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Hey guys,

There's a new fan fiction site now available called THE WRITER'S CORNER. Although featuring mostly Hercules fan fiction, some Xena crossover stories have been posted including one I review below. The site is at:

A ton of new ones tonight!


An interesting "what if?" story that changes XWP history a bit. This tale is set after the HERCULES episode WARRIOR PRINCESS but assumes that neither the events in THE GAUNTLET nor in UNCHAINED HEART ever took place. Xena changed of her own accord with no prompting from Hercules. She has, in fact, not seen either the demi-god or Iolus since trying to get them to kill one another. She did meet Gabrielle who is now her best friend. As the story begins, Hercules and Iolus are caring for a very confused Gabrielle who has no memory of recent events and does not suspect that a very worried warrior is desperately looking for her. Nicely written and promising.

GABRIELLE LOST by Mary E. Terrell
Winner of the recent Clan MacGab Bard Competition in the fiction category, this story has Xena and the Gabster on their way to Poteidaia for Lilla's wedding when an emergency forces Xena to delay her journey. Promising to catch up with her later, Xena sends the bard on ahead never suspecting the chain of events that are about to unfold - events that will take her friend from her leaving in the bard's place a stranger.

SOLITUDE HURTS by Marie E. Costa
Marie is back with more of her eminently powerful and beautiful vignettes. Set right after the episode CHARIOTS OF WAR, this one has a stoic, pessimistic and regretful Xena pondering Gabrielle's insistence on following her - certain no good can come to the young woman while in her company - while the bard herself is more certain than ever about her decision.

FUGITIVES by Marie E. Costa
Xena's thoughts throughout the episode CRADLE OF HOPE. This is both poignant and funny and marks a turning point in the warrior's feelings toward her companion as she begins to recognize how resourceful Gabrielle can be. Cute!

Set after the episode ALTERED STATES, this vignette reveals one of Xena's many skills - her expertise at blackmail! ;-) Suffice it to say Gabrielle has NO chance!

Set during and immediately after the episode THE BLACK WOLF this vignette reveals Xena's deepening respect for Gabrielle and her appreciation of friends which accept her despite her past.

HINDSIGHT by Brigid Doyle
A flashback to the early days of the Xena/Gabrielle relationship when a recently converted and still short-tempered Warrior Princess first found herself having to deal with a very stubborn and very curious bard-wannabe.

This one will leave a grin on your face! A delightful little tale that has Iolus planning a clever trick for Xena as he waits for her and Gabrielle at a village. As it turns out though - things don't go exactly as planned... ;-) Note: the story includes subtext.


This is the third story in a *WONDERFUL* series which started with BEGINNINGS and then continued with THE SPRING FESTIVAL. Dr. Bob has been developing the romantic aspects of the Xena/Gabrielle relationship slowly over the course of the series. With this third entry things FINALLY come to a head as the two friends are forced by bad weather to seek the shelter of a secluded cave where they will have to deal with the feelings they've been struggling with for months. Dr. Bob's approach is delightfully funny, beautifully romantic and so passionate I MUST (from personal experience ;-) caution everyone against reading this at work. Note that only part one of A SOUL REUNITED has been released but I've read the whole thing so I KNOW >:) A tour-de-force folks! The series and this story in particularly carry my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION!!

MEMORIES by Watcher
This latest tale by Watcher is a follow-up to COMPROMISES (reviewed 7/6/97) and MIDDLE GROUND (reviewed 7/8/97) and every bit the love fest those two stories are. Back with the Amazons while Gabrielle recu-perates from an injury which left her with amnesia, the warrior and young queen rediscover one another. Tender and utterly romantic. Prepare to gush.

For those of you reading this post who are not familiar with the term alternative (alt.), it refers to ADULT stories that add a romantic element to the relationship between Xena and Gabby, depicting them as more than just friends.

Happy reading!

Lunacy 8-)