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[Previous report was for 9/17/97]

Hi guys,

Del_Kaidin has organized a Halloween Bard Contest on the NetForum. Here are the rules as per Del_Kaidin:

1. Must be Halloweenish in nature ie: witches (good or bad), vampires, ghost (good or bad), bats, black cats, haunted houses...oh you know the usual haloween fair.

2. Must have as the main characters or subjects any combination of the following: Xena, Gabrielle, Mel Pappas, Janice Covington

3. Story Must be submitted to by September 29th. Will be posted at a website to be announced on Sept 30th.

4. Voting will run from Oct 1 to Oct 29th. The Winner will be announced on October 31st. At the Forum.

5. Poems, stories and art will be voted on seperatly.

6. Art Work must be in either gif or jpeg format.

7. No Late entries will be allowed. (Sorry I have to HTML code everything. And Get the site UP by
Oct. 1).

p. s. Callisto can qualify as a ghost as well as Lycius, Marcus...Any dead character.

The address of the NetForum is included at the end of this report.

Here are tonight's stories - all updates :)


The fourth chapter of this story is now available. This mysterious tale begins with a Roman soldier on watch at a fortress in the land of the barbarians as he is thinking back on the number of soldiers killed recently - some right as they slept...Before long he too will witness such a slaughter while in another part of the Roman empire a man by the name of Julius Caesar will realize that someone has been teaching the barbarians, the art of war...

IT'S A KIND OF MAGIC by Beaugrnt
Part 5 of this story is now available. This is a very clever XWP/HIGHLANDER crossover tale that has the warrior, Gabrielle and some of the other characters from XWP living in an Ancient Greece where the immortals from HIGHLANDER are a reality. In these first two chapters, the immortal Xena of Amphipolis, former Warrior Princess, comes upon a young girl desperately fighting the raiders who have already decimated her village. Recognizing what the young woman, named Gabrielle, is and why the raiders want her, the warrior becomes determined to save her from a fate she knows all too well. In this latest section, Gabrielle learns about the magic. Beaugrnt does a nice job of integrating the characters of XWP with the elements of the two series. This should be a fun read for fans of both XWP and HIGHLANDER.

Chapter 10 of this story is now available. This thought-provoking, poignant tale has Xena and Gabrielle spending time with Hercules and Iolus when Athenian soldiers arrive to at last bring the Warrior Princess to justice. It is a development that will test Xena's commitment to justice even as it tests her friends' desperate need to protect her. In this latest chapter, more of the warrior's friends make an appearance. Still unfinished, the story is well-written and very promising.


SURFACING by Paul Seely and Jennifer Garza
Chapter 7 of this story is now available. A very well-written, original new uber-Xena tale that will have you spell-bound from chapter one. Set in the present day, it revolves around the mysterious activities of a secret agent going by the name of Diana Starret. On assignment from the shadowy, top-secret organization who once recruited her when she had little choice in the matter, Diana's mission is to keep a dangerous criminal from landing in prison until the full extent of his operation has been revealed. It is this assignment that leads her to a fateful meeting with a young lawyer named Charlotte Browning. The two women are inexplicably drawn to one another and soon find themselves haunted by the same dream - about a leather-clad warrior drowning in blood and the strawberry blonde trying to save her. In this latest chapter, Diana prepares for an uncertain evening. As yet unfinished, this intriguing new offering is NOT TO BE MISSED!!

For those of you reading this post who are not familiar with the term alternative (alt.), it refers to ADULT stories that add a romantic element to the relationship between Xena and Gabby, depicting them as more than just friends.

Happy reading!

Lunacy 8-)