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The file includes reviews of both uber-Xena and/or original fiction. It is a combined file of general and alternative stories. The alternative titles are designated as such with an [Alt] at the end of the title line.

Also, several of the uber stories deal with the characters of Mel Pappas and Janice Covington featured in the episode THE XENA SCROLLS. Mel/Janice stories are designated as such with a [M/J] at the end of the title line. You can also find them listed separately in the Mel/Janice Fan Fiction Reviews

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**CARROT CAKE CYCLE (THE) by Drools Thrills - [Alt]
That waky medium Merwulf is back now channeling a new bardic personality obsessed with the works of Jules Mills. As Drools Trills she brings us a HYSTERICAL and rather exhausting little chapter in the lives of Dana and Grace from Jules NANO SERIES as the two lovers face one of their most trying times when the doctor catches a virus that threatens to decimate the city's battery supplies and raise Baskin-Robbins' stock. Mind you I rather think the virus is PERFECT ;-) ...but alas Dana fights to return her beloved to normalcy - risking life and extremities in the process. This is just PRICELESS folks. A MUST READ if you're a NANO fan and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED regardless of whether you are or not. - 6 pgs., 5/26/99

CAUSE (THE) by Hobbes
Nice Uber-Xena tale set during the turmoil of the Mexican War which has a bitter outlaw named Duena waging her own war against the Yankees who butchered her family. Caught in the middle is a young American woman whose destiny is soon entwined with that of the Mexican bandolera changing both of their lives forever. - 11/5/97

Creme Brulee is cooking again with this DELIGHTFUL uber-Conqueror homage to the SLEEPING BEAUTY fairy tale. For those of you who are familiar with the Disney version - well...this is juuuuust a tad different ;-) Charged with the well-being of the as-yet unborn princess Aurora, her three fairy godmothers are horrified when a vision reveals to them who the princess' true love will eventually be - none other than their evil sister Maleficent - a dark sorceress ostracized from the kingdom and their family for her dealings in dark magic and her rebellious determination to live life on her own terms. Intent on protecting the princess, the three sisters cast a spell that should keep Aurora and the dark sorceress apart and one day join the princess's life to that of the neighboring prince. Two things they don't quite count on though - the strength of true love...or the staying power of true lust. Years later, at the princess' engagement party, Aurora catches her first glimpse of the dark, sexy, GORGEOUS sorceress everyone has been trying to keep her away from and suddenly those hormones kick in full force. For her part, Maleficent attends the festivities intent on wrecking havoc on the royal family, her own sisters and the kingdom but one look at the beautiful young princess starts wrecking a little havoc on the dark one's own composure. It's spells vs the magic of the heart as Maleficent goes head to head with her sisters for the right to choose her own destiny and have Aurora do the same. Clever, highly original and wonderfully entertaining, this is a fairy tale for the ADULT in us all ;-) Creme's writing is top notch, reflecting a quick wit and a very impressive mastery of the art of storytelling. Add this one to that MUST READ list folks - VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 22 pgs., 10/31/01

**CHAMBER OF HORRORS SERIES by Nene Adams - featuring consistently excellent stories, this series gets my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION!

IF THOU LOVEST ME - [Alt, Non-uber]
**ALL I EVER WANTED WAS YOU - [Alt, Non-uber]

**CHAGELING MOON (THE) by Nene Adams -- [Alt]
One of the first uber series ever written and still among the finest in XWP fanfic, Nene's at GASLIGHT SERIES continues with yet another EXCEPTIONAL installment in the continuing adventures of Victorian private eye, Lady Evangeline St. Claire and her beloved parter, Rhianon Moore. Still suffering emotionally from the horror experienced during their recent trek to Egypt, Rhiannon has sunk into the depths of despair as this story begins. It's a despair that leads to a desperate act but which also marks the slow rebuilding of a relationship neither can live without. Emerging from this challenge stronger than ever, the two soon find themselves in the middle of a decades old mystery after Rhianon buys a painting and becomes determine to learn more about the tragic figure who painted it. What begins as a curious inquiry quickly becomes a search for justice as the two partners begin to uncover a hen ious tale of madness and murder - a truth so evil that its unveiling could shake the very foundations of the British Empire. Among the most accomplished fiction writers I've ever read, Nene can weave a tale of mystery and suspense like few others in the business - commercial authors included. There are simply NO weaknesses in this story. The characteriza- tions are outstanding as has been the case throughout the GASLIGHT SERIES. For Xenites, Lina and Rhiannon will seem very familiar but they're also original characters in their own right with great depth and a relationship that is complex, passionate, loving, playful, and totally engaging. The mystery here is exquisitely crafted - unraveling slowly like a puzzle with each piece carefully moved into place at just the right time. For fans of those old Sherlock Holmes movies, reading this series will be particularly gratifying but ANYONE who enjoys a quality story should put this one at the top of their MUST READ list. Making excellent use of the Web's multi-media qualities Nene supplements the story with newspaper clippings and breathtaking graphics, turning this tale into a feast for the eyes that gets HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION! - 67 pgs., 2/4/99

**CHICAGO 5AM by L.N. James -- [Alt]
Teenagers are disappearing from the streets of Chicago, casualties of a dark subculture based on drugs, sex and rock and roll. Assigned to investigate is Mariel Potidean, a brilliant young FBI agent who soon finds herself teamed with a rather irritating partner - an ex-cop by the name of Tina Amphipoli with a dangerous reputation, a mysterious past and electric blue eyes. L.N.'s longest story to date, CHICAGO 5M delivers an engaging premise with two very strong characters, lots of suspense, drama and romance. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! [See the sequel ENTIRE] - 209 pgs., 3/26/98

Barron Story Cover
Ciegra Story Cover - Not currently available on the Web
"Tina" by Barbara Maclay
"Tina and Mariel" by Barbara Maclay

**CHRISTMAS STORY (A) by Anne Azel
A very different Christmas tale, this holiday gem from one of our premier uber writers begins on a bleak, snowy night as a young woman is mercilessly beaten by a group of gang members. From the shadows of an alley, a figure watches knowing that the beating had been meant for her. Used to doing whatever is necessary to survive, Charlie has no intentions of feeling guilty but as the gang members depart something pulls her toward the bleeding form in the snow - and toward a destiny she can't evade. Anne presents us here with two characters that are very human and very compelling ironically brought together by the tragedy of urban violence. Mixing the Christmas spirit with a sense of fate - this is a memorable uber perfect for the holiday season. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 5 pgs., 12/10/00

CIRCUIT (THE) by Seana James - [Alt, M/J]
Seana tries her hand at Mel/Janice fiction in a little tale set some months after the discovery of the Xena Scrolls that finds Mel doing the lecture rounds promoting her new book on the subject when a certain archeologist decides to make an appearance. Nice undercurrent of electricity between the characters in this. - 8 pgs., 6/20/99

COLD by Midgit - [Alt]
A RIVETING uber set in modern-day London, this hurt-comfort tale begins as a mystery. Born to a wealthy, aristocratic family, Joanna Holbrook-Sutherland, known to her friends as Jo, is a free-spirit with few responsibilities, few cares in the world. She is a young woman used to waking up next to strangers and going off to the next conquest without a second thought. It's a life destined to change forever the day Jo attends a photo exhibit and finds herself mesmerized by a pair of forlorn eyes staring back at her from one of the pictures. Haunted by the photograph of the homeless young woman and even seeing her in her dreams Jo becomes determined to find her. It's a quest that will have the beautiful aristocrat visiting a very different world from the one she's used to as she finds a soulmate struggling to survive on the outskirts of society - a gentle soul running from terrifying past whom Jo must somehow teach to live again and love again learning in the process how to do so herself. Midgit delivers here an exceedingly poignant story with a very touching sense of intimacy between the two leads as the story focuses almost exclusively on them, their growth as individuals and as a couple. Well-developed supporting characters add to a well-paced, mesmerizing plot guaranteed to keep you hitting that PAGE DOWN key. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! [See the sequel REMEMBER ME] - 183 pgs.
FANFIC ART: Calli Story Cover

COLONIZATION TRILOGY by Felioness - [Alt] - read in the order listed below:

"Xandra Doll" by Barbara Maclay
"Xandra And Brie Dolls" by Barbara Maclay

COVINGTON'S KID by Simahoyo - [M/J]
Powerful story about the brutal life of the teenager that would grow up to become a fearless archeologist - inheriting her father's obsession for the past despite herself always remaining a distance second in importance to that obsession. A very effective look at the early experiences which molded Janice Covington. [Note: this story revolves around some very intense adult themes - do take the disclaimer seriously]. - 5 pgs., 9/29/98

CURSE ON BOTH YOUR HOUSES (A) by Archaeobard - [Alt, M/J]
The third entry in Archaeobard's BODICE RIPPER SERIES pits Mel and Janice against some very dangerous enemies who see Mel's "perverted" new relationship as a serious threat to their future plans for the Pappas name and money. Some good edge-of-your-seats scenes here along with the requisite moments of pure lust >:) - 13 pgs., 10/17/99

CYBEREPIC by Redhawk - [Alt]
This talented bard's second uber-Xena story is a Cyberpunk tale set in the 21st century in a North America torn by war. As the conflict rages on between the government and the power-hungry corporations, the last surviving members of the Red Wolves Clan struggle to survive, seeking vengeance on those who've harmed them and placing all their hopes on the shoulders of their enigmatic, fearless leader. Not suspecting the danger she's about to head into, Canadian Shannon Elias accepts a job as a courier - embarking on a mission that will take her into the heart of the conflict...and to a meeting with destiny. Redhawk's fiction is well-written, with an intriguing plot that successfully merges cyberpunk with uber-Xena. The uber-characters are original while recalling familiar elements of Xena and Gabrielle. Entertaining, well-crafted tale. - 89 pgs., 7/23/98

"Dusky" by Barbara Maclay
"D.M. Redhawk's CyberEpic" by Miguel Cura
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