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Here are the new stories and updates for tonight :)


The spunky archeologist and her devoted Southern belle of a partner are back in this intriguing mystery which begins as a simple effort to reunite a daughter with her long-lost mother. After Janice receives a letter from the mother she hasn't seen in over a decade, Mel puts aside some personal needs of her own to accompany her friend to England intent on encouraging a reconciliation between mother and daughter. Janice's suspicion that she was summoned for more than just a family reunion soon prove correct, however, as the two find themselves right in the middle of a complicated mystery involving photographs, stolen artifacts, extortion and secrets dating back to Janice's painful childhood. Through it all the two women's friendship acts as a source of strength and security much as it did for their ancestors - keeping them steadfastedly by each others' side in the face of both known and unknown dangers. Featuring Wishes' distinctive combination of great writing and well-developed characters, this is a worthy sequel to Wishes' first Mel/Janice story, THE GABRIELLE STELE (review available at [Previously posted on the NetForum]


There *IS* a cure for XWS (Xena Withdrawal Syndrome) - and it is named DJWP!! For those of you who've been faithfully watching reruns but craving a great new Xena story, comes this new novel which is simply going to BLOW - YOU - AWAY!! Only the second Xena story by this extremely talented writer, A BARD DAY'S NIGHT is a gem that is going to shoot straight to the top of many a Xenite's list of favorites. This story is an adventure in the grandest sense of the word featuring EVERYTHING that we love about the TV series and MORE - head-butting action, wicked - WICKED humor, secrets from the past, unforgettable characters, and a wonderfully intricate plot all weaved around a friendship changing into more - a romance discovered. Curiously enough the basic premise is simple and just TOOOO funny - Xena and Gabrielle go on the road as bodyguards for a VERY famous poet on her "Known World Tour DCXXXIV B.C" - an artist so talented in her craft she is known as the Tenth Muse although in centuries to come her name alone will inspire generations...Sappho. DJWP's Sappho is brash, brilliant, FUNNY, hard-drinking, stubborn, fun-loving, and an incredible romantic. A woman who can see into the souls of others and recognizes even before they do what is in the hearts of a certain Warrior Princess and her bard. Intent only on making Gabrielle happy, Xena agrees to stay for one of Sappho's performances when they happen across one of the tour villages, never suspecting that before long she and the bard will be spending ALL their time trying to keep the poet alive...and out of trouble. Featuring some of the most cleverly written and HILARIOUS scenes I've read in fan fiction, this novel also includes its share of emotional moments as Xena, Gabrielle and the Tenth Muse all confront painful, unresolved issues from the past. Make SURE when you start reading this story that you have PLENTY of time available because you will NOT be able to put this down - appointments will be missed, responsibilities will be forgotten, sleep will be missed - I finished it at 3:45 am only to have to wake up at 6 am to go to work <:) It was worth it!!! Outstanding writing with superb characterizations. This is a definite DO NOT MISS which carries my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION!! Note: this story is not explicit.

This is the long-awaited follow-up to Vada's FULL CIRCLE (reviewed at and it is a stand-out, maintaining the dark themes and the excellent quality of writing of the first story. On their way to visit Antea - Xena's first love and now trusted friend, the warrior and Gabrielle are happier than ever, in love and looking forward to the vacation. It is a happiness that will be short-lived, however, as the two fall victim to deadly predators - one human, one immortal, in a deadly attack that will change their lives forever, plunging their love into a darkness from which it may never recover. Vada's depiction of a happy Xena and Gabrielle is so loving and passionate, that it makes the ordeal they are forced into very poignant and griping. An outstanding read!

Part 10 of this story are now available. Also - the story is now available in subtext-lite and subtext-explicit version. Baermer's latest continues the tale begun in her excellent THE ELEUSINIAN MYSTERIES (review at Set in an epic period of Ancient Greek history amidst the saga of the Peloponnesian War, this promises to be a heck of a story. In this latest installment, Xena's worse fears are realized. First reviewed 7/16/97.

DEA EX MACHINA by D. Joan Leib
Nicely written, very funny story that has Aphrodite casting a liiitle spell on the Warrior Princess - all of a sudden Xena is completely enamored with a certain bard and very insistent on demonstrating that love. Cute!

This is a WILD story, as yet unfinished, which has Gabrielle suddenly waking up one morning a "different" person and feeling immediately terrified that a wish from her heart is responsible for the sudden "change". Determined to help the bard, Xena decides to visit an oracle suspecting that the gods are at work but unaware of the unlikely alliance that has formed between immortals as two of the Olympians struggle to keep them safe from an enemy vent on destroying the warrior and her afflicted companion.

The concluding chapters 28-31 of this story are now available. Based on a clever premise, this story is still not finished but is turning out to be a FANTASTIC read! A VERY concerned Torris asks Xena for help when he overhears his mom talking with Gabrielle's mom about matchmaking and assumes the two mothers are going to try to make a match between him and Lilla. Little do they know that although correct about the matchmaking efforts - Torris has gotten the principals all wrong...>:) In these last installments, Xena and Gabrielle go against tradition as they try to find happiness for themselves and security and peace for the Amazon nation. A funny, romantic and VERY passionate tale which celebrates love in its many forms and holds a lesson for us all. First reviewed 7/16/97.

For those of you reading this post who are not familiar with the term alternative (alt.), it refers to ADULT stories that add a romantic element to the relationship between Xena and Gabby, depicting them as more than just friends.

Happy reading!

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