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**ADAPTIONS: A SEQUEL TO SUSTENANCE by Tenderware, based on a Story Idea by EmptyFlask
In the much-anticipated sequel to Tenderware's spectacular SUSTENANCE, all is not well for a certain Borg and her captain despite the deeply loving and supportive relationship they have formed. For the crew of Voyager their leader's new association with a Borg is problematic - some seeing it as a conflict of interests, some seeing it as simply repulsive. It's a situation that comes to a head when the opportunity presents itself for Voyager to shave decades of travel from their journey home but in order to take advantage of that opportunity a manned shuttle must be left behind - a shuttle whose inhabitant will never be able to follow Voyager home. In the difficult days that follow tempers will flare, old hatreds will resurface, a vulnerable heart will be trampled and Captain Kathryn Janeway will risk it all to show her crew just what one Borg means to her. In a sequel that easily matches the exceptional quality of its predecessor, Tenderware has written a story that is gripping and emotional, grounded in what is without a doubt one of fanfic's most sensual and sizzling depictions of the Janeway/Seven partnership - this is one to avoid at work people! Tenderware has a very firm grasp of these characters making them easily recall the TV counterparts while the sci-fi elements of her tale are clever and well-constructed, very much in keeping with the Trek universe. A definite MUST READ folks! VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 60 pgs., 2/7/00

**ALL I NEED by LZClotho
A talented Xena fanfic veteran, LZClotho expands her horizons into Voyager fanfic with a very nicely written, sensitive tale set immediately after the episode VOYAGER CONSPIRACY. Still reeling from the recent confusion caused by her efforts at trying to absorb all of Voyager's logs, Seven is feeling ashamed and vulnerable, dismayed more than anything by the disappointment she's certain Captain Janeway now feels toward her. Sensing the young woman's inner conflict, Janeway sets out to help, discovering just how alone Seven of Nine is and in the process discovering also how very much she wants to ease that loneliness. LZClotho develops the Janeway/Seven relationship with a subtlety that works very well for the characters. When they finally acknowledge their feelings, it is done with a poignant desperation that is touching and sweet and passionate. A great new addition to Voyager fanfic - DO NOT MISS! [See the sequel COLLECTIVE THOUGHTS] - 21 pgs., 2/9/00

In this sixth entry in G.L.'s MILLENNIUM SERIES, the Millennium crew reevaluate aspects of their lives and jobs as they face challenges both emotional and work-related. Janeway and Seven try to deal with the Captain's over protectiveness of the young Borg while Dr. Pulaski finds herself in the role of advisor on more than just the medical arena and the younger crew members come into conflict as some achieve success and others have to learn to deal with failure. Meanwhile, they must all put aside their personal issues when an away mission turns into a mysterious puzzle of staggering proportions. G.L. continues to do a nice job establishing the newer characters in the series while throwing new challenges at the veterans to keep us entertained. - 44 pgs., 1/15/02

**ARTE/SCIENZA by DiNovia  Save Alert
VOYAGER alt. fanfic gets a talented new bard with the publication of DiNovia's first Janeway/Seven story - a beautifully crafted, sensual tale which looks at art as the window to the soul. The story begins with a surprised Janeway learning that Voyager's resident Borg has taken up the art of painting and is using the Captain's DaVinci hologram program to learn how. The Maestro himself is more than delighted at the prospect of having the two as students - sensing despite his holographic origins that in teaching the Captain and the Borg about art he might just be able to teach them also about what's in their hearts. DiNovia does an outstanding job here with the characterizations - depicting a Seven of Nine that is curious and scared, poignantly innocent despite a vast intelligence and achingly lonely in a world she does not understand. Her Janeway is a woman who's embraced a similar loneliness by choice if not by circumstance, torn suddenly between the comfortable safety of a loveless life and the risk of sharing herself once again. A fascinating character study of these two heroines, ARTE/SCIENSA is the first entry in a promising new series. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 47 pgs., 4/25/99

Inspired by the 5th season episode BRIDE OF CHAOTICA, this new offering from Tenderware may just make your monitor sweat ;-) Using Paris' Captain Proton program to try to teach Seven some role-playing so she can participate in undercover missions, Janeway dons once again the persona of the infamous spider Queen, Arachnia. Only an accident traps them in the holo-deck with the security protocols offline and the dastardly Chaotica threatening to torture the captive Seven unless Arachnia does it herself. It's a tough job but well...someone has to do it and the Borg seems decidedly willing to play along so Janeway complies...torturing her beautiful Astronemics Officer in the most delightful of ways and inadvertently opening up a world of possibilities between them. Combining humor with passion in a thoroughly indulgent little tale, this one pushes all the right buttons. At times sweet, at times sizzling, at times mortifying BRIDE OF ARACHNIA should plaster a big old grin on that mug. DO NOT MISS! - 34 pgs., 10/17/99

In a sequel of sorts to FEAR AND HOPE, Janeway, Harry and Tom are aboard the Delta Flyer on their way back to Voyager from an away mission when they encounter a mysterious turbulence. With no damages and only a slight disorientation, the three go on their way docking with Voyager shortly afterwards. Anxious to become reacquainted with the beautiful Borg who has shared her life for the past eight months, Janeway wastes no time in finding the young woman and doing just that only to realize later that the Seven of Nine she's just ravished is not quite the same partner she left behind some days before. Meanwhile, in another reality, a very happy Seven of Nine greets her beloved Janeway with a passionate kiss only to discover a stranger standing there who looks like her partner and sounds like her but has apparently forgotten the love they've shared. Poignant and funny all at once, this latest challenge for the Voyager crew offers a glimpse at those paths not taken and for one captain and one Borg opens a world of possibilities as well. Another terrific effort from one of the top talents in fanfic today. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 41 pgs., 2/18/99

Written in response to a fanfic challenge on one of the Voyager mailing lists, this holiday story finds the crew of Voyager busy with their Christmas preparations - all the crew except for a certain Borg who has instead volunteered for extra duty shifts to allow her co-workers to enjoy this strange holiday she doesn't quite understand. Determined to involve the reluctant ex-drone with the holiday festivities, Janeway sets out to show Seven the meaning of the season and to share with her some special memories from her own past. This is nicely written with a very definite holiday feel. - 11 pgs., 4/8/00

In G.L.'s latest addition to the MILLENNIUM SERIES Janeway and her crew face a difficult dilemma when an old enemy returns to threaten millions and the only way to save them is to imperil a certain ex-borg very close to the captain's heart. It's a mission that will have unexpected repercussions for Janeway and Seven, reopening old wounds and introducing a new complication into their lives. As usual, G.L. does a solid job of depicting the Janeway/Seven relationship - contrasting the personal aspects of their partnership with their professional duties. The story throws in an interesting twist that should keep us coming back for that next installment in this fine series. DO NOT MISS! - 37 pgs., 4/19/02

A follow-up to LZClotho's earlier story ALL I NEED, this new entry is set after the episode COLLECTIVE and has Kathryn and Seven supporting one another as they deal with the young Borgs now being added to the crew. LZClotho further strengthens here the growing partnership between the women. - 5 pgs., 4/8/00

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