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Please make sure to read the EXPLANATORY NOTES before reading these reviews.

The file includes reviews of both uber-Xena and/or original fiction. It is a combined file of general and alternative stories. The alternative titles are designated as such with an [Alt] at the end of the title line.

Also, several of the uber stories deal with the characters of Mel Pappas and Janice Covington featured in the episode THE XENA SCROLLS. Mel/Janice stories are designated as such with a [M/J] at the end of the title line. You can also find them listed separately in the Mel/Janice Fan Fiction Reviews

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Uber-Xena Fan Fiction Contents Guide

FALLING by Archaeobard - [Alt, M/J]
In a continuation of her bodice ripper RISING, Archaeobard picks up the passionate tale of a spunky little archeologist and her very sultry, high-born Southern lover as Mel and Janice confront hatred and prejudice in the form of a spurned ex-suitor whose injured pride could cost them their careers. Combining lots of angst and lots of sizzle, this is a fitting sequel and another fun read. [See also the third entry in the series, A CURSE ON BOTH YOUR HOUSES] - 12 pgs., 10/17/99

FALLING FOR YOU THANKS TO WWII by Jen, the pasty one - [Alt, M/J]
Intriguing new Mel/Janice story that has the two visiting a museum when suddenly Mel becomes uncharacteristically... forward ;-) [unfinished] - 2/7/98

**FAREWELLS AND GREETINGS by Joseph Connell - [Alt, M/J]
Part of the INFINITY SERIES originated by Redhawk, this new offering is one of the most poignant accounts yet of the continuing saga of Xena the Immortal as fate finds her this time attending a funeral on an April day in 1979 and struggling with regrets as she thinks back on the life of the archeologist with the oh-so-familiar features she never had the courage to meet face to face. It's a mistake she decides to make up for when she meets instead the children of Janice Covington and Melinda Pappas - the eternal connection between them reminding her of a promise made so very long ago and sparking a renewed determination to watch over the descendants of two ancient soulmates just as a new life is brought into that lineage. Joseph does a terrific job imbuing the immortal warrior with the sense of melancholy that has been her hallmark throughout this series. Well-written and executed this new installment perfectly merges the essence of both the HIGHLANDER and XENA series on which it's based. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 9 pgs., 3/15/99
[Palm Pilot version available at XENA FAN FICTION FOR THE PALM PILOT]

**FATES DESTINY (THE) by MythBard - [Alt]
A delightful contemporary uber story that has the Fates each presenting their own idea of how a single mother and a bartender should meet, reuniting the ancient souls of a warrior and bard. Very amusing characterizations of the Fates in this. Original and fun. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 11 pgs., 12/12/98

FAVOR (THE) by L. Fox - [Alt, M/J]
After sharing with us several excellent stories featuring the warrior and her bard, L. Fox now brings us his first ever Janice/Mel story set just prior to the United States' entrance into World War II. The tale has the spunky archeologist and her beautiful partner accepting a dangerous mission that will take them into the heart of the South Pacific in search of the truth behind a mysterious legend - a legend that others also are investigating and that could very well determine the fate of the world. L. Fox does a wonderful job here of incorporating actual events and historical figures, lending an air of authenticity to the storyline. Revolving around the developing relationship between the two friends, this is an original story and a very entertaining read. [See also the sequel JANICE AND MEL: THE WAR YEARS] - 51 pgs., 1/4/98

A clever on-going exercise in Xena fanfic, this series consists of stories told in 55 words. Ranging from traditional Xena yarns to ubers, general and alternative forays, funny and serious tales, the entries in the series make use of every word resulting in stories that run the gamut from cute to surprisingly thought-provoking. A fun new development in Xena fanfic DO NOT MISS!

**FINAL REST by Kelly and Darkone -- [Alt, M/J]  Save Alert
Rejoice Mel/Janice fans!!! The archeologist and her Southern aristocrat are back in this tale which has the two trying to return the last remains of Xena and Gabrielle to their final resting place. The Warrior Princess and her bard are featured in this story as well - in a tale recounting their final days which I must warn you warrants a MAJOR, MAJOR KLEENEX ALERT!! This story-within-a-story is heart-wrenching but beautiful, reaffirming and unforgettable. A very nice read! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 43 pgs., 6/1/97

**FIRE AND ICE by Friction -- [Alt]
One good thing about this season guys is that it seems to have inspired some of the best uber-Xena fiction we've seen yet. Tonight we have yet another example of that in Friction's newest contribution - an outstanding story which should go right to the top of your MUST READ list. Set in the modern world, this is a story about two very different women - one trapped in an unfulfilling life, not sure what she's searching for - the other trapped in a nightmare, with no escape in sight. The two are drawn together on a fateful night when Danielle Stafford discovers an intruder in her uncle's home. In the weeks to come as the young woman remembers the masked thief's puzzling kindness, Alex Lord considers this herself - not certain what possessed her to leave a witness and unable to shake her lingering interest in that witness. Friction does a terrific job in slowly developing the relationship between these two uber characters, creating a rich dynamic between them that is compelling and believable. With some incredibly riveting scenes and those heart-stopping plot twists Friction loves to throw on her readers, this is the type of story that you will not be able to put down once you start reading. It is erotic, passionate, romantic, full of that angst we all love and just thoroughly entertaining. FIRE AND ICE receives my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION! - 5/27/98

"Alex" by Barbara Maclay
Ciegra Story Cover - Not currently available on the Web
[Palm Pilot version available at XENA FAN FICTION FOR THE PALM PILOT]

Number 8 in the TELL ME SERIES, offers a little zoology lesson for the Warrior Princess and her bard as Sina and Gabby once again let those wild imaginations get the better of them. Cute :) - 3 pgs., 10/3/99
FANFIC ART: "It's A Magical World" wallpaper by Verrath

FOR THE LOVE OF GAIA by Felioness - [Alt]
A sequel to Felioness' THE AMPHIPOLIS EXPEDITION, this story finds Commander Xandra, Brie and the rest of the colonists busy planning for the future of their colony when an old danger resurfaces to threaten all that Xandra and Brie hold dear. Part of the COLONIZATION TRILOGY, Felioness' story maintains the sense of suspense and adventure of her previous tale. Nicely written. - 150 pgs., 8/22/98

**FOR THE LOVE OF IRINA by Nene Adams - [Alt]
Based upon J. Sheridan LeFanu's CARMILLA and Bram Stoker's DRACULA, this EXCEPTIONAL uber story set in 18th century Romania, does the horror genre proud combining those classic tales with familiar faces from XWP in a reading experience you wont soon forget. Anxious for some companionship to brighten the lonely existence in her father's Romanian castle, lady Gabriella is intrigued when a beautiful stranger is brought to stay with them while she recovers from an accident. For the younger Gabriella, Irina is an irresistible enigma - a mysterious figure with no past who begins to weave a seductive spell around the girl. As the surrounding villages are marked by a series of unexplained and gory deaths, Gabriella begins to suffer from strange nightmares - dreams of a forbidden passion and a deadly hunger - dreams which she soon realizes are all too real when she gazes into the portrait of a long-dead countess only to find familiar blue eyes starring back at her. Thus begins to unfold a story of horror and heartbreak, of soulmates separated by the lust for revenge and of dark passions that even the fiercest of loves may not be able to tame. One of the top writing talents in this fandom, Nene easily displays here her skill with the written word, delivering an exquisitely written piece that is in fact quite reminiscent in style to the 19th century literary classics on which it is partly based. Meanwhile, the storyline is also a very nice homage to some of the screen versions of these classics, in particular Francis Ford Coppola recent BRAM STOKER'S DRACULA. Nene does a great job of tweaking the familiar vampire scenario to suit her uber-Xena heroines even incorporating some familiar faces as supporting players. Masterful storytelling in a piece that is a delight to read and should be particularly appealing to fans of the horror genre. This gets my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION! [Part of the CHAMBER OF HORRORS SERIES] - 35 pgs., 2/4/99

FORGOTTEN WAY by Tragedy88 - [Alt]
A very different new uber story that begins on a sorrowful note as a young writer living in a desolate old farmhouse contemplates her lonely existence just before experiencing another loss in her life. Shortly afterwards, while on a trip to the nearby town, she happens across a stranger with startling blue eyes who having already earned the animosity of the town's residents, finds herself with nowhere to stay. Thus begins a beautiful friendship as two wandering souls are reunited amidst the pristine beauty of a snowy countryside and the prejudices of a society not yet ready to accept love in its many forms. Compelling characterizations, a developing romance and a centuries-old mystery combine to make this a very entertaining read. DO NOT MISS! - 16 pgs., 3/9/99
[Palm Pilot version available at XENA FAN FICTION FOR THE PALM PILOT]

FORK IN THE ROAD (A) by BairdBard - [Alt]
A very unusual uber-Xena story that begins at a meeting for alcoholics where a very nervous Brie, there for a first time with a friend, meets a mysterious loner named Zim. It is a meeting of the souls that neither quite understands but which sparks an instant connection between them. Nicely written story with a very different, contemporary theme. Great potential in this one. DO NOT MISS!! [unfinished] - 4/12/98

FOUR DAYS IN APRIL by Del_kaidin
An uber Xena story set on a fateful few days in April 1912, which has a melancholy socialite named Catherine Grey and her new maid Erin O'Rilley sailing for America onboard a grand new ship called...Titanic. - 3/4/98

**FRACTURED TAPESTRY by Kiera Dellacroix - [Alt]
Featuring what has to be one of the most irreverent leads I've ever come across in a story, Kiera's latest offering is probably going to insult the sensibilities of most readers - certainly many in XWP fandom. Through most of it I found myself thinking that her lead would probably hate my guts. I would certainly have a lot of issues with her...and still I found myself amused by Maddie Ledoux and intrigued by her quest for justice in this skillfully crafted murder mystery. Having grown up in a neighborhood in which both the mob and law enforcement recruited heavily, Maddie has strong ties to both sides. They are ties which have saved her but on more than one occasion and which surface once again to help her now that she needs them the most. The man Maddie has loved as a father most of her life has been murdered - his guts ripped open my a bullet designed to inflict the most pain possible. Determined to find his killer and extract her own measure of justice, the former cop turned private eye begins investigating an unusual group of individuals her father had dinner with right before his death. In the days ahead, Maddie will have to try to piece together the many different parts of an increasingly complicated puzzle as a killer strikes over and over again and clues seem to lead toward a vicious vendetta between crime families and the shadowy figure which inherited control of one of these. In an ironic twist, despite the tragedy in her life, the gorgeous but arrogant and woefully unsophisticated detective, finds herself also dealing with a revived personal life as one of the subjects of her investigation makes it clear she wants to do a little personal investigating herself while some serious competition emerges in the form of a beautiful video store owner who seems to know Maddie better than she knows herself. Reminiscent of the classic detective stories of Dashiell Hammett and with elements of popular mob tales like THE GODFATHER and GOODFELLAS, Kiera's latest is an entertaining yarn about characters that are FAR from perfect, sometimes aren't even likeable but are very human. They are characters that have lived their lives in a tough world and have been molded by the harsh realities of their experiences. Combining a challenging mystery, a no holds bar hero and an amusing love story, this entertaining reads come VERY HIGHLY if cautiously RECOMMENDED! ;-) - 209 pgs., 5/2002

FULL BOAT by T. Novan - [Alt]
Fun uber Western set aboard a steamboat where wealthy entrepreneur Morgan Delaney is among the many participants in a wild poker contest with a fortune as the ultimate prize. Also on board is reporter Gabrielle Stafford - a young woman with a face that has haunted Morgan's dreams for years and who apparently has been having similar dreams only starring the entrepreneur instead. Immediately sensing the connection between them Morgan and Gabrielle give in to their emerging feelings even as danger draws near plunging them into a murder mystery that will threaten their very lives and along with it a love as old as time. T. creates a good sense of suspense here with a decidedly sizzling depiction of the relationship. Nicely entertaining. - 34 pgs., 3/1/99

Ciegra Story Cover - Not currently available on the Web
"Morgan" by Barbara Maclay
"Morgan" by Rebekah Lynn

The first of four planned books, SwordnQuill's latest takes a rare approach to the uber concept as it looks at the past of two soulmates instead of their future. The story begins in the nightmarish reality of a young woman named Maiandria as she makes the fateful decision to escape a brutal father. Unwilling to continue experiencing a life of humiliation and pain but ill-prepared to survive a life in the wild, Maia is soon confronted by a stranger offering help. To her surprise the stranger turns out to be a lot more intriguing than Maia could have suspected - a tall, beautiful female warrior with the most amazing eyes and a curious physical connection to the young woman both feel the moment their hands touch. In the days ahead Maia will learn that she's not the only young woman in need the warrior has helped for indeed Si’ian has made it her mission in life to bring back hope, self-respect and honor to those whom society will much too often dismiss as second class citizens. Leading a band of women from many different lands and cultures, Si’ian is on a quest to find a place they may finally be able to call their own. Along the way, Maia will help her rediscover her heart as the warrior finds herself surrendering to a timeless passion. Together they will face the greatest challenge of all as they struggle to unite their people and to lay the foundation for a nation that will someday become the stuff of legends. SwordnQuill does a nice job here of interweaving a large cast of characters into a story that charts the early history, culture and evolving mythology of a people XWP fans will be very familiar with. The leads are complex figures with difficult backgrounds both must work hard to overcome. The partnership they eventually create is a beautiful and passionate one, full of sparks and full of mystery. A solid beginning to a promising new series. DO NOT MISS! - 146 pgs., 2/3/02

FURTHER ADVENTURES OF JANICE AND MEL SERIES (THE) - Two different authors have written uber-Xena stories using this series designation.

Stories by Rachel2:
  1. **AEGIS (THE) - [Alt, M/J]
  2. **TERROR IN THE AMAZON - [Alt, M/J]
  3. **HOUSE ON REDMEN'S HILL - [Alt, M/J]
Stories by Wishes:
  2. **XENA CORE (THE) - [M/J]
  3. **PRIZE (THE) - [M/J]

The plastic quartet from KTL's DOLLIES ALL AT SEA continue their Houston adventure as they engage in mischief aboard their boat and decide on a little side trip. Watch for the classic line in this second winner. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! [See the sequel HOME ARE THE SAILORS, HOME FROM THE SEA] - 1 pg., 3/27/00

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