her to follow Xena even into darkness. A thought-provoking tale that examines that point when passion, love and need all merge into a soul-consuming reality where nothing else matters.

BITE ME by Katrina
The author describes this story as "wildly imaginative" and she's not kidding! Based on the events which took place in the episode GIRLS JUST WANT TO HAVE FUN, this tale begins with Ares confronting Gabrielle over Xena's recent preoccupation with her. He is certain Xena's secret obsession with Gabrielle is hurting her skills as a warrior and could possibly get her killed so he simply wants the bard to give in to her own passions for the warrior. Ares knows the real reason Gabrielle fights against those passions - he knows the secret the bard has been hiding since the fateful meeting with Bacchus - a secret which shames her but which ironically may help her understand Xena better. For Xena's sake the two come to an under- standing, never suspecting that the warrior will be taking control of the situation soon enough. Definitely unusual but well-written and original.

Based on a clever premise, this new tale is going to put a grin on your face with chapter one. The story is still not finished but my grin for one is still there in chapter nine :) A VERY concerned Toris asks Xena for help when he overhears his mom talking with Gabrielle's mom about matchmaking and assumes the two mothers are going to try to make a match between him and Lilla. Little do they know that although correct about the matchmaking efforts - Torris has gotten the principals all wrong... >:) A really fun read.

This story is part of a "loose" trilogy which began with SOLSTICE EVE (reviewed 7/6/97) and ends with CROSSINGS (reviewed below). Like the first installment, this second tale is a gift for the heart - beautiful and very touching. Still set amidst the Winter Solstice, the story takes place the morning after the events in SOLSTICE EVE and has Gabrielle reminiscing about her time with Xena and then unveiling a little surprise for her warrior. Short and VERY much worth the read. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

CROSSINGS by Beowolf
This was posted long ago in the NetForum as a separate story but it fact it completes Beowolf's trilogy. It is one of my favorite vignettes ever - a simple yet incredibly powerful little tale that with only a few lines will make you feel more than novels hundreds of pages long. It is plainly put - a story about a love that cannot die and will endure forever. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! This story contains no explicit scenes.

Can you guys BELIEVE this pairing!!!! None other than the Bat and Ms. TRUTH OR DARE herself! This may possibly go down in history as one of the funniest parody series ever. Follow Wordee - that stoic, courageous Warrior of words as she joins with her bardly sidekick Batsky to make the world a better place. Poor Batsky has to deal with a costume that shows off her pasty white midriff, a MommaBat that absolutely loves helping out, and a Clan McBat that idolizes her, while Wordee, in trying to reform after her darker days as Destroyer of Phrases, now spends time singing National Anthems and recuperating from fractured...well - you just have to read way to describe it. Written as a series of memos between our fearless two-some this warrants a very serious funny-bone alert!

For those of you reading this post who are not familiar with the term alternative (alt.), it refers to ADULT stories that add a romantic element to the relationship between Xena and Gabby, depicting them as more than just friends.

Happy reading!

Lunacy 8-)