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Hi guys,

One INCREDIBLE new story tonight as well as updates for two very popular ongoing ones. :)


THE HUNS by Eimajj
Eimajj has brought us some fine XWP fan fiction in the past, including THE CONTEST, THE DILEMMA and the highly emotional A MOTHER'S PLEA (reviews for all three available at: THE HUNS is the follow-up to this last story and with it Eimajj comes into her own as truly one of the finest bards in the Xenaverse to date. This tale is simply put - an EXPERIENCE. As is often the case with truly great stories, THE HUNS has everything -tremendous action scenes, suspense, gripping human drama, and a grand, epic plot based solidly on the indomitable heart of a Warrior Princess and the bard that means everything to her. The story begins soon after the events in A MOTHER'S PLEA with Xena and Gabrielle searching for signs of the Hun invasion Ares' threatened them with. Once they find the unmistakable and very gruesome proof of the Huns' passing it becomes clear to the warrior that to stop this enemy they will have to risk it all - their friends, their families, their lives and perhaps their very souls. As Gabrielle heads off to enlist the aid of the Amazons and Centaurs, Xena makes the only decision she can - to embrace the darkness once again, become the Warrior Princess of old, conquer the soul of an army and bury the memory of a bard deep inside. Riveting and intense, this tale features a characterization of Xena not unlike what we saw in the TV episode THE PRICE or the recently concluded fan fic masterpiece ORIGINS by M. Parnell (review at
) Eimajj's storytelling will have you on the edge of your seat 'til the very end! VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! Note: the story has very subtle subtext.

Chapters 5-6 of this story are now available. This thought-provoking, poignant tale has Xena surrendering to Athenian forces when they arrive at a village, determined to bring her to trial for her past crimes. It is a development that will test Xena's commitment to justice even as it tests her many friends' desperate need to protect her. In these latest chapters Gabrielle and more of the warrior's friends rally around her as Xena waits for her trial. Still unfinished, the story is well-written and very promising.


BOUND by Missy Good
Part seven of this story is now available. Having finished one of the best XWP stories this reader has ever read, HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS (reviewed at, Missy is back with a sequel and yet another SOLID winner! BOUND picks up where HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS left off - having left Potidaea behind, Xena and Gabrielle decide to go back to the land of the forest dwellers they first met in WARRIOR BY ANY OTHER NAME (reviewed at
. They want to see their friend Jessan but there is something else drawing them back to those unusual people - a need now to understand the strange bond some of the forest dwellers share with each other - a connection they call the lifebond - a connection Xena and Gabrielle now know they also share but need to understand. In this latest part, Missy continues to take the Xena/Gabrielle relationship where it's never been before and to reveal new depths to the characters as the two discover a raw and very poignant honesty between them. It is an honesty that will help them accept who they each are while strengthening the warrior as she faces perhaps the greatest challenge of her life. Prepare yourself for one of the BEST cliffhangers in XWP fan fiction to date!! Although still not finished, this tale is easily of the same caliber as all of Missy's stories to date featuring exceptional characterizations, a captivating and well-structured plot, an incredibly romantic treatment of the Xena/Gab relationship that is managing through flashbacks to even explore the earlier stages of that relationship, and the return appearance of one of the most beloved original characters in XWP fan fiction - Ares the wolf pup (Roo!! :) A Missy story is a magical experience NOT TO BE MISSED people! Note - this story is not explicit so far. BOUND merits my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION!!

For those of you reading this post who are not familiar with the term alternative (alt.), it refers to ADULT stories that add a romantic element to the relationship between Xena and Gabby, depicting them as more than just friends.

Happy reading!

Lunacy 8-)