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[Previous report was for 7/14/97]

Hey guys,

Tonight I want to let you know about a very nice new site on the Net - this one located in Spain and featuring XWP fan fic IN SPANISH!! I do believe this is the first site to do so further proving that our Warrior Princess has become a hit in many countries and many different languages. The site's home page has a GREAT opening picture of Xena in warlord mode against a backdrop of some candles (has a real Spanish flavor I think :) Just below this there is probably the best graphic of a chakram I've seen on the Net. The main Web site is called simply XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS and is located at:

The page featuring fan fiction in Spanish so far does not include original works but does have EXCELLENT translations of some wonderful stories including works by Hobbes, XeniteSupreme and WordWarior. The translations are by Teria - who frequents the NetForum (nice work Teria :) If you'd like to take a look at these stories or want to hook a Spanish-speaking friend on XWP fan fic, you can go directly to the fiction page at:

While we're on the subject of Web sites - I just wanted to urge all of you who like me enjoy all that great fan fic out there to take the time every once in a while to THANK the Webmasters. I think I've got you guys well-trained by now with regards to the bards and you are ALL THANKING THEM AND GIVING THEM FEEDBACK ;-). We must NOT, however, forget those Webmasters! It is thanks to them that those stories become available and will be archived for future fans. Anyone who has ever tried to design or maintain a Web page KNOWS how difficult and time consuming it is. Most of our Webmasters aren't computer experts either. They started out knowing very little about how to put a Web site together and have taken the time to learn how to do so in order to produce the quality sites we have today - and guys - we DO have some of the most incredible sites on the Net today containing not only fan fic but everything from images to sound to video to cartoons - INCREDIBLE stuff! Lets show our Webmasters how much we appreciate them. Take a little time and just write a few lines to those running your favorite sites. They do so FOR FREE people - a little feedback is the least we can do.

Tonight I'm reporting on one just little alt. story but it's a good one guys! :)


BUT, IS IT ART? by Crewella
In this DELIGHTFUL new story Gabrielle gets an inebriated Xena to open up a bit as the two go from discussing art to discussing the art of love ;-) Fascinated by the warrior's experience in this arena, the young bard takes the opportunity to ask question after question never realizing that as she is doing so, she is also discovering some of her own answers. Very well-written, clever story with a sweet sense of humor.

For those of you reading this post who are not familiar with the term alternative (alt.), it refers to ADULT stories that add a romantic element to the relationship between Xena and Gabby, depicting them as more than just friends.

Happy reading!

Lunacy 8-)