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Tonight we get to honor a bard who has truly become an extraordinary presence in the world of fan fiction - Melissa Good, winner of the July 1997 SILVER LATH FOR OUTSTANDING ALTERNATIVE FICTION given in recognition of her masterpiece *AT A DISTANCE*. Missy's first story A WARRIOR BY ANY OTHER NAME, made her an instant favorite with many fans. Her follow-up to that first tale, AT A DISTANCE, cemented her spot among the elite writers on the Net today. Since then she has written another unforgettable novel, HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS, and she is currently at work on her fourth novel, BOUND, itself a masterpiece-in-the-making. Known for her incredibly sensitive and deeply emotional treatment of the bond between Xena and Gabrielle, Missy writes the types of stories that grip your heart and simply wont let go. Her very distinctive use of internal dialogues creates characterizations that are complete and very real. When we read a Missy Good story we feel we know Xena and Gabrielle because Missy knows them well, she has the ability to get into their heads, to get into their hearts and then bring them into our own. Please join me in congratulating this brilliant bard on a VERY well deserved victory!! The page honoring Missy's win for AT A DISTANCE is located at:

Meanwhile, in honor of Missy's win I am reprinting in this report my original review for AT A DISTANCE. Reviews for the other stories mentioned above are available at the following addresses. Note that ALL of Missy's stories are alt. fiction.




Tonight we have three new stories including a WONDERFUL sequel!


A very good story by a new bard which has Xena being hunted by two enemies - one determined to face the warrior in fair combat, the other unscrupulous and cowardly - willing to use any trickery to destroy the Warrior Princess. This tale explores the themes of revenge and forgiveness. [Previously posted on the NetForum]


AT A DISTANCE by Melissa Good [*REPRINT*]
Melissa Good established herself as a very promising writer with her first story A WARRIOR BY ANY OTHER NAME (review at
). With this second offering she easily lives up to that promise giving us one of the best stories written this year so far - a long, WONDERFUL tale that has a little bit of everything but that you'll remember above all for the beautiful, lovng and tender relationship between warrior and bard. The story opens with Xena and Gabrielle relaxing after the events depicted in Missy's first tale. They are traveling on their own once again and have begun to further explore the growing feelings between them. It is an exploration that will be put on hold suddenly when Gabrielle has to return to the Amazons to deal with a dangerous power struggle, while Xena goes to Amphipolis where she soon finds herself in a volatile situation of her own. Separated, the two can no longer ignore what they feel for one another but every day they're apart the danger grows worse until finally both realize they have no choice but to face that danger. Suspense, action, humor - they're all in here but the romance is special and unforgettable. Note that there is no graphic sex scenes in this story. It is a tale the whole family can enjoy. VERY, VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! A Personal favorite!

ENEMY OURS by G.L. Dartt
This is a VERY worthy sequel to G.L.'s *excellent* ENEMY MINE (reviewed 7/23/97) which once again reunites Xena and Gabrielle with their worst enemy, Callisto, still immortal and still in the role Artemis forced her to accept - as the bard's protector. This time the blonde warlord returns with news of another threat to her charge - a deadly danger which could destroy both Gabrielle and all the young Amazon queen holds dear unless it can be stopped in time. As the unlikely trio begin their quest, a surprised Xena and Gabrielle soon realize that the woman now traveling with them is not the bloodthirsty killer they've known before. A child has touched the ice-cold heart of the blonde immortal, opening that heart to possibilities even Callisto would never have suspected. Very well-written and quite original, this story has it ALL - great action, suspense, TERRIFIC characterizations of all the main players, some interesting surprises, a magnificently passionate, sweetly romantic depiction of the Xena/Gab relationship and AMAZONS! Most XWP fan fiction tends to either concentrate on Xena and Gabrielle OR Callisto. This story offers a rare treatment in which all three are equally well-portrayed and well-integrated into the plot offering a tale which should delight Xenites and Callisto fans alike. This story shot with a bullet right into my favorites list! VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

This story finds Xena and Gabrielle on their honeymoon, very much in love and happy until the bard starts getting "performance anxiety". Not to fear, a certain goddess soon comes to the rescue with an...unusual gift. This tale is funny but may be somewhat of an acquired taste. Oh and be made me blush. ;-)

For those of you reading this post who are not familiar with the term alternative (alt.), it refers to ADULT stories that add a romantic element to the relationship between Xena and Gabby, depicting them as more than just friends.

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