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I want to alert you tonight to a new feature on MaryD's page called WISHES' CORNER. Anyone who's been involved in the Xenaverse for any length of time recognizes the name Wishes as belonging to one of our most accomplished, respected and beloved bards. Wishes' talent goes beyond writing XWP fan fiction as is evident in this new feature which makes available Wishes' NON-Xena poetry. There are some BEAUTIFUL, inspiring offerings here sure to delight any lover of poetry. WISHES' CORNER is at:

Tonight's is an all-alt. report with one new story, an update and the conclusion to a third.


FATE'S GIFT by Morgaine
This is a sequel to Morgaine's first novel JOURNEY'S GIFT (reviewed at, which very much paintains the fine quality and the epic flavor of that previous effort. The story has Xena and Gabrielle joining the Amazons to help them fight off a series of Athenian incursions into their territory. Going along with them is Xena's young daughter, Zoe, the magical child given to her by Chloe who possesses the gift of sight and soon begins seeing something terrible in their future - a darkness which will test the love between warrior and bard like nothing ever has before. Very well-written, this novel is dark and deeply emotional. An engrossing read!

Tender at times and absolute WICKED at others, this story by a new bard is set at an inn, the night after Xena and Gabrielle are intimate with each other for the first time. With the morning sun, insecurities and doubts set in leading to some misunderstandings and some sweetly emotional moments. NOT TO BE MISSED!

The conclusion of this story is now available. This is the third entry in a *WONDERFUL* series which started with BEGINNINGS and then continued with THE SPRING FESTIVAL (reviews of both stories available at: http://xenite.
) Dr. Bob has been developing the romantic aspects of the Xena/Gabrielle relationship slowly over the course of the series. With this third entry things FINALLY come to a head as the two friends are forced by bad weather to seek the shelter of a secluded cave where they will have to deal with the feelings they've been struggling with for months. Dr. Bob's approach is delightfully funny, beautifully romantic and so passionate I MUST (from personal experience ;-) caution everyone against reading this at work - ESPECIALLY part two! A tour-de-force folks! The series and this story in particularly carry my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION!!

Parts 42-43 in the series are now available (NOTE: Baermer has renumbered the various parts to the series) With the siege of Poteidaia now over Xena and Gabrielle face a new challenge - to try to locate a missing Ephiny last seen weeks before when she left the Amazon nation escorting a group of young Amazons to Sappho's school just outside the city of Mytilene. With news that the city is in revolt, the warrior and bard embark on a possible rescue mission with Solari and Epinon. It is a journey that will once again test them physically and emotionally as they struggle with the historic events unfolding around them and with serious issues still unresolved in their relationship. In these latest sections, the rescue party reaches Mytilene as Xena struggles with an inner conflict. From the keyboard of one of our most accomplished bards, this entire series has become a MUST READ in XWP fan fiction. Baermer's writing is often so beautiful that it verges on the poetic. Her characterizations are solid, with intriguing plots that are well planned and meticulously executed. Note that this entire series is available in both subtext-explicit and subtext-lite versions. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

SURFACING by Paul Seely and Jennifer Garza
Chapter 6 of this story is now available. A very well-written, original new uber-Xena tale that will have you spell-bound from chapter one. Set in the present day, it revolves around the mysterious activities of a secret agent going by the name of Diana Starret. On assignment from the shadowy, top-secret organization who once recruited her when she had little choice in the matter, Diana's mission is to keep a dangerous criminal from landing in prison until the full extent of his operation has been revealed. It is this assignment that leads her to a fateful meeting with a young lawyer named Charlotte Browning. The two women are inexplicably drawn to one another and soon find themselves haunted by the same dream - about a leather-clad warrior drowning in blood and the strawberry blonde trying to save her. In this latest chapter, a shopping excursion is in order. As yet unfinished, this intriguing new offering is NOT TO BE MISSED!!

For those of you reading this post who are not familiar with the term alternative (alt.), it refers to ADULT stories that add a romantic element to the relationship between Xena and Gabby, depicting them as more than just friends.

Happy reading!

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