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LOTS of stories tonight. Guess the full moon is making those bards real creative!


Chapter six of this story is now available. Set soon after the events shown in the episode THE PRICE, this tale has Xena and Gabrielle struggling with the emotional aftermath of their encounter with the Horde. Xena is dismayed at how easily she reverted to the warlord of old and at her cruel treatment of the bard, while Gabrielle is troubled by the fear she felt seeing Xena in her element - a fear that remains deep inside the young woman. There is a distance between them both want to close but which fate may soon make it difficult to do so as events spiral out of their control plunging the two into a horror even more traumatic than what they experience with the Horde. In this latest chapter, on their way to meet up with Cecrops, Xena and the bard decide to have a heart-to-heart about recent events. Still unfinished, this tale is developing into Hobbes' best to date. NOTE: This story DOES include violence. Please read the author's disclaimer on this. Previously reviewed 6/6/97.


JOURNEY'S GIFT by Morgaine
This is a LONG novel of epic proportions that begins with the Warrior Princess and her bard finally confessing their feelings for one another, only to soon find themselves on a mission to restore a part of Xena's past - a mission to save the warrior's first love - a love Xena has never been able to forget and which years later could change her life forever. The journey will begin on a ship where the warrior and her bard will encounter the first of many horrors to come. Before it's over Xena will learn about a gift the gods have given her, hearts will break while others stop beating, a love will be tested beyond all measures and in a quiet wisper in the wind, a dark secret from the past will at last be revealed. This tale is heart-wrenching to the point that it sometimes becomes difficult to read but it is also EXTREMELY well-written. In addition to the romance, the action and suspense, it is at various points a hurt/comfort tale with all the great drama and emotion those types of tales tend to bring out. NOTE: There are scenes of violence in this story so PLEASE read the author's warning.

Very nice new story that proves sidekicks and thieves can be heros too! When Xena is called away on a mission, Gabrielle goes to a nearby village to wait for her at a colorful bazaar. There she soon joins up with Iolus on his way to see an old friend. What neither suspects is that Iolus' friend has gotten into VERY deep trouble after uncovering a deadly plot to reawaken a beast even Zeus could not defeat. The power to do rests in precious stones known as the dragon's eyes - stones which have attracted the interest of another old acquaintance of the bard and Iolus - the King of Thieves himself - Autolycus. Together the master thief and the two sidekicks set out to try to stop the plot to unleash the dragon - knowing that with Xena and Hercules occupied elsewhere, the fate of the world rests in their hands. This story has a sense of co mradeship among the trio that really works and for once places the bard smack in the limelight :)

EQUINIMITY by Roc-it Scientist
This little story is absolutely PRECIOUS!! A frustrated Gabrielle pours her heart Argo. Yeap! The steed like her mistress apparantely has many skills too - she can talk! Nicely written and cute beyond words. DO NOT MISS this one!

BRIDGES II by S. Derkins
Part 4 of this story is now available. Starting where BRIDGES left off - this sequel maintains the sweet quality of the original as Xena and Gabrielle start a new life for themselves - a life in which they are suddenly much more comfortable expressing th eir feelings. In this latest section, the two get ready to leave the Amazon village they've been staying at and Xena decides to get...playful ;-)

Parts 6-7 of this story are now available. Also - the story is now available in subtext-lite and subtext-explicit version. Baermer's latest continues the tale begun in her excellent THE ELEUSINIAN MYSTERIES (review at alt.htm). Set in an epic period of Ancient Greek history amidst the saga of the Peloponnesian War, this promises to be a heck of a story. In these latest installments, Xena and Gabrielle are visited by the goddesses Demeter and Persephone who warn of da ngerous times ahead and difficult decisions for the warrior and her bard. Previously reviews 7/16/97.

Chapters 8-15 of this story is now available. Xena and Gabrielle try to help a village fight a deadly predator. Frightened by the possibility of loosing one another, they finally admit the feelings they've been hiding for one another. In these latest e ntries, the two meet a mysterious warrior and the back.

MATCHMAKER by Katrina Parts 17-20 of this story are now available. Based on a clever premise, this story is still not finished but is turning out to be a FANTASTIC read! A VERY concerned Toris asks Xena for help when he overhears his mom talking with Gabrielle's mom about matchmaking and assumes the two mothers are going to try to make a match between him and Lilla. Little do they know that although correct about the matchmaking efforts - Torris has gotten the principals all wrong...>:) In these latest installments the conte st to try to determine an appropriate suitor for the available party begins even as matches of the heart begin to form all on their own. A FUNNY, romantic and VERY passionate tale.

For those of you reading this post who are not familiar with the term alternative (alt.), it refers to ADULT stories that add a romantic element to the relationship between Xena and Gabby, depicting them as more than just friends.

Happy reading!

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