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LOTS of new stuff tonight. Great new stories. Great updates!


Xena fan fiction stands out for including some of the best bards writing today and some of the best stories being produced ANYWHERE - including the commercial arena. Even among such quality offerings, every once in a while a story comes out that is a touch above the rest - a story that leaves you certain upon finishing it that you've just read something very special. This new tale brought to us by the combined talents of Maggie and Peribear is such a story. Based in spirit on the episode A DAY IN THE LIFE which many, many Xenites consider their favorite and EVERY fan senses was a unique moment in the series, Maggie and Peribear's new story follows the warrior and bard through the course of a week - charting not only their adventures, but the interactions between these two - the moments of hilarity, the easiness born of an unquestionable trust, the familiar comfort in each others presence, and most of all, the expressions of deep love and friendship. The story is structured exactly like the episode from which it gains its inspiration - as a series of vignettes occurring this time over the span of a week - each separate little stories that could stand on their own. In the first one, the theme of family is established as Xena and Gabrielle happen across an old man who mistakes the warrior for the granddaughter he once adored. It is a theme that will be carried throughout the rest of the vignettes as the two friends deal with a painful memory from Gabrielle's past, spend time with Xena's mother, survive a difficult ordeal on the road, constantly tease and prod one another - each seeking revenge for being the others source of amusement, and ultimately reaffirm the very special bond that makes them both each others family. This is one of the BEST stories I suspect we will ever see in XWP fan fiction. It could EASILY be the next episode done in the fashion that ADITL was done and I have NO doubts it would become as big of a favorite with the fans. This tale simply put is a gift from Maggie and Peribear we all need to be very grateful for. A definite MUST READ which carries my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION!

Parts 6-9 of this classic XWP story are now available. When Anon first released this tale on the NetForum in early 1996 it became an instant favorite with the fans but for a long time it was impossible to get the story because the NetForum staff disabled access to older postings. With its return to the Web, Xenites will hopefully be able to enjoy this tale now for years to come. This story is the cutest of the cutest! Xena as a five year old - need I say more? It is a beautiful tale of friendship, sacrifice, innocence lost and innocence regained. Anon has been re-editing the story and is not completely finished yet so only part of it is now available. CHILDHOOD'S END was the first piece of fan fiction I ever read so it holds a special place in my heart. It got me hooked on the NetForum and on fan fic. I WHOLEHEARTEDLY RECOMMEND IT! A MUST READ! Previously reviewed 4/19/97.

EXCHANGE (THE) by Galloway
The conclusion of this Callisto story is now available. The tale takes place right after the events of the episode A NECESSARY EVIL and has the goddess Callisto black-mailing Xena into helping her convince the Fates to change the events that led to the burning of Cirrah and the creation of the blonde warlord. Gabrielle is in this of course as is Ares and Artemis and as is always the case when Callisto is involved, there are some great mind games taking place. In this final installment, Callisto together with Xena, Gabrielle, Hercules and Iolus engage in a furious battle with Ares and Velaska - a battle which eventually forces Callisto to decide whether to die as a hero or return to the life she so desperately wants to forget. Previously reviewed 3/12/97 and 6/5/97.

The conclusion of this Callisto story is now available. This tale has Hades returning the blonde warlord to the world of the living after Callisto agrees to fight for justice this time. Meanwhile, Xena and Gabrielle have been captured by a deadly warlord - a man who fought beside Xena at Cirrah and who played a part in what happened there much greater than anyone knows...In this final chapter Callisto comes face to face with her past and must make a choice - whether to grasp the revenge she has always sought or choose a new life for herself. Well-written this story features a very clever ending.


SWAN SONG by L.N. James
A new one by L.N. which solidly reafirms her reputation for fiction that is among the best written and most romantic in the Xenaverse. This is a short vignette that has Gabrielle telling Xena the legend of the swan song - a song heard only by those who share the purest of loves. Very sweet piece.

HINTS by L.N. James
This is a VERY funny offering which has a frustrated bard trying time and time again to distract her warrior from some extremely dull proceedings. Xena can be rather dense when it comes to non-battle "emergencies" but let it never be said that a bard "in need" gives up easily! ;-) This is guaranteed to put a big grin on your face!

TWO AND A HALF YEAR ITCH by BlackFox and S. Derkins
This story is NOT TO BE MISSED! Just too funny! Set two and a half years after Xena and Gabrielle first meet, the warrior and bard are desperately in love with one another but too stubborn and scared to admit it so Aphrodite's mischievous son Anteros decides to teach the two a lesson - by having them all sorts of places! This story is not yet finished.

A bitter-sweet tale that has Xena going against a warlord who once almost destroyed her and this time is determined to do so. The one thing helping the warrior to survive is the bard she knows is waiting for her and a love which can make all horrors go away. Well-written and very passionate.

Part 8 of this story are now available. Also - the story is now available in subtext-lite and subtext-explicit version. Baermer's latest continues the tale begun in her excellent THE ELEUSINIAN MYSTERIES (review at Set in an epic period of Ancient Greek history amidst the saga of the Peloponnesian War, this promises to be a heck of a story. In this latest installment, the action moves to Athens where Xena receives an ominous warning from the goddess Athena and Gabrielle's well-being is threatened. Previously reviewed 7/16/97 and 7/19/97.

For those of you reading this post who are not familiar with the term alternative (alt.), it refers to ADULT stories that add a romantic element to the relationship between Xena and Gabby, depicting them as more than just friends.

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