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FOR ONLY TWO DAYS by Yellowjacket and Imbri
Yellowjacket and Imbri have individually written some of the best XWP fan fiction out there and some of my own personal favorites so when I learned they were cooperating on this effort it made my day. The completed story lives up to every expectation from talents like these, presenting us with a tale that is bitter-sweet, very original and ultimately unforgettable. The story begins with Hades asking Xena and Gabrielle for help in rescuing his wife Persephone. It becomes quickly apparent why he's come to them when he reveals the name of the abductor - an enemy the two women are more than familiar with - an enemy that wants the Warrior and bard in exchange for Hades' wife. Unable to help them himself, the God of the Underworld is nevertheless willing to give them a champion from his realm - a valiant heart who once died a noble death - a soul who made mortal for only two days will change forever the lives of Xena and Gabrielle giving one the chance to relive a past long gone, and the other a chance to experience what can never be. A TERRIFIC storyline and wonderful writing make this a very special reading experience. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

BLOOD MONEY by Marie E. Costa
This is a BEAUTIFUL story of redemption based on the power of friendship to heal even the most tortured of souls. It begins with Xena and Gabrielle coming across the still smoldering ruins of a village recently attacked by raiders. Only a few survivors are left but if they are going to make it through the rough Winter ahead Xena knows they are going to need gold to restock the supplies stolen from them. She knows too where to get that gold because many years before the people of this village where her own victims and what she stole from them and others she hid in a nearby mountain. Sensing Xena's reluctance to let her come along on the ardous trip up the snow-covered climb, Gabrielle nevertheless follows determined to stay with the warrior at any cost. For Xena, however, the bard's loyalty and love just add to the wrenching pain she feels inside - knowing in her heart that the quest to retrieve that gold will cost her the greatest treasure of all. This is a WONDERFUL, well-written story which reveals more of Xena's dark past and is centered almost exclusively on her and the bard. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

A LESSON LEARNED by Marie E. Costa
This is a very poignant look at Xena's thoughts throughout the events in the episode SINS OF THE PAST. From the puzzled amusement of her first meeting with Gabrielle, to the heart-wrenching pain of her mother's rejection, to the haunting loneliness she still feels at having lost Lyceus, to the continuing amazement at the tenacity of a certain young bard. Insightful approach which gives a unique perspective into the mind of the Warrior Princess.

FIRST STEPS by Marie E. Costa
Touching vignette actually set DURING the episode SINS OF THE PAST - a lost scene we never saw, that has Gabrielle taking the time while Xena is visiting her brother's tomb to go speak with the warrior's mother. This story foreshadows the impact the young bard will have on Xena's life as even before officially starting to travel with her she is already changing the woman's life.

This vignette takes place immediately after the episode THE RECKONING and has Gabrielle thinking about recent events and deciding on ways she can affect the life of the Warrior Princess.

Set after the events in DREAMWORKER, this vignette like the episode touches upon some of the central themes in XWP - blood innocence, redemption and friendship. It has Xena remembering recent events as Gabrielle sleeps by their campfire.


DEMONS by Athemis
After another reminder from Xena's dark past, the Warrior Princess sinks into despair leaving Gabrielle lonely, confused and desperate to try to reach her. Athemis uses a beautifully vivid writing style that conveys a lot of emotion. Including very little dialogue, she has the characters relying on their other senses to communicate with each other - a look, a touch, a sound. The result is a very passionate tale that clearly conveys the electricity and the love between our heroines. Very nice!

It doesn't seem possible but this sequel to MYTH-UNDERSTANDINGS (reviewed 7/22/97) actually pushes the zaniness quota beyond that established by its predecessor. This is hilarity to the extreme so keep those beverages away from the PC! Together now and suddenly VERY affectionate, Xena and Gabrielle travel with Hercules and Iolus to Erosia-by-the-sea where the Annual Festival of Aphrodite is under way. Things are going rather well until Xena receives a summons to join her fellow warriors for some drinks in honor of fallen comrades. Vowing to come back soon, the warrior leaves a fuming and - er - frustrated bard waiting. When the wait drags on, however, the bard decides to go on a little trip herself and the quest for revenge is ON!!! Before the day is over, much partment will be used, a warrior and a bard will spend considerable time planning terrible things to do to one another and the Olympians will once again enjoy themselves immensely at the cost of two hearts in love...and lust. This is just WICKEDLY funny! DO NOT MISS!

These are two separate vignettes written as companion pieces. The first is a journal entry in which Gabrielle thinks about her feelings for the Warrior Princess and wonders how Xena feels. In the second piece, the bard gets her answers. Very sweet.

For those of you reading this post who are not familiar with the term alternative (alt.), it refers to ADULT stories that add a romantic element to the relationship between Xena and Gabby, depicting them as more than just friends.

Happy reading!

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