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[Previous report was for 8/24/97]

Hi all,

Two of our best ongoing stories continue tonight and we get a wonderful new one! All alt. stories.


THIS DAY by Flynn
Brace yourself for this tale because it will touch your heart as few others have, it will make you smile, it will make you weep, it will leave you longing for that thing we call love and marveling at the power of a story which can so eloquently express it. This is very simply a tale of two lives brought together by love, of adventures shared, fears conquered and destinies fulfilled. It is a story about a warrior and a bard and the day on which they finally decide to end a quest they started together outside the village of Poteidaia many years before. This tale does grade a multi-hankie alert but know that every one of those hankies is WELL-worth it. This is a very special read folks. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Chapters 9-10 of this story are now available and guys, this is developing into an outstanding piece! It is a somewhat different warlord/slave story that will likely get that pulse ;-) With Xena in warlord mode once again, a determined Gabrielle enlists the aid of friends to help her get back to the warrior's side the only way it is possible for her to do so - as Xena's personal slave. It is a decision that could bring them closer than ever before but which will also bring challenges and risks neither may be quite ready for. These latest chapters are absolutely riveting as Gabrielle starts to confront the harsh realities of life in a warlord's camp. The tale is a psychological exploration not only of the characters of Xena and Gabrielle but also of their relationship and of the nature of power itself. Note: this story contains light S&M. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

BOUND by Missy Good
Part five of this story is now available. Having just finished one of the best XWP stories this reader has ever read, HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS (reviewed 6/28/97), Missy is back with a sequel and yet another SOLID winner! BOUND picks up where HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS left off - having left Potidaea behind, Xena and Gabrielle decide to go back to the land of the forest dwellers they first met in WARRIOR BY ANY OTHER NAME. They want to see their friend Jessan but there is something else drawing them back to those unusual people - a need now to understand the strange bond some of the forest dwellers share with each other - a connection they call the lifebond - a connection Xena and Gabrielle now know they also share but need to understand. In this latest section, Xena tries to help Jess and Lestan deal with the threat to their village while she and Gabrielle reminisce about an earlier time in their relationship. Although still not finished, this tale is clearly of the same caliber as all of Missy's stories to date featuring exceptional characterizations, an intriguing and well-structured plot, a poignantly romantic treatment of the Xena/Gab relationship that is managing through flashbacks to even explore the earlier stages of that relationship, and the return appearance of one of the most beloved original characters in XWP fan fiction - Ares the wolf pup (Roo!! :) I have it on good authority that Missy is being heavily pressured to start a fan club for the little mut (we want paw prints!!) A Missy story is a magical experience NOT TO BE MISSED people. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! Note - this story is not explicit so far.

For those of you reading this post who are not familiar with the term alternative (alt.), it refers to ADULT stories that add a romantic element to the relationship between Xena and Gabby, depicting them as more than just friends.

Happy reading!

Lunacy 8-)