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The file includes reviews of both uber-Xena and/or original fiction. It is a combined file of general and alternative stories. The alternative titles are designated as such with an [Alt] at the end of the title line.

Also, several of the uber stories deal with the characters of Mel Pappas and Janice Covington featured in the episode THE XENA SCROLLS. Mel/Janice stories are designated as such with a [M/J] at the end of the title line. You can also find them listed separately in the Mel/Janice Fan Fiction Reviews

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SCREAM (THE) by Medora MacD - [Alt]
Determined to FINALLY meet the best friend her sister has been raving about for months, Shelley heads for her twin's Halloween party hoping that the long-anticipated meeting between her and the stunning Althea Ashford won't be thwarted yet again. A bit unnerved at the idea that someone else has gotten as close to her sister as she herself once was, Shelley nevertheless cannot help but feel intrigued by the beautiful daredevil editor. It's a curiosity that becomes a full-fledged attraction the minute her eyes confirm what her libido had been telling her about Althea but tragically things are not fated to be easy for these two as a misunderstanding creates friction of the WRONG type between them. A light-hearted addition to the Xenaverse's growing "Halloween collection", this new uber combines a fun story and likeable characters with a clever approach to the concept of "horror". - 18 pgs., 10/31/01

**SNOWBOUND by Queenfor4 - [Alt]
Aware of the winter weather headed toward her mountain ranch, Dr. Randi Oakes breaks her usual self-imposed exile to drive to the neighboring town to gather supplies, never suspecting the abrupt change her life is about to take. Passing through the small town on her way back from a book signing tour, mystery author Megan Gallagher is curious when the tall doctor comments on the bias she sees in her stories until Randi specifically points to the negative portrayal of gays...revealing her own sexual preference in the process. Immediately disgusted, the popular author doesn't even bother to deny the criticism, preferring instead to get away from the small town and people like Randi Oakes as soon as possible. As fate would have it though, Megan Gallagher will soon find herself in the very clutches of the infuriating Randi Oakes when an accident and the weather leaves her with no choice but to accept the help of one of those "perverts" she's written about. The weeks to come will bring enlightenment, surprises, and an unexpected friendship for both women as together they'll get past old prejudices and old heartaches to discover a bond unlike anything they've ever known. Queenfor4's first-ever uber contribution is a compelling story about two troubled individuals finding in one another the inspiration and courage to get past their prejudices and their fears. It is also a story about the power of love and friendship to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Heart wrenching at times but ultimately reaffirming, this tale will keep you reading and won't disappoint. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! [Note: Review based on a complete reading of the story but online the tale is unfinished] - 147 pgs., 2/3/02

**SOMEWHERE IN TIME by Friction - [Alt]
The recent explosion in outstanding uber fanfic continues with Friction's latest effort which in fact can probably be better classified as semi-uber, but which is certain to entice even more readers into this genre. Set just after the events in the episode RETURN OF CALLISTO, the story begins in Ancient Greece with Xena and Gabrielle both desperately regretting the distance between them...and very much misunderstanding the reasons for that distance. It is a situation that grows even more complicated when Gabrielle realizes she's pregnant. Assuming this means an end to her life with the Warrior Princess, the bard steels herself for the coming separation as they head for Amazonia. For her part, Xena is agonizing over that separation too - loving the bard with every bone in her body but certain that love is not returned. With the help of some very sneaky Amazons, the two eventually clear up that misunderstanding but it is a bittersweet victory in their struggle to be together as a cruel twist of fate drives them apart once again, forcing a desperate Xena to risk it all in a fantastic quest that will take her over two thousand years into the future, to a very different world and a soulmate with no memory of the bard she used to be...or the warrior she once loved. Friction gives us here a terrifically entertaining story which very effectively bridges the gap between traditional Xena/Gab fiction and the uber genre. Solidly based on love and brimming with a fierce passion, the relationship presented here has a timeless quality to it that is wonderfully appealing. Friction throws a lot of conflict and humor into the mix to emerge with an end product you should immediately put at the top of your MUST READ list. This one comes VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! - 125 pgs., 11/24/98
AWARDS: "Getting Serious" Swollen Bud Award (May 1, 2000)
FANFIC ART: Ciegra Story Cover - Not currently available on the Web
[Palm Pilot version available at XENA FAN FICTION FOR THE PALM PILOT]

SONNET by Kamouraskan - [Alt]
A modern-day uber guaranteed to plaster a big grin on your face, Kamouraskan's latest begins with an old lady in a wheelchair struggling her way into an antique shop where she's gone to present the shop's owner with an old family heirloom. Anxious for the opportunity to purchase the rare item, the elderly antiques dealer is completely unprepared for the reaction seeing the heirloom and its companion piece inspires in her as suddenly memories of many lifetimes flash through her mind and a familiar presence once again takes ownership of her heart. A charming story about a reunion that comes just a taaaad late, this one offers also a hilarious new perspective on the works of ANOTHER well-known bard. Kamouraskan gets those characterizations just right in a wonderfully entertaining little uber. DO NOT MISS! - 10 pgs., 12/27/99

SOUL VESSELS by Linda Crist - [Alt]
This follow-up to Linda's marvelous novel, THE BLUEST EYES IN TEXAS, finds Kennedy and Carson on a romantic Halloween getaway on a deserted beach enjoying a campfire, roasted marshmallows...and each other. It is the perfect evening until Kennedy finds herself drawn away from her sleeping lover by ghostly images on the star-lit beach - images that are somehow familiar and that are about to answer questions Kennedy didn't even realize she had. Linda does a terrific job of recapturing the playful, loving relationship of her two heroines while taking the opportunity offered by All Hallows Eve to add a little...spiritual quality to the partnership ;-) A sweet, delightful story perfect for those spookier evenings. - 15 pgs., 2001.

It will NEVER cease to amaze me the crossover stories our bards somehow manage to come up with! ;-) This one is a little uber-Xena story that will remind you just a tad of a certain Julie Andrews musical set in Austria. The story has Alexa, the "world's worst nun" (trust me on that ;-), taking a job as a governess in the household of Captain Von Ulysses. Among the Captain's brood is Heidi, his eldest daughter who immediately befriends the new governess. The growing friendship will give the two young women the strength to reevaluate their lives and reach out for the happiness that has always eluded them before. This is disarmingly cute - although be warned that you will likely NEVER see that Julie Andrews musical the same way again! ;-) - 12/17/97

SOUTHERN COMFORT by C.L. Bactad - [Alt, M/J]
Sizzling little interlude that reads like a Janice Covington fantasy with her in the role of private investigator and a very sexy Southern belle needing her...assistance ;-) Not for the work environment people...unless you're on your break >:) [See the sequel SOUTHERN COMFORT: YOU'VE NEVER BEEN NOWHERE] - 8 pgs., 12/20/98
[Palm Pilot version available at XENA FAN FICTION FOR THE PALM PILOT]

A sequel to her Mel/Janice uber piece SOUTHERN COMFORT this new tale finds private eye Janice Covington trying to keep busy with work while distracted with the memory of a certain Southerner when as fate would have it - the Southerner returns...with company ;-) This story like the first one has the feel of some of those classic private eye films from the Bogie era. A fun read with good potential. [unfinished] - 5 pgs., 1/20/99
[Palm Pilot version available at XENA FAN FICTION FOR THE PALM PILOT]

**SOUTHERN HOSPITALITY by Enginerd - [Alt, M/J]
One of my favorite bards returns with the type of story that made her into one of my favorites :) Set in the 1940's, this TERRIFIC new offering has Mel Pappas convincing a certain archeologist to come home to South Carolina with her to meet the family. Uncertain but wanting to please the beautiful translator and touched by Mel's offer, a reluctant Janice agrees embarking on one of her biggest challenges to date as she tries to coexist with one very old, very proud, very suspicious and at times downright cruel Southern family. Like a fish out of water, Janice finds herself among people who have no idea what to make of her, sometimes don't care and just respect her spunk, sometimes do care and hate her for simply being. For one particular Pappas she's willing to endure it all clinging to a friendship unlike anything she's known before and suddenly encouraged by the possibility that those deeper feelings within her might be mirrored in Melinda's own heart. As the two embark on that emotional journey, however, outside forces will conspire to derail their happiness as some of those around them condemn what they cannot understand and others hide behind a veil of self-righteousness to rationalize an evil that may eventually destroy them both. Enginerd delivers here a masterfully crafted, thoroughly engaging story with two of the best characterizations of Mel and Janice I have ever come across in fanfic. Their humor, their friendship, their banter, their mutual respect and above all their love and integrity will have you anxiously anticipating that next step in their journey toward one another. Enginerd supplements the story with a colorful cast of supporting characters all very solidly developed in their own right. This is fanfic at its most entertaining folks. An EXCEPTIONAL MUST READ that gets my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION! - 156 pgs., 12/15/99
[Palm Pilot version available at XENA FAN FICTION FOR THE PALM PILOT]

SPEAR OF PENTHESILEA (THE) by Archaeobard - [Alt, M/J]
Rousing adventure yarn that gives a slightly different spin to the Mel/Janice relationship as the two meet for the first time on a quest to find a legendary spear once wielded by a fierce Amazon Queen during her last battle with the Greek warrior known as Achilles. It's a quest that will tie the archeologist and her partner to that ancient past revealing the love that has tied their lines together for so long and awakening an enemy determined to stop them at any cost. Archaeobard crafts a fast paced plot here with solid characterizations, suspense and a nice treatment of the romance. DO NOT MISS! - 129 pgs., 5/26/99

Deb's latest finds a young artist reminiscing about her childhood and the best friend she used to spend time with. Once, a long time ago, they made a wish on All Hallows’ Eve. Time eventually separated them and that wish for the young artist has never come true but as she's about to discover those Halloween spells sometimes have a timeless quality to them ;-) This is a sweet little tale about Halloween and the magic of two souls fated to be together - a lovely story for the romantic in us all. - 5 pgs., 10/31/01

STARS FELL DOWN (THE) by Vivian Darkbloom - [Alt, M/J]
This tale begins as a Mel/Janice story set in 1953 with the archeologist now leading a small army of fierce...baseball players ;-) After a short, delightfully domestic interlude with Janice and the Carolinian Princess, however, the tale goes back in time to recount Xena and Gabrielle's fist time together - an event which the warrior does not seem to remember but the bard remembers all too well! Complete with lots of hilarious guilty thoughts, misunderstandings, lots of love and lust, this is entertaining and FUN! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 5/9/98
[Palm Pilot version available at XENA FAN FICTION FOR THE PALM PILOT]

STASHED by Kamouraskan - [Alt]
This intriguing modern-day uber opens with cat burglar extraordinaire Ellis up on a high-rise using his skills to position a listening device on an apartment window while below a friend awaits...and a stranger watches. Sixteen year old Jules is a spunky little blonde determined to prove the corruption she's certain is going around her, and hoping with Ellis' help she can prevent one soul from once again getting destroyed by that corruption. Alex is a very tough, street savvy young woman determined to protect the territory she sees as her own and certain she will be rewarded by those she's pledged her loyalty to. Ellis will find himself dropping right in the middle of a fateful confrontation between these two young women as two ancient souls renew their struggle to be together - this time threatened by very modern and very deadly dangers. Kam has her ubers interacting with their ancient selves setting up a merging of souls that works for the story. The tale also has a frenetic quality that seems very appropriate considering the youth of those involved. Entertaining. - 13 pgs., 5/23/00

STAY NEAR, KEEP CLOSE by Ms. Auggie - [Alt, M/J]
Janice and Mel are off on a worldwind adventure when a vicious attack in Turkey forces them to go on the run. Separated and reunited once again, the two will eventually find themselves in the heart of Nazi Germany, struggling to survive even as they are discovering long burried feelings between them. Fast paced, full of action and drama this one is a nicely entertaining read. 235 pgs., 1/98
AWARDS: "All Nighter" Swollen Bud Award (Aug. 15, 2000)

STILL LOVING YOU by Felioness - [Alt]
A very contemporary new story with a premise that will no doubt resonate the personal experience of some readers out there, Felioness' latest chronicles the growing relationship of two lonely souls over the Internet. It is a timely, engrossing tale with effective, modern characterizations. - 17 pgs., 9/17/98

STORM FRONT by Bel-wah - [Alt]
The latest in the series begun with DARKNESS BEFORE THE DAWN and followed by ROMAN HOLIDAY, this third entry continues the story of Captain Catherine Phillips and flight attendant, Rebecca Hanson as the two enter new periods in their lives. Retired from her former job as an airline pilot, Catherine is now in charge of a new unit at Orbis airlines dedicated to tracking and preventing terrorist activity. It's a stressful, often frustrating job made easier by the knowledge that her apartment is no longer the lonely place it once was for sharing it with her is now the beautiful young woman who first began to change her life in Rome. As the two work to merge their lives other challenges will await them including the mandate to stop a terrorist willing to sacrifice it all for the sake of his deadly agenda. With an edge-of-your-seat opening chapter, this is a well-written, solid offering with terrific potential. - 165 pgs., 7/26/99
[Palm Pilot version available at XENA FAN FICTION FOR THE PALM PILOT]

This talented author's first uber opens in Boston in 1889 where fearless journalist Jackie Revere is in the process of learning that a very dangerous criminal she helped put behind bars is out and will likely be gunning for her. Intent on getting her out of the city, Jackie's editor assigns her a new story - to investigate what has happened to the mysterious Pinkerton detective known as Farrell Parker - daughter of a Texas Ranger reputed to have been one herself - a woman with an arrest record second to none who has not been seen in over a year. Some weeks later, in the Dakota territories, a tall, dark-haired loner is thinking about her self-imposed exile and getting ready for the Winter ahead - never suspecting just how much a spunky little blonde reporter is about to make this Winter a WHOLE lot more exiting! Bracer establishes early on here a compelling premise with two very interesting characters we immediately want to know more about. Incorporating into the story legends of the Old West like the Pinkertons, the Texas Rangers and Sitting Bull gives the tale an air of authenticity drawing us in even further. Already working well as an uber, this is one that should keep us clamoring for more! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! [unfinished] - 20 pgs., 8/6/00

STRANGER IN YOUR EYES (THE) by Sword'n'Quill - [Alt]
This new bard makes a strong debut on the Web with a contemporary uber novel that has an ancient warrior still grieving for the soulmate she lost thousands of years before. It is an agony that becomes even more acute when Xena suddenly finds herself protecting a young woman from the Mafia a young woman that is the mirror image of her beloved bard. Well-written and carefully edited, the novel merges riveting action scenes with some very emotional moments. [See the sequel TO STAND TOGETHER THROUGH THE STORM] - 189 pgs., 10/18/98
[Palm Pilot version available at XENA FAN FICTION FOR THE PALM PILOT]

**SUMMER HEAT by Merwulf - [Alt]
While the MerWOLF is away the Pups will play and since the MerWOLF (bard Missy Good for you uninitiated ones out there) has been busy writing one of her traditional Xena/Gab tales, the Pups (Missy fans for those of you who REALLY need to get initiated ;-) have been playing with her uber-darlings, Dar and Kerry from TROPICAL STORM fame. Always particularly playful and a bard in her own right, pup MerWULF gives us a mischievous glimpse of how those summer months are going for Dark and Kerry making us feel both Kerry's frustration and her longing as she waits for her beautiful partner to return from a business trip. Merwulf does a terrific job of capturing those beloved TROPICAL STORM characters in a little offering that should help all of those out there suffering from Dar/Kerry withdrawal. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 3 pgs., 4/17/99, re-released 3/28/00

SUMMER REUNION (A) by Barbara Davies - [Alt]
This sequel to SUMMER'S CIRCUS finds Summer exploring new career options as Alison gets stuck with the unenviable job of planning a school reunion. Amidst the stress and lighter moments, the two find time to learn about themselves, deepen their relationship and reacquaint themselves with friends, family and former bullies ;-) A fun, sexy read. - 98 pgs., 11/9/99
[Palm Pilot version available at XENA FAN FICTION FOR THE PALM PILOT]

The adventures of Sina and Gabby continue in this sixth entry in the TELL ME SERIES as the two friends go to summer camp and have to confront the dreaded Oleara: Dragon Lady, feared slave master and...PE Teacher ;-) This series is too CUTE for words guys. A wonderful read for children and for the children in us all. DO NOT MISS! - 6 pgs., 8/3/99

The TELL ME SERIES continues as little Gabby ralies the troops to help free Sina from her forced labor - but the Warrior Princess isn't too kin on her best friend's modifications to their usual games. Delightful and heartwarming like the rest of this terrific series. DO NOT MISS! - 8 pgs., 10/3/99

**SUMMER'S CIRCUS by Barbara Davies - [Alt]
Well written and delightfully original, this atmospheric new uber tale unfolds amidst the colorful world of the Circus Big Top - a world freelance journalist Alison Carmichael hopes to successfully capture for her first major newspaper article. Fascinated in particular by the mysterious circus owner with striking blue eyes, Alison sets out to find out more about Summer Blake never expecting the story of heartbreak and shame she's about to uncover or the attraction that will soon blossom into something deeper forging a connection between them at a time when the enigmatic circus owner may just be coming to the end of her rope. Barbara beautifully merges here the nostalgic appeal of circus life with the excitement, nervousness and insecurities of a growing romance. Her main characters are well-dawn, likeable figures that quickly elicit both our support and sympathy. A definite MUST READ! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! [See the sequel A SUMMER REUNION] - 62 pgs., 3/30/99
FANFIC ART: Ciegra Story Cover - Not currently available on the Web
[Palm Pilot version available at XENA FAN FICTION FOR THE PALM PILOT]

**SUNNE IN GOLD (THE) by Nene Adams - [Alt]
With her MYTH and GASLIGHT series Nene has secured a spot among many a reader's list of favorite bards. This new story is the first book in a new series called the PHOENIX SAGA which promises to match in excellence if not outshine her previous works. THE SUNNE IN GOLD is an uber story set in medieval Ireland which introduces two new incarnations of Xena and Gabrielle - Lady Cathelin Brigit O'Cameron, a striking, proud Irish warrior - and Madrigal, a beautiful Muslim slave girl stubbornly surviving despite the horrors experienced during many ears of captivity. As the story begins Madrigal is in fear for her life thinking of the tortures sure to come when the castle she is enslaved at is taken by the dreaded knight Blacksunne - a warrior whose very name inspires terror in the bravest of souls. It is a day that will change her life forever, setting in motion a series of events that will place two noble he arts at risk while joining them in the fiercest of bonds. This is an epic historical romantic saga with plenty of action, rich drama, FANTASTIC characters, and a plot that will literally captivate you 'til the very end. One of the best new ones this year, THE SUNNE IN GOLD is NOT to be missed guys! It receives my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION!! [See also the sequel THE SUNNE IN SCARLET] - 9/29/97

**SUNNE IN SCARLET (THE) by Nene Adams - [Alt]
Nene brings us Book Two of the PHOENIX SAGA which began with her spectacular THE SUNNE IN GOLD. Set a few years after the first story, this sequel finds the Lady Cathelin and her beloved Madrigal happy in their love and in the company of their children when suddenly adversity strikes in the form of a life-threatening injury. It is a development that could not have come at a worse time since unbeknownst to them hatred and greed will soon threaten on ce again all they hold dear, embroiling them in a web of deception and political intrigue. As in all her historical pieces, Nene excels here at adding atmosphere to her story, immersing us through the use of dialogue and description into the world of medieval Ireland. Her approach to the uber genre is very original - relying on characters that will remind you of a certain warrior and bard but are not necessarily distinct representations of either. This is an enjoyable, well-written, suspenseful sequel that should not be missed. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 2/8/98

**SURFACING by Paul Seely and Jennifer Garza - [Alt]
This is an OUTSTANDING uber-Xena tale that will have you spell-bound from chapter one. Set in the present day, it revolves around the mysterious activities of a secret agent going by the name of Diana Starret. On assignment from the shadowy, top-secret organization who once recruited her when she had little choice in the matter, Diana's mission is to keep a dangerous criminal from landing in prison until the full extent of his operation has been revealed. It is this assignment that leads her to a fateful meeting with a young lawyer named Charlotte Browning. The two women are inexplicably drawn to one another and soon find themselves haunted by the same dream - about a leather-clad warrior drowning in blood and the strawberry blonde trying to save her.. This story simply put is a ROLLERCOASTER RIDE - tons of excitement, suspense, and FANTASTIC action. Beyond that it is also a deeply passionate, romantic tale with two of the best uber interpretations of the Xena and Gabrielle characters in fan fiction. A MUST READ!! VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! [See also the sequel PERSISTENCE OF MEMORY] - 8/24/97
AWARDS: "All Nighter" Swollen Bud Award (May 1, 2000)

Calli Story Cover
"Charlotte" by Barbara Maclay
Ciegra Story Cover - Not currently available on the Web
"Charlotte Browning" by Jeri Peterson
"Diana" by Barbara Maclay
"Diana Starrett" by Jeri Peterson
"Julia" by Jeri Peterson

SWORD OF ARES by JayBird - [Alt, M/J]
Set in the 1960's this is an action-packed story with some VERY amusing moments that has Xena and Gabrielle returning to inhabit the bodies of Mel and Janice in order to try to stop Ares' latest attempt at power. Despite being a little rounder around the edges and sporting some gray hair, the warrior and bard are determined to stop their old nemesis only they don't suspect the trump card Ares is waiting to play. A very original treatment of these two friends. - 11/29/97

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