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[Previous report was for 8/10/97]

Hi all!

There's a copy of a very interesting article on fan fiction by Janelle Brown on the NetForum. The article originally appeared in the ezine HOTWIRED and discusses the popularity of fan fiction and some of the legalities associated with it. The URL is:$h

Also, the latest issue of XENA MEDIA REVIEW (8/11/97, issue #24) features an article authored by yours truly called THE XENA FAN FIC EXPERIENCE. The article discusses some of the history of Xena fan fic on the Net, defines some of the common terms used and generally just gives an overview of the different types of fiction that are available. It should particularly be helpful for people just beginning to read fan fic. It includes a long list of fan fic sites at the end. The article is located at the XMR site:

Tonight we have a terrific update and some nice new stories. All are alt. tales.


Parts 5-8 of Book 2 in Baermer's epic war saga are now available and they are contributing nicely toward making this one truly outstanding story. Having decided to stand with the people of Poteidaia against the Athenian army, Xena and Gabrielle immediately become primary players as the warrior lends the Poteidaians her battle expertise and the bard works to rekindle in her people their sense of community and hope. Even as they try to help the beleaguered villagers, Xena and Gabrielle struggle also against personal challenges as they confront the bard's family for the first time since becoming a couple and begin to suspect that they may be pawns in a very dangerous battle between immortals. These latest installments pack an emotional wallup as the Poteidaians become aware of the gravity of their situation causing tension between families, friends...and lovers. This story is exceedingly well-written with an intriguing, well-structured plot, great characterizations and a romance as epic as the historic events being depicted. Note that this tale is available in both subtext-explicit and subtext-lite versions. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

A DAY AT THE BEACH by Siona West
A very cute little story involving a warrior, a bard, a sunny day at the beach...and raging hormones. ;-)

COMFORTS by Trillseekr
Sweetly passionate vignette that has Gabrielle seeking comfort after a bad nightmare and finding more than she expected. Very nice offering by a new bard.

WHO HAS THE RIGHT? by StarWarrior Poignant story that has Gabrielle desperately hoping she can prevent further bloodshed when she's kidnapped and beaten by a man vent on revenge against the Warrior Princess - a man who no longer cares whether he lives or dies and who the bard knows will have hell to pay when Xena finds her.

For those of you reading this post who are not familiar with the term alternative (alt.), it refers to ADULT stories that add a romantic element to the relationship between Xena and Gabby, depicting them as more than just friends.

Happy reading!

Lunacy 8-)